Some Thoughts From The Bean Lady

June 12, 2017
It all began last year with the Adobe Lavender Farm and then was reaffirmed recently in Puerto Rico.
I saw a woman in a little town in New Mexico who made her dreams come true with her Lavender farm.
It is because of her that I have entered into an era of enlightenment and there is no going back now.
For many of you this my resonate with you too.
Like so many of us have done and are doing... while raising families, pursuing careers, taking care of others we put on hold our hobbies, activities and dreams while striving for that elusive term of perfection- to be a perfect Mother, wife, daughter, sister, businesswoman, career woman...
Oh for goodness sake I am relatively certain that it is even more challenging for young women today, who are being pounded with social media perfection 24/7.
( Offering a pearl of wisdom here- Perfection is an illusion and even quite boring to spend time thinking about, be wonderful, flawed and unique you!)
You know your own heart, so listen to it and please don't be afraid.


I am holding onto this passion of believing.
Just think of all of the new experiences, thoughts, activities and stretching the mind, body and soul to new heights that await us.

find-your-passion-At Home With Jemma

While it is comfortable to be complacent, it is a treacherous mindset to reside in for very long.

We all wear many hats. right? 
Especially so in our youth.
But as the years accumulate we pass those hats onto a younger generation then slide into the passenger seat and begin to take a long look in the rear-view mirror of life with a sort of shrug and pause and say to ourselves "Well, what now?" 
But wait!
That's not a bad thing...because when we were younger we couldn't wait for the well what now outlook. 
Because it was just the catalyst that we needed to stay ignited, enthused and passionate about life and living it.
Harness it, bottle it, save it and put it in your pocket!

create-reinvent-ignite-the-passion-blessed-At Home With Jemma

For me personally I think the time has arrived to reclaim the artisan/farmer that has been sleeping inside of me.
My vision is very clear and little by little I am truly reclaiming my rural roots.
My roots have been hidden by neglect and fear. But no more!
Our organic vegetable garden has turned into a mini farm with produce and flowers that we can barely keep up with.
Is it perfect NO! it has squash bores right now...those beasts!
I wake up at 5:00 a.m. with such a sense of urgency and purpose.
Drink my coffee and then head to the garden to begin my morning work and that work is inspiring.

motivation-work-talent-inspire-Create-At Home With Jemma

Did I tell you that we are overflowing with beans!
I have frozen them, put them in salads, taken them to neighbors, and even took an entire bag of them to my hairdresser to share with the other I am known as the Bean Lady and I can't think of any other name I would rather have.
It's a symbol of motivation, work, joy, and creativity.
When we label our lives with positive affirmation it encourages personal growth and happiness.

At Home With Jemma

I am putting my faith in my Lord and letting Him guide the way.
He knows me better than I know myself and I know He has great things planned for both you and I!
Love for you to share your dreams tooo...

at home with jemma


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  1. I love this post & I can see you truly are a farmer at heart! When happiness blooms from the inside, it always shows outwardly! You and I have lived thru many stages & I can honestly say that I've never seen you more content! Keep up the good work & keep your hands in the dirt! ❤

    1. Laura,
      We have seen the seasons and we are still weathering them rather well! You are thriving where you are planted and it is a joy for me to see your contentment and well being.
      Your friendship, love and care have been instrumental in my outlook on life and I thank you!

  2. I love this!! Your dreams are not random. Follow them with all your heart and you will be rewarded.

    1. I do believe this is so and when one accepts it, wow! It becomes a power punched journey:)!!

  3. A wise person told me once that women have seasons and mentioned each one comes with growth. I was probably in my late twenties or early thirties when I heard this and took it to heart.... This little statement helped me prepare for the future in a way that most overlook. There seem to be this tendency to major on minors and I think it's because the desire to control our surroundings makes one feel safe. Now 49 and a pretty new empty nester I've embraced moving forward without fear and pretty much plan to leave skid marks in the driveway when Robert and I begin our new journey. The most important piece of the puzzle is to enjoy what you're doing. Sounds like your path has been rooted in good seed.

    1. Good Morning Carole,
      Love this and your articulate and colorful expression of life. I have always respected your outlook, entrepreneur spirit and faith. I also believe that when women work together focusing on the positive we create a community of empowerment for one another and I love that positive energy. Looking forward to your new journey and all of the rewarding relationships and experiences it is bound to bring!

    2. Wow Carol! That was fabulous! Love it!

  4. As always, I am inspired after reading one of your posts.
    I also so often find a common desire-
    I am a farmer/rancher's daughter at heart.
    I know EXACTLY what you mean :)
    Love to you,

    1. Good Morning Dear Laura,
      We certainly have and continue to share that spirit of working the fields, not complaining (too much!) and digging deep into the soil and our holding on to our roots. We are blessed to have been raised that way and to share the joy of our friendship as well.
      Love to you too!

  5. I love that you wake up so early because you are excited to go outside and work in your gardens. Now that is passion! I love being at home and cleaning and fluffing my nest and watering my plants and flowers and weeding...but I sleep in until 7, sometimes 7:30. I'm just not an early morning person! ;-) Speaking of watering, I must go out and do so now before it gets too hot. It's going to be in the 90's all week.

    1. The heat zaps the plants for certain! Enjoy your day Melanie it sounds like a good one!

  6. What a wonderful post! I have set my dreams aside for a few years now because we were in a state of flux. I am looking forward to moving into our new home soon and then I can start living my dreams of being more creative and raising a garden again. I really miss my gardening.

    1. Gardening appears to have been a real stabilizing force in my life. I will be happy for you Penny when you are all settled and gardening in your beautiful home and yard.

  7. Good morning my dear!!!!! I'm finally here, after spending a lazy morning (something that is very foreign to me as a busy teacher!) and I'm enjoying a double blessing as I read your post.

    Yesterday, I ran across a woman on Youtube whose mother was a famous evangelist, and who we heard speak at our church in California a good 35 years ago. Now her daughter, who is around my age, is an accomplished singer/evangelist. On Youtube, I listened to a personal testimony she gave. To sum it all up, and to tie it in with what you are writing here, it's THE LORD for whom we do everything. She had indicated how since the age of 15, she wanted to be a pop singer. She confessed that she always wanted the audiences to love HER. But as she gave her heart to Christ in struggle, she realized that yes, she believed in Him. Yes, she grew up in the ways of the Lord all her life, but she realized that she didn't LOVE HIM. She recognized that her desires to want to be the center of all her talents was futile. This is no big news; we all know this, but many of us (ME!) don't get it until we are ripe for the understanding.

    I will continue to dream big, put all my efforts to make my ideas come to pass. But the glory is His.

    BUT, we can sure have a tone of fun along the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Isn't our journey a blessing to behold! My dear Mother always said that you never,ever stopping growing and learning and I do know that this is true. I love when those lights go off and all of sudden we really "see," it!
      So glad you are enjoying your Summer fun too!

  8. Such a great post Jemma. Love this. I have been living in limbo for awhile now and I look so forward to getting settled into my new place and getting back into things I love to do too. Hopefully not too much longer to get settled.
    Have a beautiful new week ahead.

    1. I am so thankful for this opportunity to know you and witness your journey of love, kindness, and such a unselfish spirit.

  9. Ah Joyce, when I said Good Morning Farmers the other day I had it right! You are so inspiring and so positive. Thanks for making me smile.

    1. Yes indeed I have reclaimed my farming roots and they are leading the way for more growth, delight and creative expressions in all forms of artistry! Woohoo!

  10. Good for you, my sweet friend. Reclaiming your inner farm girl reaps benefits on any number of levels (not the least of which is great beans in wonderful recipes!) But mostly happiness and accomplishment. I'm delighted!

    1. Thank you Jeanie, settling back into the girl I was feels right fine!

  11. I can taste your green beans and know they are extra special. I enjoy your writing that expresses your sweet and wise heart. Your wisdom is evident and inspiring.
    Love your pic of three generations.

    1. Thank you Bonnie I appreciate your friendship and kindness so very much!

  12. Dear Jemma, I love this post!! How wonderful it is to have purpose that follows our heart and dreams!! So happy for you to be going in this direction. It makes you the best you can be and a fabulous inspiration to all. Reclaiming you and being friends with your inner self brings more joy then ever!! Like your bowl full of gorgeous beans, your heart is full!! Enjoy and I know you are having fun!! xoxo

    1. Hi Sweet Friend, always awesome to hear from you and being friends with my inner self is a new journey for me and so far so good!
      Hugs to you!

  13. Great post, Jemma! I love the pic of the 3 of you. Have a great week.

  14. Jemma, I think it's wonderful that you wake with such purpose and excitement for each day. I say continue to do what brings you joy and follow the ride where it takes you!

  15. I wish I was close enough to be the recipient of some of those gorgeous beans! I think perfection is annoying an boring.

  16. Hello Jemma
    I just love the picture of the three of you.
    Your green beans look delicious, bet they taste amazing.

    All the best Jan

  17. When I read one of your posts awhile back on your family history of gardening, I could sense a real spirit of a hard-working genuine gardener. Follow that instinct, Jemma, it will be right!

  18. I love this so much! You've hit the nail on the head. I'm glad I'm not the only one on the path to reclaiming my dreams. 😊
    As for the green beans, I'd take some in a heartbeat!

  19. I love the message of this post, Jemma! I have been dreaming of work that is a joy to do based on things I already do - reaching out in hospitality, hosting friends, encouraging others. Learning to not fear but to do what's being put into my heart. Trusting the Lord for His leading!

  20. Dear Jemma, first of all, that picture of the three of you is wonderful. Your daughter looks very much like you. I'm sure you're told that often. That's great that your beans are overflowing in your garden, and so nice of you to share your produce with others. Yes, 'Bean Lady' is a funny name, but I wouldn't mind being called that either. You sound like such an enthusiastic gardener, Jemma. My dad had a garden across the street from our house growing up, and I always had long talks with him and helped him with it. Keep up the good work, Jemma. This is something that you love so.


  21. What a beautiful, inspiring post. I hope I too can find my inner bean lady one day.

  22. What a beautiful post dear Jemma . And look at those lovely beans . Gardening soothes the soul does it not ? I was raised farming. I disliked it very much then as I was made to do it . But I quickly learned after becoming grown what farming was truly about . For me as a kid it part of our lively hood financially as well as good for stomachs . But as a grown woman it became for me a soured of satisfaction , comfort and pure enjoyment. We do just enough of a garden to piddle wirh as my man likes to say . It oh the gratification we both have . Thanks for sharing . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  23. I love the way you start your day! Coffee and gardening....what else is there? It is nice to reach an age where we can do what we want and love it. We can do that because we have already fulfilled our place in life in our younger years. I too am doing exactly what I love. I just really need more hours in the day! Lovely post!

  24. Jemma, such an inspiring post. The best still is ahead. I love the garden too and find it most rewarding. Learning more about the garden is a thrill. Not yet reaping any benefits yet but will soon from produce. Thank you again!

  25. How fun. I think anything we do to foster our creative outlet should be pursued. Enjoy your beans.

  26. Jemma,
    Your words always encourage and inspire me! Thank you bean lady from the bottom of my heart! You really have the farmer's spirit in you. You can take the girl off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl, that is for sure! You have a way with plants, such a green thumb that I just do not have! That big bowl of green beans looks amazing and how wonderful and generous to share your bounty! Thanks for lifting me up this morning! love and hugs,

  27. What a fantastic, insightful and beautifully written post! You know, I often get a little heart tug strolling through Target seeing all the young moms with their wee ones wishing I was back in that place and then I remind myself, " did that, now it's time to dive back in to your passions." Don't you think that's partly the motivation behind our blogs? I think it is for me.

    And as it relates to those DAMNED squash vine borers...have you found any tips? I was in my garden yesterday digging the borers out of my zucchini plants...I feel I'm the only person on the planet unable to grow zucchini because of those beasts.

    We also have an organic vegetable garden that is going great (except for the borers) but it is nowhere as big as yours.

    Many hugs and hope to see you at haven


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