Fading Flower Farmhouse Vignette

July 05, 2016
I was, well I actually still am so terribly dissapointed over my fading hydrangeas.

All of my life I have adored hydrangeas, I don' think that I even knew what they were called 

as a child but they always caught my eye.

I am sure that they caught yours too, how can one resist these luscious plants and blooms.

blooming hydrangeas, pink, big beautiful blooms on a sunny day

But here is my challenge I live in Texas.

Summer rains are infrequent and we are on water restrictions 12 months of the year.

Those glorious, heavy rains of Spring which awaken sleeping plants and bring 

vibrant luster to a prairie landscape are like a well that runs dry.

They simply stop, and these glorious bodacious blooms which had no knowledge of thirst,

rapidly began to shrink and fade.

Hydrangeas next to a vintage wire birdcage make a romantic vignette

I just could not bear the thought of tossing these blooms away, even though they had faded 

so quickly.

Simple Farmhouse decorating on a vintage wood tray with hydrangeas

Instead, I created a fading flowers farmhouse vignette that truly welcomes tired and muted 

petals of Summer.

Centerpiece, vignette for farmhouse decorating using hydrangeas and candles

My intent when choosing our paint colors and design for our new home was for it to be

a neutral palette that would welcome many styles of decor and varying hues.

We chose on the rocks by SW for the walls in our living areas and as you can see by

this photo this gentle shade of gray welcomes this farmhouse vignette very nicely.

wood tray, seashells, candle, birdcage, doily, hydrangeas

Items required for this fading flowers farmhouse vignette

  1.   Large distressed wooden farmhouse tray (50% off Hobby Lobby)
  2.   One spaghetti jar label removed and washed
  3.   Heart doily
  4.  Twine
  5.  Faux roses
  6.  Rustic birdcage
  7.  White candle 
  8.  Seashells
  9.  Flowers
  10.  Candlesticks or other interesting decorating element to add height

Farmhouse tray, hydrangea, seashells, white candle, faded blooms

Of course this would have all been a vivacious vignette if these blooms had been vibrant.

But they are not and I wanted to share with you how I found fading to be beautiful.

glass jar, mason jar, twine, doily, flowers, wood tray, metal birdcage

Thank you for joining me today and I hope that your week, is off to a great start!


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  1. So pretty, faded or not. I could never get my hydrangea to bloom, so you are way ahead of me! ;-)

  2. This is really beautiful. Hydrangeas are the best over time because they really never lose their beauty. I love that you used a spaghetti jar. ;)

  3. Beautiful vignette! My hydrangeas have just dried up to nothing. I just hate when they start fading away. They are one of my very favorites!

    Have a great week.


  4. This is such a pretty vignette, Jemma! My husband planted two hydrangea bushes this year. I hope they survive this Texas heat.

  5. Very pretty and I agree this heat is torture. You can also dry them and continue to enjoy. You may have to remove the leafs but think of the fun you could create with dried Hydrangeas, you may be able to incorporate them in with something for fall?

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  6. I can't get them to stay alive, much less bloom. We all fade, but that doesn't mean we don't still have beauty.

  7. I love hydrangeas too, but can't grow them in my clay soil. My mother had lovely ones in her sandy soil - the colors were a cream tinged with green. She would dry them every year and share them for arrangements.

  8. Ours too are starting to fade due to our extreme heat. I however love them faded and dried as well. The good news is our limelights are just starting to bloom and do well in this heat.

  9. I feel your pain. I love hydrangeas but can't grow them at all. Water restrictions really help the environment but limit what we can do at home. Your faded vignette is darling though! Have a great week.

  10. Good evening dearest Jemma! Oh dear, I have a hard time leaving a comment here, but I finally got in. I know what you're saying about the fading flowers. Though we had a generous spring and summer festival of flowers (and continue to with the day lilies and hydrangeas), my fading flower dilemma comes by way of knowing that school is just around the corner. Oh how I savor the beauty of the flowers. They have much to teach us. Their beauty fades but we also know we can either preserve them, use the fallen petals in a photo, or just admire their brown, shriveled faces.

    I love your vignette! Keep creating the beauty you see and desire in the world dearest. You make the world brighter!

  11. Whether they be in full glorious bloom, or fading slightly, they are still to be enjoyed.

    All the best Jan

  12. Hydrangea are beautiful! I like that you are making the most of it!

  13. What pretty pink hydrangeas. I've never seen them in this color before. You always make the most delightful arrangements, Jemma. I didn't really appreciate the hydrangea until I saw them on friend's blogs. They really are quite lovely.

    It was hard getting through to comment today. It kept freezing up on me, but finally got through.

    Have a wonderful week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps I don't know if I mentioned to you or not, but your new blog design is very charming.....just like you.

  14. It is a beautiful vignette. I love hydrangeas also and tried to grow them but they don't do well in Florida, at least where I live.

  15. It's beautiful Jemma. I've tried to grow them too here in Texas and they die. My Dad gave me one before he died and I tried so hard to save it.

  16. Yes hydrangea flowers do fade even here. I like the look you created with them. Their soft pale pink color is pretty. A friend of mine in Virginia had a 2nd flush of flowers later in the summer one year. I think if you trim all the spent blooms it can help encourage that to happen. Too bad you are on watering restrictions- that's a double negative with the heat factor.

  17. I love hydrangeas in all of their stages....So great that you have embraced them even in their faded state as they are truly beautiful.

  18. They're still dainty & beautiful. You could dry a few upside down in a dark spot, too. They would dry nice, I'd bet. So lovely...

  19. Very pretty, I love flowers and I have a great board that I can pin it to

  20. I love your fading flowers farmhouse vignette. Mine are fading too. Well my friend you just gave me a great idea! Why not make use of my fading pretties! Mine has been so pretty this summer but they sure don't last long. Love how you have them beautifully displayed. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers. I have tried to grow them, but like you said I live in Texas and they just don't do well in the heat. Yours are beautiful! Love you wall color...

  22. So pretty Jemma! Happy Wednesday to you! ;)

  23. I have never had luck with hydrangeas so I'm very impressed that you are growing them so successfully. I also think they are quite beautiful when dried and put in an arrangement, as you have done.

    The birdcage, doily, flowers etc., are all beautiful and so well put together!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  24. Good morning Jemma,
    I love the look of fading hydrangeas. I wait until the last minute and just before it gets too cold, I pick all the hydrangea blossoms and bring them inside and place in vases without water so they can dry. My plan has always been to make one of those beautiful hydrangea blossom wreaths but have not gotten to doing that yet. Maybe this year! Your vignette is so pretty and yes the paint you chose lends the perfect blank canvas for your beautiful decorating touches! Couldn't help but spy that beautiful rustic wood hutch in the background. How beautiful!

  25. I love how you choose to see the beauty in the faded and then integrate it into your home decor. The fading hydrangeas do fit in perfectly with your farmhouse decor! There is beauty all around us, even in the dry and faded.

  26. Hi Jemma! We also live in Texas! We moved from McKinney to Denison 5 months ago. The soil in Denison is more sandy, and Hydrangea's do better in sandy soil. My potted pink ones have also faded and are now drying inside. Love your vignette!

  27. Faded hydrangeas have their own unique beauty, Jemma. I keep them around until the dust is too thick, haha (just kidding!)

  28. Hydrangeas are beautiful at any stage of their life and color. I have a bunch from years ago that are quite dry and have turned to a gorgeous shade of ivory....perfect farmhouse d├ęcor item. I have them in various places around my home.

  29. Hi Jemma. you created a lovely vignette with the faded blooms. Having a neutral backdrop to living really helps when we want to change around pops of color. You have designed this so well. My hydrangeas are beginning to show a bit of distress too because of the heat. I still have blooms but the heat is a challenge. I have noticed a few black spots too. My poor babies may be getting sick. We gave them some medicine to help them along. Thank you for sharing the beautiful faded blooms. They are gorgeous. xo

  30. Jemma,
    Love your vignette but haven't a clue as to why your hydrangeas are fading. I do know that Blue can change to Pink because of acid content. Beauty is found in nature no matter the conditions. Love to you,

  31. Hydrangeas are beautiful at any stage of their blooming, I just love dried ones, and have saved many dried blooms for years. Your vignette is lovely-

  32. Faded, but you still found beauty in those hydrangeas, Jemma, and created a lovely vignette.


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