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November 20, 2020

Hey Friends, with Thanksgiving less than a week away we are preparing for some Old Fashioned Holiday goodness with a Hot Chocolate Bar. Today I am sharing some tips on how to set up and style an easy hot chocolate bar for yourself, family and friends. 

I am also joining three other Homemakers for our monthly DIY Blog Tour with links to their blogs as they share their best Hot Chocolate Bars of the Season! Just scroll on down to the bottom of this post. Oh, and thanks Kippi at Home for hosting!

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Hot chocolate is such a Winter treat no matter what the temperature outside might be. Seriously  how can anyone resist a cup of hot cocoa topped with some delectable treats. Drinking Hot Chocolate is definitely a treat but so is setting up the Hot Chocolate Bar.

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Mug Tree and Holiday Mugs

Setting up an Easy Hot Chocolate Bar has never been easier or cuter when you accessorize and incorporate some economical, useful and easy to find Kitchen supplies.

A mug tree always comes in handy no matter the season or occasion and is a great way to display those most adorable Holiday mugs.

I love the retro theme of this sweet and festive Hot Chocolate Bar that is tucked into the corner of my youngest daughter's farmhouse kitchen.

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Coffee Carafe and Tiered Trays

Coffee Carafe does double duty at a Hot Chocolate Bar and helps to eliminate messes and hot chocolate that has turned from hot to cold. It is a sound investment that is useful all throughout the year.

You know that I love my tiered trays! 💓 I love them so much that I decided to use this farmhouse style white one for my Hot Chocolate Bar set-up. I just recently made one from materials from the Dollar Tree and shared the post right here. If DIY isn't your cup of tea....how about a pretty white tiered tray from Macy's.

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Banners, Signage and Labels

To me setting up a Hot Chocolate bar feels pretty festive and fun and I like that alot!  🎄Adding Banners, signage and labels also helps to create a cohesive festive theme.

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Hot Chocolate

Keeping with the mindset of easy I went with a packaged Holiday mix's of Hot Chocolate; salted caramel, Belgian white chocolate and milk chocolate. This way all that is needed is hot water in the Carafe, and to round it all out I layered a sweet assortment of dipping, swirling and topping treats on the tiered tray and to the side as well. The complete list of goodies is listed just below.

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Add a touch of  whimsy to any Hot Chocolate Bar with Christmas Decorations, Christmas Disheswater-globes, signs, mini Christmas trees, colorful and festive straws and plenty of whip cream!

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As much as I love fresh homemade whip cream, I really think that Reddi Wip is the best for a Hot Chocolate Bar.

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entertaining, hot, cocoa, chocolate, athomewithjemma,

Toppings and Treats

I have a list of goodies that I created for this most yummy and happy Chocolate bar.

Truly though the sky is the limit and any Hot Chocolate Bar can be designed for what treats suit you and yours best.

1. Pirouline Creme Filled Wafers-Dark Chocolate.

2.Chocolate Chips.

3.White Chocolate Chips.


5. Maraschino Cherries

6.Whip Cream

7. Caramels

8. Andes Mints

9.Candy Canes

10.Chocolate Syrup

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Thank you for joining us today, we love having you celebrate the Holidays with us!
 Happy Thanksgiving,

My talented and sweet friend Kippi, from At Home With Kippi- How To Set Up An Easy Hot Chocolate Bar

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 Looking to make your own soft, buttery homemade caramels please pop on over to Meaningful Eats!

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  1. After reading about all these cozy Hot Chocolate Bars I am craving a Hot Chocolate. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So many great Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas! I especially like the snowman themed one, I love those mugs.
    Happy Sipping,

  3. I love all your beautiful and festive signs! I also appreciate how your cocoa bar is easy to set up and "do-able" for most people. We need all the "easy" we can get in our lives right now!
    Thanks for sharing and for "hopping" !
    -Niky @ The House on Silverado
    PS. I have a link party on opening tomorrow morning-- Sundays on Silverado-- and would love it if you'd share your cocoa bar there, too!

    -Niky @ The House on Silverado

  4. Great examples - I'm a white and dark chocolate cocoa drinker. Love then Andes chocolates on the side too. Cinnamon is a new favorite addition to my warm drinks. The "santa is on it's way" photo is a perfect touch with a neat vintage vibe. LOVE

  5. Yum, yum, yum! Now I want hot cocoa! This is an adorable & tempting idea! So cute! ❤️Laura

  6. Good morning dearest Jemma! I can't tell you how sweet (no pun intended!) this is....it's all about making memories and this year will be a whopper of a memory. Let's make it creative and happy as much as possible. Love your ideas and children of all ages are going to love this!

  7. What a cute set up. If I let anyone in my house but Rick for the next few months, I might do this!

  8. Your set up is so cute. A hot cocoa bar is a must in our home. Christmas morning I have empty containers.

  9. Loving the hot chocolate bar so much! Wish I could have shared a cup with you dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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