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March 23, 2020

Good Morning dear friends I hope this finds you safe, well and staying at home. I am wondering how you are coping with our worldwide community roller coaster ride?
Personally I feel as though I am sitting on a spinning top that won’t stop and my first line of action is to jump off…a fight or flight response, I suppose.
Just like you I have been hit smack in the face with the realization there is no where to jump off to.
I have lost control, but did I ever really have it and was it really mine to ever have?
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Could we all ever have imagined that our lives would flip upside down so quickly, we are all sort of in flux aren't we? Similar to a ooey gooey chocolate chip pancake that is flipped up in the air and is waiting to land right side up on the griddle, absolutely no control.

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Somehow, I was under the impression that when I arrived at the ripe old age of 63, my lesson learning days were supposed to be coming to a halt.

Boy, what a knuckle head I am. 
What an incredible lesson I am learning as we navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, and as much as I have been wanting to connect all the dots and look for rhyme and reason, and maintain control, I am coming up empty handed.

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I’ve always enjoyed Dolly Parton, do remember her singing Islands in The Stream with our dearly departed Kenny Rogers?
I watched an IGTV Dolly Parton video last evening (boy she looks fabulous at 74!)

Dolly's sweet southern drawl, reflection on her rural upbringing and honesty really ignited a passion in me to share some personal thoughts with you today.
She quoted a saying from her Mama, which just happens to be a quote that my Mama had said to me time and time again.  “To thine own self be true.”

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Now, I am Jesus loving woman and I don’t carry on about my relationship with Him all that much.

I am not preaching to anyone that is reading this, I am just saying it like it is from my point of view.
But today I am going to say this, my savior has had to deal with me all of my life, goodness gracious I just don't know how he has hung in here with me this long.

I surely know I have tried His patience more than a handful of times and too many times it’s been my will not His. But if ever there has been a time for me to acknowledge Him and His love for each one of us it is now.

I am giving up what I thought was my control over my life and handing it all to Him and it is so comforting.

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On this Monday morning we are all challenging ourselves to be more present in the precious moments of each day.

I find myself  connecting with dear friends and loved ones with more honesty, caring and with loving dedication and diligence. I am stepping away from the consumer/ materialistic Jemma to focus on the real importance and value of the day.

I do believe that we are all acknowledging our fragile human existence and giving into our vulnerability.  We will feel perplexed, anxious, afraid, confused and frustrated and that is okay, because we will be elevated by Him to thrive in our new normal. hand, washing, coronavirus, pandemic
World Health Organization

A few of us crafting gals have joined together in an effort to encourage, inspire, laugh, craft and chat through these uncertain times. 
Please join myself, several other crafting gals and our fearless leader Chloe Crabtree from Celebrate and Decorate each day on Craftand Chat Facebook Live.
On March 25th and 26th 4:00 p.m. Eastern time I  will be chatting away on how to make paper flowers and a pompom mobile.

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Stay safe friends, be good humans, wash your hands and stay at home.

For all of the young Mama's with kiddos home, here are some links to a few affordable crafting kits.
I am sending extra love and abundant patience to each one you, you are all doing an amazing job.

With Love,

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  1. Dear Jemma, One thing is for sure sweet friend...WE KNOW WHO CONTROLS IT ALL! And thank the Lord He does cause I would surely make a mess out of things. I keep reminding my daughters...keep your eyes on Jesus...and what a perfect opportunity for us to be a HOPE to those that seem to have no hope. That sweet watering can with the sunflowers made me smile big today! Stay safe friend...Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Nice post sweet Jemma. I think this is a good test of how we can find ways to slow down and find peace within our own spaces. We are living in a scary time that is the bad news. The good news is there will be an end to this scary time we just all need to be patient and stay safe. Stay safe sweet friend. I can see you doing lots of fun crafty things during this time. xoxo

  3. Good morning Jemma dear!

    Oh where do I even much as I love to write and as much as I run away to the power of words, I have to admit that at this very moment, I crave and need to see my friends' faces. I need to talk to them, to hear their voice and yes, even my own. I am on my "spring break" with no expectations from our district to tend to duties, but all that will change next week as we jump in and implement our new on-line teaching model. This new and unknown territory, if I let it, is eating me up. However, I was reminded yesterday by you and another Instagram friend about the truth of submitting our emotions, fears, plans, EVERYTHING, up to our beloved God. Like you, I'm learning so much more NOW. The great thing about living to a certain age is that you are given more time to unwrap the unending discovery of wisdom. It's like a gift that can never be fully opened in this life, just peeled away one piece of life at a time.

    Sending you my fondest regards, my deepest admiration.

  4. Well stated, Jemma. I thought I gave up control a long time ago but I realize that was only a false read. Now comes the hard part. We got our official Shelter in Place edict from our gov. I'm glad. She delayed a bit because now it means ALL non-essential places must close and we're up to our eyeballs in unemployment already but our cases are skyrocketing. I'm happy to be in my four walls and back yard with a yappy cat and grocery delivery from Rick. (And spatial distance). Lots of worries in my head now for family members who are far away but doing the best I can. We all are. Stay well.

  5. Good Morning, dear Jemma! I hope you are doing Ok, and I see you are still working on creative projects around the home. We are now having to stay home here in California, and I am doing just that. Thinking of things to do and goodies to bake and organizing and catching up with loved ones. This is a time to slow down and think and pray and listen, and appreciate the blessings, small and large that we are given each day. Your sunflower photos are so pretty, and that bouquet with the yellow vase looks so cheerful on your table. I am thinking this is a good time to decorate for Easter and Spring, and I love coming over here to see all your clever ideas.

    Take care of yourself and stay well, dear friend. I will be thinking about my Colorado friend, whose smile and beautiful words always brightens my day. : )


  6. Lovely list Jemma. Staying home is the best thing right now. I see some people are not following those lockdowns. It is trying but so necessary. It’s a perfect time to do those projects around our houses. The sunflowers look so beautiful and cheery. Happy to hear you are staying busy with your craft projects. Stay healthy. Xo

  7. Well said, my friend. It looks as if it's already spring in your world, is that possible? We are once again buried in snow after yesterday's storm....I'm over it and ready for spring sunshine!!

  8. Hi Jemma, I'm doing fine in Northern Virginia where our Governor has closed most businesses. We have had it so good in our country since post-WWII and it is difficult for some to do what is right for humanity. I hope and pray that people will think of others 'first' during this anxious time. This will not last forever but we are all in this together and we must overcome this virus together.

  9. There are so many people giving so much during these unusual days. I hope your family are doing well. My kids are able to work from home, for which I am so grateful right now. They say it's hard to do with the children at home doing school online and needing attention
    My daughter-in-law
    volunteers at a church food bank, where there is more of need than ever these days--please remember your local food banks everyone!
    My husband and I have been touched by neighbors offering to shop for us as we are the "oldies" on our cul de sac. I never thought of myself as being old before!
    I also don't publicaly speak about my faith too much, as I was taught actions speak louder than words, but I've been praying constantly for all who are suffering, for all the nurses and doctors dealing with this crisis, and for God's grace to keep us all healthy. Stay well!

  10. Heartfelt post! I am so glad you shared. You write beautifully and express yourself very well.
    I am yearning to go to Lowes and buy some annuals to plant. It will be 84 degrees here today! My husband will not let me. I said I wouldgo at 7:00 and no one would be there and I would wear gloves. He still would not let me and I know he is right but I so want to get some plants going. I'm afraid we skipped spring and it is summer already.
    Thank you for sharing about trust. I think we all have trouble really giving up control.This is a good lesson for me. I am learning so much about giving it to God and letting HIm handle it. So since I am not in control and staying home I am cleaning like crazy, organizing closets, and have a long list of other things to do. I am so grateful for phones, face time, internet, electricity and on the ability to get out and walk. We would go crazy if we couldn't read our computers and get out and walk!
    Love your pretty images you shared.

  11. Jemma, I am so glad you wrote this post although I am just seeing it while visiting your blog this afternoon here on 11/12/20. :) It is hard to give up control and as stubborn as I am, I wonder if that's what some of this is all about... God getting us to give it all to Him and let Him handle it. :) I prayed a lot during this second bout with the virus and was really wondering if I was going to recover, especially as I headed towards Day 20... Glad to say the very strong levoquin has kicked in (about day 6) and for one day now I haven't had to be on my inhaler around the clock. My lungs are open and I feel stronger, though I still get tired.

    Hoping all is well with you and you are enjoying your new home. I'm sorry that you couldn't stay in the mountains with family there but it's tough when one family member doesn't feel well because of the altitude. Getting older isn't for sissies!

    Enjoy your new fall,
    Barb :)


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