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The Traveling Cake

November 02, 2017
Welcome to a Jemma Tale.

Some days I just elect to step away from the news, call me a candy cane universe loving woman or a head in the sand escapist. Either way more often than not there are woven stories of crime on too many neighborhood corners and tales of discontent. So in this fragile world that teeters in a precarious balance from minute to minute I am delighted to share with you that this week I have been witness to the power of a traveling Birthday cake.


Traveling 1,200 miles with a Birthday bundt cake is an interesting journey. I really didn't think much of it at all when I picked the cake up on Saturday, took it home and put it in the freezer for my flight on Monday morning. Traditionally I deliver a Birthday bundt cake to my youngest daughter. However it was typically just a four hour drive. Now it was 1,200 mile by plane ride not including the hour drive to and from the airport on both ends.

I mean how could I ever turn down a request like that.... although honestly I did question her this year! Oh but the melting heart of a parent..if you are one and reading this you know what I am speaking about!

Oh and just look at the smiles from them all, daughter and granddaughters...

I thought that I had the logistics of carrying the Birthday cake, my computer and purse on the plane all figured out. I would carry my computer on one arm and my purse and cake together in a separate canvas bag on the other but... "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." The morning of the flight the cake wouldn't fit in the bag I had planned to use, in fact it would not fit in any bag I had, rats. The box it seemed to be too square, if that is even a possibility!

Right arm held the computer bag, left my purse and together they supported the Birthday cake across my chest. Of course I was not TSA approved, so shoes came off, computer came out of it's case, cake took a ride too in the blue plastic tub on the wobbling black conveyor belt into the x-ray machine. As if the x-ray machine wasn't enough to detect any suspicious frosting the cake had to be unpackaged and inspected too.

I know seriously right...but hold on!

By this point the traveling Birthday cake began to take on a life of it's own and the other travelers who were waiting in lines, as well as TSA began to engage myself and each another in friendly conversations. My daughter who was unknown to all of these people was wished a very Happy Birthday and best of all TSA didn't keep the cake!

It was really heartwarming to see all of these folks interacting.

It seemed as though the Birthday became a catalyst for conversation, good will, and harmony. People actually engaged one another and even looked up from their cell phones! The power of the traveling Birthday cake extended onto the plane and transcended to the pilot and flight attendants. Fellow passengers reminded me not to forget the Birthday cake-as the Flight Attendants had put the cake in a special compartment so as not to get jarred.

I am beginning to wonder if we all began flying with cakes what a wonderful world we might have.

A Happy Tale for you to begin the Holiday season!

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  1. Who thought there was such positive energy in a cake beyond flavor. That's pretty fantastic and such dedication on your part. Not sure I could have pulled that balancing act off. Try it again but this time no cake and just start talking to people in the grocery line... Do this while out about shopping and I bet you will see even more positive energy rise. People are filled with goodness I think they're just afraid to share it....

  2. What a great story to read this morning. In the world we live it is good to know there is sweetness and little moments like yours at the airport that makes life good and shows we still share basic humanity with each other. In our busy lives where we are glued to our cell phones and getting all the "things" done in the day it is good to have human contact and engage with each other. I try to do this where ever I go. You just never know who might just need a smile or a kind word in their day. Hope you are enjoying being with your sweet daughter and grands.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you weren't packing heat in the birthday cake. I wonder if people ever try something like that, like the proverbial file for the inmate?!

    Well, one look at how gorgeous it was and they had to be smiling bigger than ever. What a wonderful effort of love and see how that love just spread, big-full-heartwise, to all these strangers! How I love this story, Jemma. And I know everyone loved the cake!

  4. Lucky you to be able to keep the cake on flight! I had homemade preserves once on a flight home that a friend had gifted me, and they made me toss them. I was so sad. It's good to see some common sense (and happy conversation) prevail for once. Your daughter and grands are precious!

  5. I’m so glad you got to keep the cake Jemma! Sometimes those TSA peeps can be mighty ornery, but I’m sure you won them over with your sweet smile :).

    We have an everything bundt cakes up the road and every time I see it I think of you. One of these days I’ll actually go in one and indulge!


    (Love your video).

  6. Sweet Mama! Sweet story that I am glad had a happy ending.
    Love the pic of daughter and kids. Happy Birthday to her.

  7. And it still looked delicious thru all it's travels! What a great story! Maybe I'll start traveling with cake! It sure would help if you were stranded or delayed! Yum!!! Happy Birthday Becca-Lou! ❤️

  8. Very cute story! You are very brave carrying it all that way.

  9. I love the idea of a cake travelling the world and gathering good will. And those smiles certainly make it all worth while.

  10. That is so sweet.. we need more stories like these than the ones we currently have.
    That looks like a scrumptious cake.. you are one great mama

  11. This is so sweet but I kind of think it was your sweetness that caused that positive energy to happen. I know you had a wonderful time!


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