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Happy Earth Day at the Dallas Arboretum

April 22, 2020
Happy Earth Day Friends!
Today we celebrate Earth Day virtually and rejoice in the miraculous beauty of flowers.
There will be very little commentary here today, because I am going to have the glory of Mother Nature tell her story of our good earth and how she delivers year after year the wonder of life.

The Dallas Arboretum has been a tradition in my life for the past 25 years and today I am missing it and my people so very much.

I am always amazed at the detailed plantings and the perfect design and color of each Spring bloom.

 Plants help keep our wonderful planet healthy.

Flowers brighten our spirits!

Although the Arboretum is currently closed, they have made it possible to have a virtual tour!  How exciting is this news!!

It was on this gloriously beautiful sun-drenched, magical day a few years back that I walked with precious family along the meandering paths throughout the Arboretum and soaked up the fragrance of the good earth and melodic laughter of grandchildren.

I hope these photos brighten your day and that you too feel the blessings of Spring blooms, and hope in the seasons of life.

With Love,

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  1. Oh Jemma I bet the gardens are beautiful. Let's hope soon we can all go and enjoy place like this. Happy Wednesday. xoxo

  2. Such beautiful pictures of one of my favorite places one earth!!

  3. Oh my! How beautiful! Hope you are doing well sweet Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Thanks for sharing this beauty.
    I was sad when my son and family moved away from Dallas because I loved the Arboretum so much.

  5. I enjoyed looking at the photos of those gorgeous flowers. What a wonderful place to visit in the spring. Hope you are staying safe and healthy.

  6. Oh, what glorious bursts of color. Thank you, my friend. It's very gray here today. It snowed this morning and though it's gone, it still feels cold. THIS looks like spring.

  7. Good morning sweetest soul! Oh how I miss going to our arboretum. That distinct "perfume" of flowers en masse is sorely missed at the moment. Together, these beauties are in symphony which only the heart can hear.May our spring still shine as we face a "fifth season" to which we all need to grow accustomed. Lovely presentation my friend and happy EARTH DAY (one day late but today is my birthday!)

  8. What an amazing place. I was excited to receive this post in my email. Hopefully someday we can all visit these places.

  9. This is such a special place & hidden gem in Dallas! Thank you for the beautiful pictures reminding me of all of our wonderful memories there! Happy Spring dear friend! Spring will eventually come to the mountains-hang in there!

  10. Gorgeous flowers, a place to make us smile. We all hope we can get back to normal and enjoy all of this and more once again. Xoxo

  11. So, so gorgeous! I especially love that last photo!

  12. I know how much you miss parts of Texas, but how fun that you can see the Arboretum on a virtual tour. So many beautiful flowers. And I love that last photo of the water flowing. I've always been drawn to rivers and streams and brooks, which bring us a calming feeling every time we're around them.

    Have a sweet day, dear Jemma.



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