Our Colorado Home

October 18, 2018
Hi friends! Today I am sharing our upcoming adventure with you. We are relocating to Black Forest/Colorado Springs Colorado. I thought I would begin documenting this adventure by sharing a few photos of our Colorado home with you. We have big plans of transforming this home and making it ours, from the outside to the inside and in-between. The hubby and I plan on doing as much as of the transformation on our own as we can.


Entry of Colorado Springs Home

The Colorado housing market has been very challenging for us and home prices are higher in Colorado than in Texas. On our recent housing hunting trip the hubby and I each had our wish list and then reality set in. Reality is a great way of keeping us all in check. On this house hunting trip reality made us stretch our imaginations and dollars.

Side View Of New Colorado Home

The bones of this house are virtually without flaw. This is a one owner home and these folks have taken excellent care of their home and property so we feel blessed to have found it. Their decorating style is much different than ours and this is where our creativity, carpentry skills and decorating skills will be put to good use.

Living Room Wissler Ranch

Welcome to the living room of our Colorado home. We see so much potential; hardwood floors, fireplace makeover, modern white trim, drapes, rugs, paint, furniture. I am envisioning a mix of traditional, and modern cozy cottage style. We hope to also incorporate some elements of our Texas home style too.

Dining Room Wissler Ranch

Lots of sunshine pours into the dining room, so we are looking forward to adding trim, board and batten to these dining room walls, re-painting, changing out the chandelier and drapes and replacing the carpet with hardwoods. My hubby is a former Master Carpenter so he has the know how. It is going to be work, but it's going to be such a worthwhile project and one that I hope we will sit back and enjoy as the years roll on. Do you see a backache coming on...

Wissler Ranch Kitchen

Can't wait to transform this kitchen. So many ideas spinning in our heads right now, money will definitely be a factor as to how much we can do. Maybe it will be just be a little bit at a time.

Any ideas on how much a kitchen remodel costs?

Side lot of Wissler Ranch home complete with playhouse and swing set

The home sits on nearly 4 acres of glorious pine trees and just look at what our grands will get to play on! They have their own play house with swing set attached.

Back of Wissler Ranch Home

Our backyard with a lovely East facing deck, hoping the neighbors or Church friends will join us for a Summer barbecue.

View of the sky and tops of the pines on Wissler Ranch

Pines reaching towards the heavens.

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Welcome home Fall Tour Master Bedroom

Christmas in our dining room

Thank you for joining me today and don't forget to subscribe and receive your discount code on items in my Etsy shop! I'll be adding new merchandise this weekend too!

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  1. This is such fabulous news Jemma! I just know you will love your new home and Colorado too! Selfishly I wish you had moosied on over to NC ;). I must say no one can keep a secret like you my friend! Did you sell your home in Texas already?

    (I guess some UGGS are in your future). lol


  2. That looks lovely! I can just see you there having some great family moments. The playhouse and swingset will be a big hit! I bet it smells wonderful with all the pine trees and needles on the ground. Don’t you wish you could pick up your Texas home and move it! It can be crushing to find out how different real estate markets can be. This looks like a comfortable home and I”m sure with your talents it can be customized to your desires. Best wishes for a happy life there!!

  3. Penny at Enjoying The Simple ThingsOctober 18, 2018 at 1:39 AM

    How exciting! It will be fun watching you make this house your home!

  4. Your new home looks so great! I love how tall the ceiling look and the openness of the main floor. A kitchen reno generally costs about 24K if you pay someone else to completely gut and overhaul your kitchen from scratch. If you plan on doing it yourself you can save about 45% of that. OR...the last option is to leave the foot print and keep the plumbing and gas lines in place and just update the color of your cabinets and granite. My suggestion would be to use that kitchen for at least 6 months and see how it works with you.

  5. Congratulations Jemma - I hope this move is exactly what you hope for. You'll enjoy that nice dry climate, I remember when we lived outside of Denver it would snow in the morning and be gone by afternoon. Wishing you all the best.

  6. Friend I have been waiting for you to say this! Your new house definitely does have good bones and you two will have so much fun working on it. You'll have snowy days and hammer in hand while you watch the animals romp outside. I will miss you though!!

  7. This is such exciting news! I am so looking forward to following you along on your adventure.


  8. Congratulations Jemma! So lovely, inside and out! I can see you will have fun making this your own. You do have the midas touch! Will be fun watching it all come together! Another exciting journey for you! So happy for you!

  9. How exciting, Jemma! It is a beautiful home and I look forward to seeing all the changes you do to make it your style. Your 4 acres of woods property looks gorgeous!
    Our house in the Denver/ Littleton suburbs is similar in style, but on much less property, but we are in a beautiful valley next to the foothills. I hope we can visit each other someday! We have been here 6 years and had lots of plans but so far the only improvements we've made were new windows and outside patio work and landscaping. The grandkids have been keeping us busy. I hope to get some ideas and inspiartion from your decorating and home improvements ...it will be fun to see the transformations!

  10. Wow Jemma, this is a HUGE adventure and you are your husband are brave and inspiring. Your open-mindedness to move after having built a dream home in Texas truly is inspiring. I wish you the best of transitions and I know you are going to have FUNNNNNNNNNN transforming this house into a Jemma house!!!!!! I can't wait to watch. One lucky buyer is going to get that awesome French chรขteau you created out in Texas....oh, are they lucky!

  11. WOW! Beautiful home dear Jemma. I did not realize you were moving. Oh my! I have this gut feeling that that sweet house will be a HOME before long with your special touches. Will you closer to family? So excited for you and this new journey in life. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Oh Jemma how exciting you are going to be moving to such a pretty area. I think you will love the change of seasons in Colorado vs. Texas. This is such a big surprise to read. Good luck in selling your Texas home and buying a new one.

  13. Jemma, this is so exciting! Wow, I'm shocked but very happy for you to have this new experience in a state you obviously love to visit. I predict your house will sell quickly, if it hasn't already, as it is amazing. I love the setting for your new house and that it has great possibilities of becoming just as amazing once you've turned your design loves loose inside. What about outside? Surely you won't lose too many of those wonderful pines but will there be sunny garden space for you in those 4 acres?

    Keep the story going, Jemma,

  14. I will miss you Jemma. It's been so fun getting to hear your voice and getting to know your sweet personality this last year. Super happy for you though. I bet Stacey is sad and excited as well. I look forward to watching the transformation too. I've never been to Colorado Springs but have heard its one of the best places to be in CO. Hmmm, do you have a guest bedroom?! I may just come visit!

    And I hope you don't leave before one last luncheon! We need to give you a big hug!

  15. Jemma, I love Colorado, I have family there and the Springs are beautiful as is all of Colorado. Good luck with all your new plans...what fun and a wonderful adventure.

  16. I was so stunned last week when I first discovered you and hubby were moving to CO. I know you put so much into your Texas home, and it must be hard to think of moving. However, things happen and we adjust plans and keep moving forward. The new home looks lovely, and I can visualize your plans. The setting is beautiful, and it should be a whole lot cooler (colder) in CO! Good luck to you, my friend.

    Warm hugs,

  17. Oh, wow, Jemma! I didn't realize you were moving! I suspect it's to be closer to your family. I look forward to seeing your transformation of your new property. It looks amazing with the structure and surrounding land. Congratulations!

  18. Oh nice! I was wondering what had happened to you! The house has great potential and I know you will love transforming it. Can't wait to follow along! The biggest costs in a kitchen remodel are the cabinets and countertops. It's why we chose to keep the ones at the farm even though they are not "fancy". They were very sturdy. So our big cost was new countertops.
    Those look like they are in good shape. Paint does wonders!
    So excited for you!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  19. Am I one of the few that's surprised you are moving?! It seems like you just moved into your dream home in Texas! What's bringing you back to CO? What a beautiful home and so much land, too. I just know you will put your own stamp on this home. Sure, it will take time and some money, but will be worth it. A complete kitchen reno costs a LOT - and one reason we haven't been able to afford to do so, lol. I've heard one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen reno is replacing cabinets. A cost effective idea would be to have them painted instead.

  20. What an exciting new adventure, Jemma! I wish you the best of luck in your new home and I can't wait to see how you make it your own!! Big hugs!!

  21. You will have so much fun, Jemma. It is always fun (and a bit scary) when you relocate-especially when you downsize which it looks like you are doing. We are in that same process and I love/hate it. lol
    I will be looking forward to lots more posts on your new home. How soon are you moving? xo Diana

  22. Awww... the first thing I thought was, Stacey is going to really feel this. Let's pray for a wonder new neighbor. ๐Ÿ’™

    You are a brave gal Jemma! Your new home is situated beautifully and for sure you wil make it sparkle and shine just like you. Enjoy your mountains. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•

  23. What a beautiful new home Jemma. I know you and your husband will make it perfect. Looking forward to seeing it as it unfolds.

  24. What an amazing adventure, Jemma. I'll look forward to seeing how you make the place your own.

  25. Jemma, what a surprise to hear you are moving! Your new house looks great and I can see all the changes you mentioned making it all your own. You have had lots happening in your life recently! So exciting!
    I look forward to hearing about everything! I wish you the very best.
    I wish so much I had been able to meet you. All the Texas bloggers are going to miss you. But the good thing about blogging is you can keep up. My son moved from Dallas to San Antonio so I won't get to see the Dallas gang anymore either!
    Blessings to you on your move and new home sweet friend.

  26. Jemma, I am surprised to read this. I didn't know you were planning on moving again. This house looks so charming, and lots of possibilities to be creative and make it your own. Colorado territory is beautiful. My best friend lived there for many years before moving back home to California, but she loves Colorado, and still visits it frequently. I love the area you chose with the tall pine trees and the woods. I think you're going to love it here. And when you put your personal Jemma touches on each room, it will feel cozy and welcoming, and a place to call home. So happy for you, dear friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  27. Dear Friend-

    In South Texas (now West Texas for me) we say "Vamanos!" Let's go- we're burning daylight- there is no time to waste.
    You are on a great adventure!
    And there is nothing better than combining an adventure with a new home.
    I am so happy for you!


  28. Congratulations on a beautiful place. That lot is amazing. I can't wait to see what you will do to transform the space.

  29. I had no idea you were moving, Jemma! I'm thrilled for you, but sad that you and Stacey will no longer be neighbors. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this house and more photos to come. How soon will you be moving?

  30. Dear sweet Jemma, I just read this and I'm so excited for you! Your new home is wonderful and my heavens that property is incredible! What an exciting new adventure! But girl, whatever will we do without you here in Texas?!! #girlsweekend #justsayin LOL! Hope to have a get together to send you off in Texas style :) xoxo, Andrea

  31. Hi Jemma! Oh, I'm so out of the loop (not blogging much) that I didn't realize you were leaving! It was hard for us to leave our daughter and her family, my only grandchildren, but we had prayed so much about it that we realzied this was what God wanted us to do. I have to admit, I am not going to miss the cold weather! It was 36' in upstate New York today and 82' here in Texas! I'm excited for you and your new home is lovely! Can't wait to see you put your touch on it. We haven't bought a house yet and are leasing til we find something. I do understand about the lists? :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  32. What exciting news :)
    I wish you every happiness.

    All the best Jan

  33. Oh Jemma! The house is beautiful but look at that lot! You're back in the woods. I know you're thrilled about this but I bet the Texas women will miss you loads and loads. I've been out of the loop while in Europe and so this one's a bit of a surprise, apart from that I knew you loved that part of the world so much. So three cheers!

    When is the move and where is this in Colorado?! Tell, tell!

  34. Exciting times! And it all looks so lovely. I hope you're very happy with the move.

  35. What a terrific find and I know you and your husband will turn it into a lovely home showcasing your own style. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day.

  36. Good luck with the home. What a lovely space. Look forward to see how you transform it and make it your own.


  37. I'm so happy for you, Jemma! This must be the post I missed seeing to know you were moving. Your new house is just gorgeous, and I know you will have it looking even more wonderful in no time. I wanted to tell you that I got your latest post in my inbox today called "Facing the Fear," but when I click on it, it keeps telling me the site isn't safe and won't allow me to read it. Then when I go straight to your web page, the post is not showing up to read. I would love to read it and was wondering if it is just my computer or is anyone else having issues? May God bless you today!

  38. This house is a great place for vacation. I believe that buying a house like this will cost a lot in colorado. I can just see you there having some great family moments. The playhouse and swingset will be a big hit! I bet it smells wonderful with all the pine trees and needles on the ground.


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