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Wedding Day Of My Daughter

June 19, 2016
It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding, a day where two young families joined hands, 

lives, their hearts, said their vows and became one.

The garden wedding took place at Pembroke Cottage in Guthrie Oklahoma on June 16th 

at five in the afternoon.

bed and breakfast, cottage, quaint, wedding, charming, vintage, home

If you ever happen to be looking for a wedding venue in Oklahoma, this is one you might 

want to consider. 

Pembroke cottage is a darling, quaint Bed and Breakfast decorated with vintage pieces, 

glorious floral fabric and gentle gardens perfect for picture taking. 

The proprietors Mike and Betty, who live next door to Pembroke, are professional, 

knowledgeable and give a tremendous amount of their time to attention and detail.

For this June wedding all parents were present as well as Brandon's two daughters Macee 

and Preslee and Rebecca's daughter Molly.

It was such a sweet, and beautiful marriage ceremony blessed by God and a bright new 

beginning for this couple and their families.

Wedding, wedding day, marriage, ceremony, wedding ideas

Life has strange turns and bends so when two people are able to find one another in this

big old unpredictable world and make a lifetime commitment to each other, with hearts 

that embrace not only one another, but each other's children it's a beautiful blessing from 


cottage, wedding, outdoor, wedding, garden wedding, family

But then again who wouldn't love these three little girls...

The three of them greeted us with open arms and immediately circled around us with 

giggles and hugs, you would have thought we were a honey pot and they were Winnie the 


Being accepted and loved unconditionally is a pretty awesome thing, especially when you 

are a Mimi and Gramps, this sort of love by grandchildren just sort of does something to 

your heart, you know...

outdoor, children, wedding, flower girl, Summertime wedding, vintage wedding

Molly and her Mommy.

baby's breath, vintage, outdoor, garden wedding, simple wedding, Summer wedding

Macee and Preslee.

bridal bouquet, make your own bouquet, hydrangea bouquet , baby's breath, garden wedding

Late afternoon light, cottage gardens, hydrangea bridal bouquet, children, grandparents,

young love and the promise of a bright tomorrow made the entire ceremony magical and 


rose topper, vintage wedding, garden wedding, two tier cake

I made a handmade gift for the newlyweds using some beautiful multicolored beads.

I will be sharing the project, some tips and a tutorial this coming Tuesday, June the 21 for 

the Summer bead challenge.

Wedding day, daughter, mother, blue mother of the bride dress

Thank you for taking the time today to share the wedding day of my daughter.


Please Join Me~

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  1. What a beautiful bride. And such darling children!!! Their little smiles just melt your heart. Congratulations to the entire family.

  2. Beautiful!! So much love and happiness.

  3. Gorgeous. Congratulations. What a beautiful family.

  4. So beautiful, Joyce!! I'm happy for your daughter and her precious family.

  5. So beautiful! Joy is evident. Much happiness to the new couple.
    Wonderful pic of you and your daughter.

  6. How beautiful! Two sisters for Molly and two new grand daughters for you! I love you in your blue dress and Rebecca was a gorgeous bride. Happy lives are ahead for all of them!
    xo, T.

  7. Congrats! We ad a wedding two weeks ago! Love is in the air!

  8. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.

  9. The love and joy on everyone's faces is palpable! The venue looks so romantic and I can't remember when I've seen you look quite as lovely as this, and that's saying a lot. :)

    Blessings to your beautiful daughter and handsome husband and their family for many happy years together.


  10. Congratulations to you all and wishes to your daughter and her family for a lifetime of happiness! You all look gorgeous! It's easy to see where your daughter gets her million watt smile! :)

  11. Congratulations, Jemma. What a beautiful family! I hope they will be blessed with health and happiness for all of their lives together :)

  12. Congratulations Jemma! What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked amazingly happy and the bride looked gorgeous! ;)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Oh Jemma, congratulations to your daughter on her marriage. These pictures were close to my heart, as Jess will be married soon. She looks so lovely in her dress, and everything looks very nice. That cake looks pretty with the pink roses. And I love that picture of the two of you, it's special. Twinkling lights on the mantel, a vintage cottage, a bouquet of white flowers, and a big genuine smile on your daughter's face, oh what a magical day for her.

    love, ~Sheri

  15. Congratulations! What a beautiful bride and what precious little girls. How much fun will they be!!! My husband John was raised in Guthrie and we've spent a lot of time there in the past. Its a quaint and interesting town.


  16. These pictures are just beautiful and everyone is beaming with happiness. Congratulations to this wonderful new family!

  17. Jemma, congratulations to this darling couple and their sweet family. I know it was a special time, and I wish them much happiness as they start out together. Those little girls are adorable!

  18. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the lovely couple. What adorable granddaughters! Such a special day!

  19. How beautiful! Congratulations and a long and happy life together to them!

  20. What a beautiful family, and what looks to be the perfect start to their new life together! Wishing them a lifetime of love and laughter - xo

  21. I haven't been 'around' much lately, but I'm so glad I looked in and saw that you'd posted. You and your daughter are so much alike, and both so beautiful. I love the colour you chose to wear. There really is no joy quite like seeing your children so happy. The little girls are adorable - lucky you, to gain a SIL and two more little granddaughters! Congratulations!

  22. So happy for your daughter and her new husband! They make such a handsome couple with your now three grandaughters! What a bright future for you all!

  23. How beautiful and perfectly stated all the way through. Love these photos you captured the heart of happiness and joy.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  24. Jemma, your daughter is you. Awe...what a precious day for you all. The three grandgirls are adorable and well, your soninlove doesn't look half bad. (LOL) Love the quaint style of this sweet wedding. Nothing like knowing our daughters are happy. BLESSED! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. Congratulations. The photos are lovely and you can see the happiness as these two joined their lives and hearts. Molly does have two sisters to share her life with and I predict many giggles and laughter. I can see where your daughter gets her looks. You two could be sisters. Such a beautiful place to get married and celebrate their new lives together. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing this very special day. XO

  26. I MADE IT!!!!!!!!! Whew, I missed a lot while being unplugged for the weekend! Jemma, your daughter is gorgeous and looks just like YOU! I love your blue dress...marvelous color! I can't wait to see what you do with these beads!

    Off to tutor a bit in French for the afternoon, then I will plant a new rose climber today! Much love, Anita

  27. Such an incredibly beautiful event! LOVE seeing the 3 littles ~ so adorable. You're going to be such a blessing to Macee and Preslee and I feel sure they're going to bring so much joy to your lives! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful ~ just like her Mom! I love that these two found each other and I wish them love to last a lifetime.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  28. oh what a lovely day.. she looks beautiful. Congratulations.

  29. Great job on the photos! What a beautiful & special day! Must be something in the air....❤️❤️❤️

  30. What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful lady! I hope that your daughter and new son in law have a wonderful long and happy marriage! Congratulations to them both!! xx

  31. They have been blessed - such a beautiful wedding. I am so happy that they found each other and are truly happy.
    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely wedding with us.

  32. Awww how wonderful, and heartwarming, Jemma! Congratulations to the beautiful family, and to all of you!

  33. Congratulations to this wonderful new family and to you too, dearie !
    I enjoyed this touching post so, so much, thank you for sharing so much love with us, it's such a blessing to our hearts !

    Hope you're having a beautiful week I'm sending blessings of joy to you

    Dany ♥

  34. Oh Jemma, she is beautiful and so are you! This is so lovely that words simply fly away and all that is left is awe and smiles. Congratulations, Mom!

  35. Jemma, this is beautiful. Second chances at love are rare to come by, as we have so much more wisdom with the life experiences we bring with us, and know the ups and downs, hard work it takes to make it successful. It's worked for me, and I wish your daughter and her husband and their blended families all the best.

  36. Jemma, this is beautiful. Second chances at love are rare to come by, as we have so much more wisdom with the life experiences we bring with us, and know the ups and downs, hard work it takes to make it successful. It's worked for me, and I wish your daughter and her husband and their blended families all the best.


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