Homemade Buttermilk Berry Cake

March 15, 2017
It was a typical 1960's vegetable garden plotted out between the slough and our red brick house. Symmetrically framed by asparagus on the North side and Raspberries bushes on the South side.
In between all of this is where the soil was plowed over in early Spring and the garden was planted.
My Mother and Father were natural Farmers and ran a lucrative farming operation.
Summers were spent working side by side digging ditches and hauling in hay. 
They were at their best when they were working in the endless Summer Sun in the soil that they loved. It seems as though they never sat still and their Winter weight of 10 pounds melted off as soon as the signs of early Spring set in, where they grew pencil thin and were at their very happiest.
Time...where did they find the time to run 150 acres?
Mom and Dad, a tumultuous team at times, that managed the books and plowed the fields while tending to me and my sister.
Dad always repairing farm equipment and Mom handing him the tools.
"Marge hand me that wrench, no that's the wrong one."
 Mom rolling her eyes and searching for the right one, and muttering under breath.
My Parents, fragmented beautiful souls who left me with a small farm, but more than that they left me with a clear vision of who they were.
I love knowing this so much and even more so than ever before, they framed their dreams and were never afraid to go after them.
In one word they were AUTHENTIC-always authentic.
You may not have liked what they said or how they said it but they were who they were right up until their final breath.
In my youth there were times this frustrated me. Now, it seems to me to be the only way to live one's life and I wish I'd have figured this out sooner.
They say they you are always learning in this life and I guess this is another lesson for me to learn.
I suppose I got to thinking about all of this as I have been in the garden planting and thinking.
I do some of my best thinking in my garden and I can talk to myself without anyone giving me suspicious looks!
There are no distractions, no noise, no talking.
It is just me and nature and this is where I find such joy. 
I suppose one could say, I solve alot of my own worries and problems as well as the entire worlds.
I've rambled and reminisced enough for today so now it's time to get baking.
This is a tender cake with a nice sugary crunch. I used Raspberries but you could use any sweet juicy berry and it would do just right.
Fun Fact about buttermilk it is sort of the unsung hero of cakes and cupcakes.It's like the secret ingredient to a wonderful moist and tender cake.
Sharing this fabulous recipe found at Epicurious.
I was just thinking how great of dessert this would be for any Spring or Summer gathering and just maybe for one of your Easter desserts too.
Thanks for joining me today!
Hope to see you back on Friday for a bunny rabbit print giveaway!


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  1. Jemma, this sounds so delicious! I love hearing you reminisce about your mom and dad. Reminds me of something from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. ;)

  2. Thank you for sharing about your parents and fond childhood memories. I've filed this recipe will my collection of favorites, as this cake looks delightfully delicious.

  3. Thanks most sincerely for such a touching post, darling Jemma, I seemed to find myself in my girlhood !
    Your cake sounds so delicious, I'm saving the link of your post for the recipe, I have to try it, be sure !

    Wishing you a most lovely remainder of your week,
    with sincere thankfulness

    XOXO Dany

  4. The garden has this amazing way for helping us remember the good things while teaching us there is so much more to this thing we call life. Thank you for sharing your heart where beautiful things shine. God is guiding you for something and within his creations I believe you will find it. That cake sounds amazing, raspberries they're another favorite here.


  5. I loved reading your sweet memories of your parents. I can't wait until our weather here gets warm enough where I'm out in the garden, planting flowers and vegetables. Your cake looks delicious!

  6. Reading this post, I was right there with your mom and dad, tilling the soil and rolling my eyes at your dad ;).

    I agree with you about buttermilk. In fact when I saw the ingredients first on FB I was going to say exactly what you did. It seems it makes everything better. (I know it's great to use to marinate chicken).

    Although I would LOVE to make this, I'll probably pass this time. Unlike your parents, I don't think my 10 lbs of winter weight is going to go away that easily :(.


  7. Jemma, your mom and dad sound like wonderful people, who raised an amazing daughter. Having 150 acres would be a dream to this California girl, as housing is quite expensive here. What an adventure your mom and dad must have had living life on a farm and raising their children. Your buttermilk berry cake looks scrumptious, and I love that yellow tea pot. : )

    It's nice to ramble on once in awhile, isn't it? I enjoyed your rambles and reminiscing, dear Jemma.


  8. Hi Jemma, this looks divine and sooooo delicious. Such sweet stories of your mom and dad. They sound like dear people. Thank you for sharing and this wonderful recipe.
    Have a beautiful rest of the week dear one. xo

  9. It is good to ramble and reminisce. I enjoyed your post.
    Those raspberries look delicious!

    All the best Jan

  10. Proof positive that gardening feeds the soul, Jemma. Love this and your shared thoughts of growing up authentically. <3

  11. Awe, enjoyed reading this Jemma. Such a sweet post about your parents and the farm. Crazy isn't it at how we think about so many different things from the past. I just told my husband recently while talking about gardens at how my Papa always grew the best tomatoes and prettiest tomatoes I'd ever seen. Memories! I had to pinned the recipe. My man would love it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  12. Yum. All these recipes are not helping my diet, lol. This looks delicious. Loved your reflections on your mom and dad. Sweet memories of lessons learned. Gardening is the best therapy (next to art, 😊).
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  13. Love hearing the memories of your mom and dad. What a wonderful life they carved out for all of you.
    They sound like great people and you are the wonderful caring loving person you are today because of how they raised you. So sweet. I love to get out in the garden and do my best thinking and figuring out things there too. Beautiful memories shared today Jemma. The cake looks yummy too.

  14. Jemma, as much as I love the recipe (and am saving it) I love how you wrote about your parents even more. I appreciate the authenticity of people -- they are who and what they are and with that bring great lessons of life to our world. I find certain activities, such as you with the gardening, moments of time with my parents, long gone but part of the soul that joins us in a common and loved activity. It's a beautiful post, Jemma. Thank you for starting my morning out so beautifully.

  15. Jemma, what a sweet story this morning. I loved hearing about your parents. They sound like such wonderful, dedicated, and hardworking people. Your cake looks delicious. I wish I had a piece this morning! I hope you have a beautiful day, sweet friend!!!

  16. I love hearing the memories involving your parents. It was a simpler time, for sure. So much more work than today! I'm glad I got to spend a little time with your Mother. She told it like it was for sure! What a character!

    This is my favorite time of year! I love getting my hands in the soil.The same effect as therapy! There is something very satisfying & basic about planting. Definitely an optimistic excersise that this plant will thrive & grow! And the future holds endless possibilities & good gifts! Enjoy digging my friend. ❤❤

  17. Oh, MY!! This looks SO yummy! And, I just loved reading about your parents...they sound like good people, the kind who are few and far between in this day and time. God bless you, sweet glad you are able to work the soil your dear parents worked in the past. :)

  18. Jemma, Such sweet memories. You are so right. Remembering our loved ones for who they really were keeps the memories real and close to our hearts. And the cake sounds wonderful and looks like it makes a small cake - just the right size!

  19. I enjoyed hearing about your Mom and Dad when you were growing up and things that you learned. To be authentic is a wonderful quality.
    I would love to sit and talk with you and have a big piece of your buttermilk cake.

  20. Jemma,
    Sorting out life by gardening... One of my favorite things to do, too. And, I watched my grandparents earn a living the same way. Reading your post today brought back fond memories of my family. Your cake looks scrumptious.


  21. I just love baking with buttermilk. It adds so much goodness to a recipe. I have been passing by the berries at the grocery all winter...I will save this recipe for when there are fresh, local berries here. Thanks for sharing it!

  22. These turned out absolutely stunning! I love them and I'll bet these were completely delicious!

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  25. made this tonight, hubby already asking for it again, fabulous and so simple, thank you for the recipe!!!! I am still full!
    Kelly Hubbard


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