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Surprising Facts About Pansies

December 29, 2021


With the weather being extremely mild these last days of December quite a few of my Southern Blooms are still thriving.

Such a nice treat and a balm to my spirit too.

I thought I'd share some fun facts on one of the sweetest and brightest blossoms in the Garden and that is the pansy.

I am enjoying these sweet beauties and I thought you might enjoy a few photos and interesting facts on  them too.


Sunny days and temperatures in the 80's have turned my thoughts of Christmas to a mindset of Gardening, especially with these pansies are putting on such a colorful show.

Truthfully I am so eager to begin working in the soil!


Pansies can be dead-headed too.


Will My Pansies Come Back?

I have lived in a variety of planting zones and in each one of these zones I have grown pansies.

I find that more often than not I plant pansies in containers because just a few plants make for a colorful and abundant display.

Since pansies have little tolerance for Frost they are often times referred to as Springs Charmers, so if you are living in a colder climate you will most likely look forward to Spring to plant them.

However if you are like me and live in a State with mild Winters you will find them lovely for Fall plantings.

Once the Southern the heat sets in the pansy will no longer bloom.


Pansies are a Perfect Flower For Pressing

While living in Colorado I planted sweet pansies in two large white pots that sat on our front entrance.
I decided to make some handmade greeting cards so I pressed an assortment of pansies and then added them to my DIY cards.
If you would like to learn how to press your own just click on Pressing Flowers and Leaves.


Do all Pansies Have a Scent?

Surprisingly enough not all pansies have a scent , if you want a fragrant pansy then be sure to choose yellow or blue blooms.


Pansies Are Edible

Pansies are known for being a flower symbolizing thoughtfulness and remembrance.
But they are also known for being edible!
Pansies and their relative the viola have a mild fresh flavor that add beauty to cakes, cookies and even drinks.
Both pansies and violas brighten up the garden with their multi-colored faces. 
If you do plan to consume them shop at a trusted Farm, Specialty Markets or Grow your own.


Thank you for joining me today! May your gardens grow bright and beautiful!

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  1. A tried & true favorite of mine! I didn’t know anything about their scent! Interesting! Thanks for the info! ❤️


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