Oreo Cream Dessert

August 17, 2016
I have really and truly been meaning to share this decadent and simple dessert with you all 

since June!

I served it at our Texas Craft Retreat and there was not one spoonful left, so I suppose that 

means it gets a 5 star rating.

Here is the banner I made for the retreat and this link is how I went about organizing the 

Craft Retreat.

This dessert is definitely not for the faint of heart or those that are dieting, but if your Motto is

Eat dessert first, well this Oreo Cream Dessert is calling your name!

Kitchen- candy dishes-French Country-milk bottles-recipes-athomewithjemma

I have put together a little pictorial tutorial with the recipe for Oreo Cream Dessert located at the bottom of this post.

oreos-dessert-kitchen table-rolling pin-cookie-crust

Oreo Cream Dessert for a party made by Jemma
Tutorial on making Oreo Cream dessert

add butter, crushed oreos, press into pan and top with cream cheese mixture

kitchen table-oreo-cream cheese-cool whip

Pouring chocolate pudding over cream cheese mixture

layered dessert, chocolate, cool whip, cream cheese, pudding, vanilla

At Home with Jemma shares a decadent and easy dessert

oreo cookies, butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, chocolate pudding, coolwhip
I wanted this to be such a special occasion for everyone at the Craft retreat that I served this

Oreo Cream Dessert in retro champagne glasses that were my Mother's.

retro champagne glasses, white cake stand, turquoise creamer, hosting a party
Serving this Oreo dessert in these glasses really dressed up the event.
Oreo Cream Dessert
Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to seeing you back on Thursday for our weekly link party and then on Friday for a new look at some Fashion Finds!

Are you in the mood to make DIY Sugar cubes?
Just click Here.


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  1. This looks absolutely sinful.😍

  2. Hello Jemma! YUM, a delicious dessert. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Looks delicious! It's kind of like our slush cake my mom made when I was a kid!

  4. Oh yum, I remember that dessert. It is delicious! (I may of had seconds -grin). I'm glad you shared the recipe...I am going to make it for my family. They will love it! When's our next retreat? :-D


  5. YUMMO! Who doesn't like Oreo's! My oldest daughter makes Oreo dessert for us sometimes and there is usually none left! Thanks for sharing sweet lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. This recipe reminds me so much of one I made a while back called 'dirt'. I think the ingredients are similar but the end result looks more like dirt :). It's a fabulous, decadent dessert so I'm not surprised it was gobbled up!

  7. Yummy, and I LOVE using those old champagne glasses. I sometimes float a flower in them.

  8. Not surprised all was eaten. Love this recipe.

  9. YUMMMMM!!! Oreos are a HUGE weakness of mine....which is why I don't even keep them in the house! This looks amazing - pinning!

  10. This dessert gets my seal of approval. It was indeed SO good!

  11. Yummy!! I make something similar to this and it's great. When you start with Oreos it has to be good. :)

  12. Hi Jemma yup I agree with Doreen reminds me of the recipe Dirt. Looks like it's good to the last lick! I greatly limit my intake of sugars but I gotta tell you I am delighting in your staging and your wonderful color's you include in your settings. I love your home and always enjoy your photography of different views of where you live. Gosh Jemma we are both moving closer to our new Birthday year.

  13. My sweet Jemma, hello! I am SO late for this baking session today! I came into my blog roll early this morning and you probably had not yet posted. WOW, what a wonderful and easy dessert! The colors of your materials as well are so happy and bright, making summer stay a bit longer for me. THANK YOU! Enjoy every day as it gets cooler and sweet September rolls back around. Much love to you!

  14. Jemma, I'll save this recipe for a future dinner party. Looks delicious! Like, Anita, I love the beautiful colors of your details. '-)
    Sad I missed this fun retreat!

  15. Looks so sinful but I must try it. Just finished an oreo cheesecake so maybe I'll wait awhile!!

  16. Jemma, this looks decadent and delicious. My hubby loves Oreo' I must make this! Pam @ Everyday Living

  17. Who can resist Oreos?? Yum!!

  18. Looks like a yummy dessert. Oreos are always a favorite. You could use the new Recipes Generator.


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