Dressing A Cake With Flowers

August 29, 2016
Hello all and welcome to a little overview of how to dress up your cake with flowers.
Throughout the past few years I have developed a passion for adding flowers to our cakes.
I just adore the transformation it makes and you know those flowers can also hide some frosting mistakes, and even a cake (heaven forbid) that sinks...

At Home With Jemma Recipe For Blackberry Studded Lemon Pound Cake

So, a little bit about the importance of  cakes in our family. Cakes have always been the go to dessert in our family, you see they just seem to be appropriate for any and all occasions.
We have made them for Birthdays, Christenings, injuries, graduations, engagements, losses of life and loves, and just because.

Holiday Pumpkin Roll Recipe At Home With Jemma
My Mom was a cake baker extraordinaire and every cake that she made came from the finest ingredients layered on her built in lazy susan cabinet.
At the time this cabinet seemed quite magical as sugar tumbled out and vanilla extract left tiny droplets on the wooden shelf, truly a confection delight at any age, especially a youngsters.

Marjorie's Apple Bundt Cake Recipe At Home With Jemma
Today I am sharing with you my love for dressing cakes with flowers.
Adding flowers to a cake adds an incredible aesthetic power.

All of the cakes here today came from my kitchen for one reason or another, as you know our family doesn't really need much of a reason to make a cake!

Links to the post are underneath each photo.

decorate-flowers-cake-vanilla icing-eucalyptus-carnations-holidays-showers-parties-athomewithjemma
At Home With Jemma Woodland Shower Ideas
There is a difference between edible flowers and safe flowers to place on a cake or to use for garnishing.

Edible flowers are grown specifically for human consumption, and are Certified as Organic.
If they are not organically certified, they should not be placed on a cake.
Before eating organic flowers always remove the pistil and stamen.

Decorating/garnishing flowers are a non-poisonous flower which is not necessarily organically grown and therefore must not be eaten.
These flower are for decorative purposes only and must be washed prior to use and a decorative barrier placed between them and the cake.
There are products that you can purchase for this, or make your own out of wax-paper.
If in doubt about a flower leave it off or dress your cake with faux flowers.

Decorating-cake-flowers-roses-holidays-recipes-guest post
Southern Hospitality Guest Post All Occasion Chocolate Cake

A few weeks ago when I was welcomed as a guest at Southern Hospitality, one of the questions I was asked was what type of flowers I recommended for decorating cakes.

(If you haven't met Rhoda from Southern Hospitality yet, drop by and say hi, she is a fantastic Lady!)

I thought that with the Holidays nearly upon us, and all of us wanting to give our Holiday desserts some extra goodness, that this was a good time to clarify this concern.
              I have provided a short pinnable reference for you on using edible flowers.       
             However, I would also recommend these other sites for more information.   
Mercola-42 Edible Flowers
Gardners Supply Company-Edible Flowers
Wikipedia-edible flowers

The flowers that I used on these cakes were a combination of faux and real and we did not eat any of the real flowers.  I made a barrier out of wax paper.

flowers-decorating-cakes-DIY- athomewithjemma-real-faux

Thank you so much for joining me today, I so enjoyed having you stop by.
Any tips to share, we'd love to know.
Happy Cake Decorating!


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  1. Great photos, Jemma! I can't look at a bundt cake without thinking of one of my favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Hope you have a big fat wonderful week!!

  2. Hey Sweet Friend - These cakes are so pretty! I used stargazer lilies and dendrobium orchids on our wedding cake. I agree flowers are a wonderful addition to dress up cakes. I'm thinking holidays at your home must be amazing!!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  3. Your cakes look lovely. Dressing is half the fun! With the holidays approaching, we should all have great fun decorating to our heart's content.
    Happy Monday sweet friend. xo

  4. You have definitely got a flare for the decorating and baking Jemma! Your cakes look amazing (still loving the "woodland" theme). Your mom would be proud ... these are the kinds of things we wish we could still share with good old Mom, am I right? My mom had a lazy Susan in her kitchen too, and we were forbidden from spinning it too fast! I remember all those spills and Mom's sigh of exasperation ;)
    I see you have sunflower as one of the edible flowers. If you saw my enormous sunflower in the garden right now (which is bare of seeds thanks to a very greedy chipmunk!), you would laugh if I suggested decorating a cake with it. It's bigger than a dinner plate and probably weighs 5 pounds! Maybe the cake would be better sitting on top of it? Have a great week my friend,
    Wendy xox

  5. Love this post Jemma! I have never dressed a cake with flowers because I had no idea which ones were edible! Thank you! ;) Pinning away! ;)

  6. I've never used real flowers for a cake but they do look nice. Back in the 90's I remember Martha Stewart showing how to use violas that you sugared first for a cake. Fun ideas!

  7. Love this Jemma. Dressing up cakes with fresh flowers is so pretty. Happy new week.

  8. Your cakes are beautiful. Thank you for this inspiring and informative post. I pinned the list of flowers for future reference.

  9. I love using flowers for many different things including topping cakes! I haven't done it a lot, but you are inspiring me to think of reasons to make a cake!

  10. Hello Jemma, your cakes look so pretty. I am sure they are delicious too, wish I could try a piece. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  11. Thanks for the edible list. Love that pumpkin roll and the platter it is on.

  12. Oh Jemma, your cakes look amazing and I know they are so good. Thanks for all the information on flowers for cake decorating and the recipes.

    Have a terrific week.


  13. Wylie cakes are beautiful...and you make it look so easy! But I know there is skill involved in beautiful cakes...and not sure I have that skill. I seem to try pies, but should try more cakes. Maybe this is the fall I will practice making more cakes. Thanks for the inspiration friend.

  14. Oops, autocomplete. Ha. Your cakes are beautiful....😊

  15. BEAUTIFUL!! I had to laugh...not at you but me. Not too long ago I cut some hydrangea to take down the street to my son and DIL's. Walked a block and a half, went into the house, grabbed a vase from under the sink, filled it with water, put the flowers in, and was informed by a granddaughter that a little bee was on the flowers.

    All that time. SO...I am not sure I'd be safe doing this without a little kid inspector first! : )

  16. How pretty your cakes are! And what a simple and easy way to make any cake look pretty for a special occasion.

  17. Lovely post! What better way to dress up a cake than to put pretty flowers on it! Thank you for sharing. I haven't ever used flowers to decorate but then I don't often make cakes...pies are more my speed. :o)

  18. Jemma your photography is stunning and all your cakes adorned with the beauty of flowers, fresh and faux are beautifully creative. Lovely post my lovely friend.

  19. Good morning Jemma! This is a sweet retreat from my wild schedule of work that started yesterday! The kids are fabulous, but I need to get used to juggling work with my social media and family life! How I wish I had time to make a cake. I'd decorate it like this! LOVELY!

  20. Not only are your cakes beautiful, you have also shared important information. Thank you for the pinnable list!

    Have a blessed week!


  21. I rarely look at a bundt cake without thinking of you Jemma :). An edible flower is a wonderful way to take a cake from pretty to gorgeous, as are your creations. Your mom would be proud.

    I didn't know you had a guest post over at Rhoda's. We met at haven a few years ago, but many years ago our paths crossed at an online discussion board briefly. I will click over to check it out.

  22. You have some terrific tips here, Jemma -- thanks for the links and also that wonderful tip of using waxed paper underneath! And I had to laugh when I saw the pumpkin roll. There was a time in my life where each Christmas I would make five dozen of what I called the "damn pumpkin rolls" for an annual sale. They'd all sell -- but now I can't bear to eat one, tasty as they are!

  23. I love the idea of using flowers for cake decorating! That Pumpkin Roll looks delightful ♥

  24. So pretty. I love growing flowers and eating them. People look at me like I'm crazy when I say that so I don't say it out loud often.

  25. The cakes look lovely ... thanks for the tips

    All the best Jan

  26. Those cakes are works of art!! I have pinned the pumpkin and apple..those are my favorites for fall :) Your lists of edible and non edible flowers are very helpful!! And the flowers add a wonderful touch Thanks for sharing them with us at TaDa Thursday!!

  27. I love this! I actually had a class in college on edible flowers (it was a summer short course and I remember NOTHING from it. ha)

  28. Jemma
    Not only are these cakes beautiful I can not wait to try out the recipes! That blackberry studded lemon pound cake sounds absolutely divine!

  29. Joyce,I love your cakes with flowers! I've never used flowers on a cake, but you've convinced me. Thanks for the list of flowers to use and not use. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  30. Jemma, they certainly do dress your cakes up beautifully! We are not big cake people so I rarely bake a cake. It's cookies and bars for us. But, next time I bake a cake I have got to add flowers! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  31. your cakes are gorgeous and I am sure taste fabulous! I recently had a piece of cake from a bakery with the flowers but I was not told if they were edible so I tossed them. But I love knowing that there are times when you can eat them and the parts you need to remove. Also, thank you for joining TaDa! this week. We are delighted to have you and I love Rhoda from Southern Hospitality


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