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Spring Garden Party

April 25, 2016
Good Morning!

Today is Monday April 25th and we are honoring life, friendships, Spring, and gardening! 

The ladies from Share Your Cup and Thoughts of Home on Thursday welcome you to a

Spring Garden Party.


Today we welcome you to link up what grows on your patio, in your flowerbeds,

veggies in the garden or herbs in terracotta pots.

What ever sort of plantings inspire you.

Today I am sharing my Texas gardening spots (except for the veggies.) 
Oh, and my youngest daughter's new puppy Captain...
smile...I could not resist!

Since our home is new our flowerbeds are working hard to grow strong and full.

So, while they fill in and grow full and abundant I have focused on adding pops of color in 

all sorts of pots and containers.

You will find herbs, petunias, ferns, impatiens, geraniums, succulents and such.

Later on this week I will be sharing my favorite plants for Summer time, and a peek

at my hydrangeas...squeal!

Some information on growing hydrangeas.

My Garden...

is my...

Happy Place

Muddy fingers, broken nails and sun soaked skin revel in the magic of what nature 

gifts us.

How can one tiny seed or fragile plant give birth to these glorious blossoms...

One can only sit, wonder and marvel at the divine plan of it all.

And watch in quiet mediation as the vibrant rays of the day slowly meld and soften to a 

sleepy evening glow.

The energy of the day relents to the persistent nighttime cloaking of the sky.

My Texas Garden welcomes you and now it is your turn to share your garden.

What joys do you find in gardening?


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  1. I literally panted seeds yesterday in the greenhouse of course I am a bit late in doing so but with a grow light I hope they will sprout!! I cant wait to free my geraniums from the house but we still have drops in temps to the low 40s so I am afraid of frost! Its to nice to see flowers in warmer parts of the country! xo K

  2. Your flowers are lovely and the new plants will take off with your TLC, a little sunshine and rain. Oh heavenly spring. We are replanting shrubs and flowers we lost over the winter. I love the garden, roses are my thing. Happy Gardening and thanks for the party. CUTE puppy!

  3. Thanks for giving us a peek at your happy place, Jemma! Your outdoor vignettes and flowers add such a welcoming warmth to your home. Gardening rewards us with such beauty, doesn't it?

  4. Hello Jemma, such a wonderful and happy feeling in your garden! Oh no, yours and other gardens here look indeed ready for a spring party... and I posted only some old, pale flowers. :)
    This party is a lovely idea, and looking forward to the next one, I will take lots of photos when spring will arrive here. Thank you for hosting and happy gardening!

  5. Nature is divine, for sure. I can't help but think about that and give thanks for it every single day. Even when rain stays for a long time and starts to get me down, I'm grateful.

    Your flowers are all beautiful! I love your welcoming patio too.

  6. Your container plants are so pretty! Definitely a happy place! I'm in a big gardening mood this year! I'm hoping I can get some things blooming before the heat hits.

  7. Good morning sweet Jemma! Gardening truly does rejuvenate my soul. Boy, your off to a great start with yours. We've lived here almost 7 years now and boy has our garden ever evolved. Truly is amazing at all the beauty the Lord has blessed us with. I adore that photo of the wicker chair and rutic planter. Right up my alley. Thanks so much for including me in this fabulous party. Have fun in the garden!

  8. Thanks for hosting the fun Jemma. Your garden is just beautiful and I love the pretty flowers. I like you pretty pillow on the chair!
    Enjoy the week. :)
    Julie xo

  9. There's nothing like a garden to bring peace, joy, beauty and so very much more! I love each and every image you shared here and I can't begin to imagine what wonders you will work when you get your hands into your own dirt! Indeed, your soul will be younger than ever!

  10. Outdoor spaces combined with gardens and nature is my downtime passion. If I had nothing to do, I'd take tours of everyone's gardens everywhere. The peacefulness and beauty brings so much joy. Thank you so much for sharing yours and everyone else's so I can pin to my garden board to enjoy. Hugs!

  11. Good morning Jemma,
    How lovely everything looks! It's still too early here for gardening and still a danger of frost. Even some snow could fly tomorrow.....looking forward to warmer temps! Enjoy your beautiful garden and don't step on any lime green snakes! Was it a top notch snake?
    My memory is not great! LOL!

  12. Hi Jemma! I can see why your garden is your happy spot! Everything looks so lovely and I adore your patio - so pretty. Thanks for this nice party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  13. What a lovely setting your new home is in. Your pots of color are beautiful. Is that a fireplace I spy on your covered area. Speaking of your covered outside space it really looks amazing. Love all the brick and your furniture. Have fun making your garden grow in your new digs! The Happy Wonderer...

  14. Thanks for the pretty opportunity to link up and for a peek into your garden! Everything is so colorful! I love that sweet banner...hanging from a fireplace, perhaps? And of course no garden is complete without a smiling puppy face!! ;)

  15. Your garden is so welcoming and I am impressed because you haven't been in your home that long. I love the little spots to sit and enjoy the garden.

  16. Your garden is gorgeous! And Captain is adorable! Love all your lovely nooks! We are in Autumn now. Have a beautiful week!

  17. Love your beauties all outside your new home! Love this party, thanks for hosting it!

  18. Your home is so lovely Jemma, just like you. I would love to sit with you and talk! You're always so kind and thoughtful and I'm SO happy that we have connected!! xo

  19. Jemma, I see why your garden is your happy place--its wonderful! I feel the same way about my garden. Thank you for the party! Blessings, Cecilia

  20. Joyce- not only are all of your gardening spaces beautiful , but your gardening spirit it too.

    Aren't we blessed to share in everyone's garden today?


  21. Hi Jemma, Spring has truly sprung at your lovely new home. All your gorgeous blooms look so loved and vibrant accented in pots while the garden takes hold. Everything is so well planned and perfect. Cottage charming and so inviting. I love your style!! I can see why this is your happy place. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. Blessings my friend, xo

  22. Jemma, Jemma, I can feel your joy as you write about your Texas garden! Every single plant feels your love and that's what gardening is all about, right? Can't wait to see more! Okay, when my hydrangeas bloom, oh my, it pure delight and woo hooing, like you!
    Have a great week!

  23. The garden party was a splendid idea! Love it. I enjoyed your garden and it is a "happy place." I was able to view quite a few gardens as we traveled in the car today but could not comment which was disappointing. Anyway, I'm home now and ready to enjoy the party.
    Enjoyed your evening shots too. I love moon shots. I'm a nut about the moon.

  24. Dearest Jemma! HELLO! I am late as usual; mornings are rough even if I get up at 4:00AM! It is lovely to visit you here in your garden and the beauty of the rough hewn brick in your entertainment area! Oh how spring is making us ALL take notice of things we have seen before, but thanks to needing to be patient through a rough winter, we are grateful all the more.

    Thank you dear one, for coming to visit my post. Anita

  25. Hello Jemma! Loved the peek of your patio/porch. Lovely link party and its putting me in the gardening mood. Our growing/planting in Philly begins around Memorial Day. Until then I am enjoying my happy Purple Pansies and dreaming of nurturing my garden.

  26. Very pretty! Container gardening is the way to go to add lots of color. I can relate to the muddy fingers and broken nails....I hate to wear glove while gardening. I also marvel at what pops up out of the ground every Spring from tiny bulbs and seeds. I love what the birds occasionally bring me too. I now have a gorgeous Shasta daisy in my garden from the birds. I hope to be linking up to this great new party in a month or so!

  27. beautiful. spring is my favorite season

  28. What a fun party- you know how I love my flowers! Love all your containers and your setting out on the porch. You must be so happy to be living the dream!! Thanks for another party!

  29. He-he- I'm double dipping! I joined through my garden blog!

  30. What a great time for a garden party :) I haven't been able to plant anything outside yet, as we usually wait until May around here. But I've been adding some new succulents to my sun porch to get ready for the season. You gals who have warmer weather and longer growing seasons are lucky! Your flowers look gorgeous, Jemma! Thanks for hosting!

  31. You have obviously done a ton of work already in making your home extra beautiful! Your pots of plants and outdoor decor are amazing. I love that colorful pillow on the outdoor chair, too. I will be sure to visit some of the link-ups!

  32. Oh that Captain has captured my heart. I adore all of your sweet spots of flowering blooms.

  33. Jemma, this comes at the perfect timing, as I just did a daisy post! Now, is that a daisy in your garden? They look a bit different than the daisies that I bought at the nursery today. I love all the color in your garden, especially the bright pink flowers. And the turquoise chair is so charming, love that! Yes, our gardens are our happy places, that's for sure. You must smile every time you go into yours. :) The new puppy is precious, and Captain is a great name hahaha!

    love, ~Sheri

  34. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden. So many pretty flowers and items.
    Love the turquoise chair - looks inviting place to sit for awhile and read.

    That little Captain is adorable.
    Have a great week.

  35. Jemma,
    You have done an amazing amount of work on your new home in such a short time. Loved seeing all your plants in pots and cannot wait to see your veggie garden again...


  36. Jemma, your garden looks so lovely. I know you have carefully nourished it.
    Your little seating area is charming. A nice place to relax and enjoy your beautiful garden. Thanks for hosting such a fun and glorious party. xo

  37. Thannks so much for stopping by and for hosting this great Garden party!!


  38. Dear Jemma,
    thanks for your visit and comment. I was very pleased. Your garden is beautiful.
    I would like to take part, but I do not know how to do it.
    Thank you and many greetings and hugs ... Dorothea

  39. Gardens are such happy peaceful places ...
    Captain is adorable!

    All the best Jan

  40. Spring is just a perfect time for garden parties. Your party looks adorable and loved everything about your party. Thanks for all photos. My cousin hosted her engagement party at one of best garden venues in NYC. The views were completely heart throbbing. Everyone enjoyed a lot there!

  41. I just love your outdoor porch areas! You have set them up beautifully with the comfy chairs and lots of pretty flowers everywhere. Gorgeous! I could sit and be happy there all day long (how do you drag yourself away?!). I'm glad you're making things so cozy in the pots while you wait for the big gardens to fill in. I put a lot of plants in containers last summer, but then when winter came I couldn't bear to see them all die off and dragged far too many indoors. Eventually, I had to admit there wasn't room and sent them all back to the winter landscape. It hurt quite a bit too. I think I'll still plant some pots this summer ... should we ever GET summer! Still cold here, making it unpleasant to sit outdoors just yet.



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