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May Garden Party In The Tropics

May 25, 2018
Welcome to our May Garden Party and thank you for joining us today! We loved your April gardens and we can't wait to see what you are growing in your May gardens. My goodness what a difference a month makes in nearly everyone's gardens except if you live in the tropics. In the tropics gardening is year around and 24/7. In fact it almost seems as though the plants grow overnight! Today I am sharing some highlights of the gardens I visited in Puerto Rico.

With average temperatures in the mid to high 80's and plenty of sunshine, I was treated to an assortment of blooms everywhere we went. Whether I strolled among water gardens in a courtyard or enjoyed smiling grandchildren giggling among the blossoms in my daughter's gardens.

The brilliant colors and massive size blooms always left me in awe of Mother Natures breathtaking handiwork. Bougainvillea's are everywhere and on this particular occasion they were cascading along a beach fence line.

Wyatt conquering incoming waves after a warm walk to the seashore.

When my daughter and I saw this giant Fiddle Leaf Fig in a local Garden center we gasped with joy and wonderment. If only ours would grown this big!

Welcome to Gardening Island Style in Puerto Rico!

Amanda and Preston's private patio engulfed in Palms and an assortment of tropical plants.

You are never too young to begin the joy of gardening!

Big, Big Pink blossoms and yogurt smiles too!

Big, Big White blossoms too!

Green, green, and more luscious green!

Oh and Big, Big purple blooms too!

I hope you enjoyed gardening island style as much as I did sharing it with you. Now, we are all looking forward to seeing your beautiful gardens!

Thanks again for joining us, Summer is coming soon!

Happy Gardening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Thank you for joining in!

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  1. Island gardening, what a joy Jemma. How wonderful to visit your family and take in the island's beauty. The photos are a treasure as if your sweet grandchildren. The patio engulfed with palms is so welcoming. So glad you shared this island's paradise with us. I am thrilled to be sharing this garden link party with you. xo

  2. Wow I would be thrilled to see all the tropical plants there. That hibiscus and your adorable granddaughter made for the cutest picture! They have a nice patio area. I don't know how I would control myself and not bring home tons of plants to grow! That fiddle leaf fig plant is fabulous- I would love one! So glad to be a part of this Garden Party! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. The flowers are so pretty and the kids are so cute. Looks like your visit is going great.

  4. This is pretty glorious. I'm sure with that tropical climate things go like crazy! And it looks like a most wonderful holiday away. All nice. Sharing my recent SE visit today!

  5. Beautiful garden! Thanks for sharing this tropical island garden. It looks like a prefect retreat.
    Thanks for hosting. I love a Garden Party!

  6. As much as tropical gardens are beautiful I don't think I could do it year round!! I can barely get my gardens together this Spring. I will be sharing in the next few weeks....not there yet :-)

  7. Wow it's all so beautiful, Jemma. I really can't imagine living in a tropical climate. That would be a gardener's dream! Your grandkids are thriving there, aren't they? :)

  8. Jemma, your grandkids have the sweetest smiles. It looks like Wyatt is enjoying those waves crashing in. The flowers in Puerto Rico are exotic and colorful. I especially love that big big pink blossom. It's raining here today, and this will help the flowers bloom beautifully.

    Happy Memorial Day weekend, Jemma. The Greek festival is calling my name. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  9. ps.....that is such a pretty picture of you on your side bar. You're already tan! : )

  10. Good evening Jemma!

    Garden time is here for us now; we went from late winter to a very short spring to SUMMER! It was 90 today and will be through Memorial Day, and it almost seems as if we are in the tropics! You have selected a gorgeous palate of intense colors and how I wish these colors would stay, but in Heaven, I bet we'll have an eternity to rejoice in the colors of divine love. Thank you for always making the day bright my friend!

  11. That must have some trip, Jemma, the photos are gorgeous.

  12. Yes, I love tropical gardens, and yours are gorgeous! Our trip to Grand Cayman in April was a real treat for my gardener's eyes. I took lots of photos, but there's nothing like sitting among the florals with that beautiful blue sky and sun!

  13. Jemma, your grands are so darn cute! What a gorgeous place. We have never been to Puerto Rico, but it sure looks like everything is BIG and Beautiful!! Just now finding time to visit. :) so glad we met up, and yes; next time come and join craft group. I had plenty of supplies for you to make one.

  14. Great pictures! A delightful post!Thanks for hosting and sharing!Hugs from Brazil.

  15. Thanks for sharing your tropical island getaway and visit to Puerto Rico…so lush and beautiful! I was wondering how PR was faring after Hurricane Maria. Adorable grands and yogurt smiles too :)

  16. Beautiful gardens and such precious kiddos! Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  17. The garden is so lovely with so many beautiful flowers!! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting this charming Garden Party!!

  18. Jemma, the flowers are spectacular, but pale in comparison to the smiling faces of your grandchildren. What a joy it must have been to spend so much time with them!


  19. Enjoyed seeing the pretty photos of the island garden.We have a tropical garden with many of the plants in your photos. Unfortunately our bougainvillea isn't as outstanding because we had 10 inches of rain in May and it like sunny and dryer weather.


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