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Serenity and Sea Glass

January 27, 2017
Our daughter Amanda and her family have recently relocated to Puerto Rico, she has been sharing the most beautiful photos and videos with us.
Just today I received a wonderful surprise in the mail a package of sea glass!
All of this beauty has inspired me to take a closer look on what nature means to me.
Have you ever had a notion that you should subdue a passion for the love of  Nature?
Well for so very long I attempted to squelch the longing inside of me for my zest for the outdoors.
In fact for many, many years I thought I was out of sync with the entire world around me for the yearning I felt deep in my heart for the serenity I felt being next to the sea or climbing a mountain.
As the years have rolled on I realize that I was not out of sync...I was infact intune.
I was blessed with an awareness and awakening early on to love nature and for that I am thankful.
Those many decades that I was surrounded by concrete and cars I experienced a physical ache, one where a knot would form in my throat and tears welled up in the corners of my eyes.
" Stop this nonsense." I would say to myself and then I would repeat the list that I had so well memorized in my mind of all of the reasons that being surrounded by nature was not necessary or practical.
I'd chastise myself for indulging in the serenity that I felt in the deepest portions of my soul when I summoned up those blissful memories.
Mountain hikes, camping along a pristine creek, the wind dancing on top of golden Aspen leaves,
the sweet pungent scent of pine needles after a Summer thunderstorm.
The joy of solitude where the mind and soul can rest.
The soothing sound of coyotes howling on a lonesome night or owls calling one another in a brilliant moon drenched sky.

Or the mighty roar of tempestuous seas and the constant and predictable rhythm of  each wave caressing the shore.
The taste of salty air, soft warm breezes kissing slightly rosy skin and oh those sunrises and sunsets.
While some folks may find the forces of nature daunting and intimidating I find serenity.
The vastness and power of nature makes me feel very small and puts the whole world in perspective.
Perhaps it is the tide of time or maybe it is that the drama of life seems so pointless and petty when you stand in awe of what God has created.
Thank you for joining me today, I would love to hear how you enjoy nature.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Jemma! I so enjoyed this...I know exactly what you mean. God bless you!

  2. Oh, what a gift, Jemma! I collect sea glass, and to find it that tumbled, that naturally are one lucky lady! The sea is so amazing, and you know what else is amazing? That ecosystem under the sea. We are scuba certified, and I cannot even describe the feeling under the sea, other than to say peaceful, full of awe.

  3. Absolutely beautiful and I get exactly what you're saying and lately I've been failing to enjoy that natural beauty. Sometimes I like to just lay on the ground, close my eyes and listen.. just stop doing and listen.... There is a wonderful voice in nature and it's this most comforting voice I've ever discovered.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  4. Nature is truly one of the most precious gifts we have, and the ability to recognize that and appreciate it is not something everyone possesses. It's wonderful to be able to do so!

  5. I appreciate your thoughts. We lived in Chicago for a few years and then on a whim moved back to Michigan but way up north where nature abounds. I've known for a long time that appreciating nature's beauty and power was very important to me. It looks like your daughter and her family are living in a beautiful part of the world. I didn't know sea glass had so many colors to it- I've only seen the blue/green color before. I'm not a very adventurous person physically but I added as much plant life to my backyard as I could so I could enjoy witnessing that kind of nature. Nature is such a wonderful gift from God isn't it!

  6. Jemma... I read a great book about Sea Glass a few months ago and I'll be darned if I can remember the name. If I remember it I will send you a note. It was a great love story. Your pics are beautiful. I've only been to the airport in Puerto Rico. It looks beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  7. Jemma, I had a lovely comment all typed out and my iPad froze. Sigh. Let me just say, yes! Me too. I want to cry every time we leave the farm to head back to the city.

  8. Beautifully written and beautiful photos. I feel the richness of nature also. Just this morning I woke up early and went outside in the dark night full of brilliant stars! Viewing the night sky is awesome and you feel the glory and majesty of God in the stillness of the night. I had hoped to gaze at the moon also but it was not in view. The mountains and the seashore are majestic too.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. You write so well and have described your feelings that I believe many share.

  9. Beautiful post Jemma! I needed that today! Thanks for putting me in my happy place!!

  10. I am right there with you Jemma. Being outdoors and breathing in nature is the best. Reminds me of that song I hope you will Dance when she sings I hope you feel small when you stand beside the ocean. It is amazing the feeling of complete bliss. Love all your pictures. Happy Friday.

  11. I'm with you, Jemma. Nature is always calling my name...especially the ocean. I find a lot of peace and serenity on the beach and by the ocean. Love the sea glass. My daughter is also very smitten with Puerto Rico and is already thinking about retiring there someday, I think. xo Diana

  12. What a beautiful thought provoking post Jemma. I can totally relate to your feelings. There is just something about being out in nature, that calms the soul. To see each little detail as He planned it is just amazing.

  13. I can't live without nature! My parents are both the same way so I come by that feeling honestly. Appreciating nature is a gift for your soul that I love experiencing.

  14. I love being outside and surrounded by nature. I am at the beach every day in the summer and outside when the weather permits in the winter. Feeling my bare feet on the warm earth, be it dirt, grass or sand, had always soothed me. PS...we honeymooned in Puerto Rico...gorgeous!

  15. I find such peace in nature, whether it is in the city (like my ditch and Harry the Heron) or at my cottage where I walk out one door and am on the beach, out another and in the woods, or in some beautiful new spot. I love the ocean, the sea and oh, what a special gift, that lovely beach glass. What stories it could tell of toss and tumble and yet emerging smooth and beautiful.

    I hope that's the same for our country. We are tossing and tumbling. Will be be broken or beautiful in the end? I wish I knew...

  16. Lovely post! I agree with you. I long to live my days out by the water....any a sweet little cabin. I don't necessarily have to be outside in nature playing sports or riding a bike, but I love being somewhere where I am surrounded by it.

  17. That's amazing that your daughter and her family have relocated to Puerto Rico. I hope you will have the chance to visit them often. I feel best when out in nature, too. Lifts my spirits, makes me more energetic, improves my mood, makes me feel closer to God. What's not to love? I live close to a State Park and love to take walks there.

  18. Jemma,
    Trees... I must have trees and enough space that I cannot see the neighbor's barbecue. Living in housing divisions where the houses are so close, separated by the width of driveways, made me long for a spot in the country. Here in the country, I enjoy seeing the trees, stars, moon all during the year.


  19. Look at the waters in Puerto Rico! What a wonderful surprise you got in the mail from your daughter. The sea glass is so pretty, and I love that little turquoise piece. I'm glad your daughter gets the chance to enjoy Puerto Rico for awhile. Jemma, I appreciate nature so much, and it is a MUST for me to explore it often. It does the body good. That first picture is spectacular, and it makes me long for the ocean once again.

    love, ~Sheri

  20. Oh what a lovely post.
    Such wonderful colours in the sea glass, thank you for sharing all of these wonderful photographs.

    Nature is such a gift isn't it. We should cherish and protect it.

    Wishing you a good week ahead

    All the best Jan

  21. Living true to yourself & knowing what gives you joy= peace in your soul.❤️️

  22. The sea glass is so lovely. I have always heard Puerto Rico was very beautiful. I live in Colorado and I love the mountains and the the sounds of nature. althoguh we livein the city we love to get away. I have a friend who lives in the mountains near our hometown in Pueblo, CO. and her is always talking and writing posts like this at Face Book. Such a beautiful breathe of fresh air. I would love to retire someplace quiet without all the noise of the city. I am grateful to have visitedhere tonight. Thank you for this lovely share. xo

  23. I love spending time outside and when we first moved to Florida, I wanted to go to the beach every chance we got. But then we discovered the State parks and hiking trails closer to our house and now we get out and enjoy nature more often. We went to the beach last week and we found 16 pieces of sea glass...which is a good amount for us to find at Canaveral. It's so exciting to find it! I know you'll love your precious sea glass, it's beautiful! Hugs!

  24. Beautiful photos, beautiful words. A wonderful gift that your daughter had sent...a wonderful treasure from the place they now call home.


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