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My Old Fashion Garden

June 27, 2016
Good Morning and welcome to my Old Fashion garden.

Today I am sharing three of my favorite colors of flowers in our garden and a few tips too.

Let's begin our day right here with the daisy.

Stripe table cloth, daises, white and yellow daisy, english serving dish

The pretty and simple daisy brings whimsy and childhood innocence to any setting.

                        Some facts that you might find interesting about the daisy.

Michaelmas daisy (Aster amellus) symbolizes a farewell or a departure.

English daisy (Bellis perennis) symbolizes innocence. 

Gerber daises (Gerbera genera) symbolize cheerfulness. 

wild flowers, daisy, geranium, vignette, garden party

I am always drawn to the cheerfulness of yellow flowers in the garden and in our home.

gardening, yellow zinnia, growing flowers, garden flowers

Celebrating life through the joy of yellow and growing the ever loving and pretty 

blooming Zinnia, is very simple and rewarding.

Toss some seeds in the ground and presto! You will have the glorious happy zinnia 

blooming away in no time at all!

zinnias, grow, seeds, colorful, variety of colors, garden, oldfashion

Red is another color that consistently catches my eye.

The vibrancy of the red rose is timeless and adds charm to any spot in the garden and 


Knock out rose, red rose, gardening with roses

Every old fashioned garden must have a red rose or two.

red rose, floral, crystal vase, decorating with flowers and roses

The meaning of the red rose~

Red roses are given when you want to show love and passion.
Red roses are also given to those who are being recognized for respect and great courage shown.

Quantity also has a special meaning.
One single red rose shows love, one dozen shows gratitude, twenty five red roses shows congratulations and fifty red roses is symbolic of unconditional love.

purple dahlia, butterfly, garden party, decorating with purple flowers.

Purple is another one of my favorite colors to use in our gardens.

The deep rich blossoms stay colorful and strong even in our Texas heat and sunshine.

gardening, purple flowers, cosmos,

The simple cosmos grown from seed thrive in many climates and I like their lacy foliage as 


potting bench, purple flowers, petunias, clay pots, decorating with pots

The color purple is tied to royalty and ceremony.
So naturally purple flowers represent dignity, pride and success.

A fantastic way to create depth and contrast to your flower beds or container gardening is by grouping a bold range of rich hues or mix in other colors.  

If you want to create a arrangement that represents accomplishment and admiration use purple blooms.

purple hibiscus, grow your own, gardening, tips on growing hibiscus

I highly recommend the Perennial Hibiscus, the color and the size of the bloom 

is unparalleled.

purple cosmos, dahlia, asters,  gardening

Thank you so very much for popping by!


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  1. Good morning SUNSHINE! WOW, your garden is rife with a watercolor set to play with all summer long!!!!!!

    Those zinnias, goodness me....Ah, I am breathing in so much love and inspiration these days, in the quiet of each summer day. I am so grateful it's only June 27th because each day is too special, especially when spent with friends. Thank you for this inspiration of the season. Those yellows; I have become a lover of yellow thanks to people like you who show me the possibilities.

    Love your daisy photo dear one. These little stars have stolen my heart in the last few days!

    Much love, Anita

  2. Simply lovely! My daughter was born in the month of April and the daisy is her flower. I really should have some in our garden to go with the alyssum. :)

  3. Your garden is fabulous.

    I am going to throw out some zinnia seeds.

  4. Your garden is fabulous.

    I am going to throw out some zinnia seeds.

  5. This is such fun. Thanks for hosting and sharing your beautiful blooms!

  6. Joyce,
    Beautiful stunning blooms , my friend!! Thanks so much for hosting each month!!

  7. Joyce- this is a stunningly beautiful post. I love your favorite colors too.
    Every photography was so pretty!

  8. This is such a beautiful post, Jemma. Love it! Thank you for hosting!

  9. Thank you so much for all the description and info of flowers you posted, Jemma. Very informative and they are lovely!...Christine

  10. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden and helpful information. Your garden has some of my favorite flowers and colors - yellow and zinnias.
    Have a wonderful day. Erin

  11. I'm so grateful to you for having shared such a wonderful post about your so beautiful garden, deraest Jemma !
    And I'm sad more and more for not to have been able to prepare a post to link up here, at your so lovely garden party of this month ... I'm so very busy and overwhelmed, lately, I must seriously think about an interlude, alas !

    Sending much love to you,

    Xx Dany

  12. Hoping not to bore to you, I thought to share a post which isn't new to you, but that's the only way I have to participate !

    Thank you for your patience !

    Much love


  13. So beautiful, I love the Gerber daisy now I know why. Your garden looks beautiful and I enjoyed all those bright colors of wonderful.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  14. Daisies are my favorite flower so thank you for the info on them! Waiting for my Shasta's to bloom.I love zinnia's too but have run out of room in my sun garden to plant any. They are probably my second favorite flower. I love all the colors you mention and do have them all in my garden. Your pictures are just beautiful!

  15. Oh my goodness I adore how you highlighted each special color within your garden!I grew a double, ruffly cosmos last year for the first time. I never knew how easyOR how beautiful they were! Happy gardening!

  16. Thank you for hosting! I love the hibiscus. I need to see if mine is blooming. Probably need to cut back the huge plant overshadowing it. :o) They are beautiful though, aren't they? My zinnias sadly didn't survive. That's what happens when you're gone during the critical sprouting stage. eep. Maybe I can try again. I enjoyed touring your lovely garden.

  17. I had no idea pink butterflies existed! Where have I been? Yours is beautiful and I googled and found so many pretty pink varieties. God's magnificence continues to amaze me!!
    Your old fashion garden post is lovely.I have a busy day today but you have inspired me to get out and buy some zinnia seed and maybe snap some shots of changes in my garden and post it. I hope I have time later today.
    Have a good day.

  18. Beautiful post about your beautiful flowers. You've inspired me to branch out and try some different ones.

  19. Hi Jemma, Your garden is beautiful. I love the variety of color you use along with the info you share. Beauty at ever turn in your garden. It must be wonderful to spend time there, working the earth and seeing the fruits of your labor. I love an old fashion garden. So reminds me of days growing up and the gorgeous gardens my mother used to tend. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day and stay cool!! xo

  20. Good morning my dear! I so hope my comment goes through; I do think the trouble is on my end..the page keeps jumping!

    I just saw that you came by my blog! Thank you for your visit! Aren't you just enjoying all the gracious singing of the flowers? I AM IN LOVE with summer once again!

    Many hugs to you dearest friend. Enjoy your day! Anita

  21. Lovely choices, all, Jemma! My perennial hibiscus cause me a lot of work, staking and individually tying up my stalks of 6 plants in opposite corners of my landscape garden, but just yesterday my first reward in one of those plate-sized blooms appeared. It's the first of many of the reasons why I do all the work! Thanks for sharing yours.

  22. What a gorgeous garden! You have some of my favorite colors for the garden...yellows, reds, and purples! I need rain for my garden, sprinklers don't do what the rain does to replenish and refresh! Pam @ Everyday Living

  23. Your zinnias are amazingly beautiful! I have some this year, and a couple have been plagued with some kind of disease :(. I also planted some zinnia seeds, but far too late. Oh well...there's always next year!


  24. Beautiful flowers, Jemma! The yellow is so cheery and bright. I need to add more of that color to my garden.

  25. Such beautiful flowers and lovely colours too.
    Gardens bring so much joy

    All the best Jan

  26. I learned SOOOO much from your post, Jemma! And your blooms are absolutely GORGEOUS!! BTW-I told my hubby that one rose meant love-and he was SUPER happy-until I told him that 50 roses meant unconditional love!! LOL-I swear he almost passed out!

  27. Jemma I love your gorgeous gardens. My 3 flowers in order of favorite are Roses, Tulips and Daisies. Because I have studied color psychology which I have used in design work I am always curious and intrigued by what color's people are attracted to. I also enjoy knowing the meanings of flowers and what their color's represent. I enjoyed this post and applaud the research that went into it.

  28. Beautiful flowers. I love flowers but am not much of a gardener. I enjoy others gardens. Sheila

    1. I forgot to say that you new blog update looks so pretty! sheila

  29. I enjoyed your post! I love daisies and we have an abundance of them at the lakehouse~ I'm sure they need to be divided by now! And cosmos? Love, love, love. Included some of mine in my most recent post.

    Keep growing!

    Much love to you, Jemma!


  30. Loving your garden Jemma. I am so glad you can remember the names of everything! I have the hardest time remembering what my plants/flowers are called at times! Guess that is a sign that I may not be a true gardener! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  31. Everything is so very pretty! I love cosmos. Mine are getting close to blooming! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment!

  32. Your garden is beautiful and so full of color, Jemma! I am a huge daisy and zinnia fan. They are easy to grow (a must for this talentless gardener!) and they just make me happy!!

  33. Your garden is so colorful and pretty -- just fabulous! I didn't plant cosmos this year and I don't know why because I love them. They look great here. Everything is. And I love that you know a little about the symbolism and all.

    I'm spending much time in the Land of Limited Internet this month so will check in whenever I can to see what you are up to -- probably skipping TOHOT since it will be hard to visit everyone but I'll be back!


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