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March 11, 2016
Welcome to the Texas Bluebonnet Blog Hop and a big Texas thank you to my Rockwall 

neighbor and friend Stacey,  from Poofing The Pillows , for organizing this little gathering.

We are all so very happy to have you join us, it warms our hearts and our lives to see you 

here with us in the Lone Star State.

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We savor Spring time here in Texas because we know that within just a few short months 

we will have gone from abundant blooms and Blue Bonnets to withered flowers and browns.

So, today I welcome you to our new home where I am sharing a few glimpses of what

Spring feels like in our neck of the woods!

I am certain you have heard of our Bluebonnets, so each year I usually write a little tribute 

to them.

A few years ago I shared a little post on a Bluebonnet Spring, where I included a little Texas

fact about the pretty Bluebonnet.

For those of you who have so gently followed me along in 2015, you know the agony and 

ecstasy of our effort to build our dream home from sticks.

Today, I am sharing the joy of Texas living in our state, so please come on in!

We had a little tour of our kitchen a week or two ago.

Today let us begin in the entry.

Our home is a combination of French Country Farmhouse and Texas Hill Country.

Most of all it is home.  

Our new home was designed and built to look old, it really does feel old!

From the Old French Brick with heavy mortar, referred to as schmear and Granbury Grey

natural stone from the town of Granbury, just a few Texas miles up the road from us.

Plain and simple, and plenty of flowers....smile, are a must in our home!

Here we welcome all of our loves.

This is where we  live, love and play with our precious family.

We are still tweaking and in reality probably will be the rest of our lives.

But seriously,  this is one of the lasting joys of our home.

We are short on rugs!

Most of our furniture is old, but the nifty thing is now they have become antiques!

You know the saying about holding onto things...

I love, love our soaking tub, it is a glorious place to be after a long day spent outside 

tending to our yard and Vegetable Garden.

Do you know that I have not used a shovel or hoe in several years, talk about a good arm 


Followed by a relaxing evening on our back patio.

Enjoying the sweet scents of Spring.

Our breakfast nook with a view and perhaps even having the opportunity to see some 

sweet bunnies or even a coyote stroll by.

Decorating a little here.

And here.

And there.

And loving, and living in Texas.

Thank you once again for joining us all, we just love that you took the time from your busy 

schedules to do so!

Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the Thoughts Of Home Thursday #4

Spring Giveaway, can't wait to see you!

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  1. I know you are having fun nesting in your beautiful new home. Love all your fresh cut flowers and the spring touches you've added about your home. Thanks for organizing the hop. Success!

  2. What glorious spring images! That tree is just incredible. May your home be filled with spring delights.

  3. Jemma, your house is beautiful. I love your front door. Spring is so evident in your pretty touches throughout .

  4. Your home is beautiful! I'm so happy to have you in Rockwall. It's just been an added bonus in life to become friends with you. ♥

  5. Hello Jemma! It's nice to meet you. Your home is just lovely! I adore the front door...it's beautiful. Love all your pretty Spring touches!

  6. Hi Jemma, I just love all that you have done in your new home starting right at the entrance. It is such a joy and inspiration. I love a schmear technique on the bricks and would love to redo mine here, but can't seem to get hubby on board with that just yet. haha. Every room is stunning my friend. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a glorious Texas springtime.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! We do have a few things in common it seems...the Hill Country influences and fresh flowers. :) Your home is stunning and I know you're having such a fun time decorating and just simply enjoying it!


  8. Hi Jemma,
    I love walking through your stunning home, it inspires me to try new things with my "Tiny Cottage". You have a fabulous space and really great soil for your vegetable garden, I will look forward to watching your progress. It is so much fun sharing the Bluebonnet Hop with you!
    Happy Spring!
    Miz Helen

  9. I so enjoyed taking a tour of your beautiful home, Jemma. It seems we have a common love of taking a soothing bath. Your porch just oozes with country charm to welcome your family and friends.

  10. I love a stone house, and yours is very pretty, indeed. I remember visiting Texas at the end of March many years ago and being stunned to come over a hill to see a sea of Blue Bonnets. What a gorgeous colour they are!

  11. I am in love with the bunny pillow on the wicker chair! Your new home already looks so cozy and welcoming. I know you are enjoying it.

  12. What fun to decorate your new home. All of my furniture retailer is old too. I hang on to the memories of the pieces. Sheila

  13. Hi Jemma! What a lovely home you have! Beautiful spring inspiration! I am sure you love your house and look forward to showing us more!

  14. Hi Jemma, your home is so lovely. You waited a while to have this beautiful dream home and I am very happy for you. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for sharing Texas with us. xo

  15. Your new home is lovely, Jemma and I just love watching you feather it and settle in!! :)

  16. Your home is gorgeous, and it shows how family-oriented you are. I loved the Texas Hill Country!

  17. Your new home is beautiful, Jemma!

  18. Oh Jemma, your home is so wonderful, and I see you added a bit of color in your d├ęcor, which I loved. I have been looking for a table just like your white one to put my holiday stuff on. Can I ask where you got that? Your entryway is so cool with the wood flooring and the charming door. And I noticed your gorgeous hutch in the background, I love that! The front of your home looks very nice with the chair and the hat and the potted plants. Yes, I've heard of the Bluebonnet, and all my Texas friends talk about them from time to time. I just love you Texas gals - you inspire me with your energy and zest for life!

    love, ~Sheri

  19. Love your beautiful home. The colors work so well to create a flow between rooms.

  20. What a lovely home you have Jemma! Love that bunny pillow on near your front entry!

  21. Jemma,
    Your home is beautiful with the old bricks and Granbury stone. We used Granbury stone for our fireplace when we built our house 29 years ago. It was less expensive then than the Austin stone we had on our little 1100 square foot house in Austin. When I added stone to my backyard garden shed a couple of years ago, I used another white hewn stone from Texas because the Granbury stone has gotten more expensive over the years. You will love your stone for years to come.


  22. Jemma,
    Everything looks lovely in your new home....but....that....tub!!!! I do love a good soak and that tub is to die for! I love your pretty little spring touches everywhere. I am amazed by the beautiful details in your home and the old look is so warm and cozy looking. Wishing you lots of happy days in that beautiful home of yours! xo

  23. Your new home is gorgeous. I love the floors...they are my favorite.

  24. Dear, dear Jemma! I am late, and I apologize! This has been a busy week of conferences and planning. But I am snuggled into my chair here on Saturday morning and enjoying this tour!

    What grand photos you share today! I am seeing things I've never seen before; that amazing entrance way is DIVINE!!! Your door and the floors, the closeup of the brick and beautifully styled flower pots and garden goodies. All so welcoming of spring and dreams.

    Well my friend, I wish we had blue bonnets here, but we have our share of blue delphiniums that will soon grace our parks and gardens. Wishing you a fabulous DAY!!!!! Anita

  25. I enjoyed touring your home which is indeed lovely. Flowers do make us happy don't they? You have a gift of decorating and don't worry about a lack of rugs. Truly, they get dirty quickly.I thought I had to have a foyer rug and then realized it was soiling easily so I pulled it up especially in the summer when we are in and out more. I put it back in the winter.
    Just a note of humor. My DIL laid down in a bluebonnet field for a gorgeous photo but she got poison ivy! I'm going back to your post now for a second look.

  26. Your home is beautiful! I still miss the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush in the spring. I tried planting some here in Alabama, but it just didn't translate... We will be visiting Texas pretty soon, and I look forward to experiencing a lot of the things I have missed.

  27. The facade of your new home is so welcoming and warm. What a great treatment with the bricks and stone ... a little new, a little old. You know this home is going to be a wonderful gathering place for your family as all your treasures unfold gently into their space. The flowers tucked here and there are such a beautiful touch. Don't you think you this is the best time of year to move into your home? Now you can enjoy the awakening of springtime all around you. I'm still curious as to what you put on the ceiling of your porch. Did you go with the haint blue or natural wood? Thank you for sharing the lovely glimpses into your home. My apologies for not being around at all the last couple of weeks (this week is not looking any better blog-wise!). I hope you have a wonderful day and that your week ahead is not too strenuous on the arms & back out there in the garden patch ;)
    Wendy xox

  28. It is so cool to see how you are decorating your new home, Jemma! I know your are finding happiness and contentment doing this, after all, you had a long wait. And you are really talented in putting together a warm and lovely home. And the fun part is how we evolve and make subtle changes over time. I see a lot of beauty coming from your blog within the next few weeks! And once I get back in that lakehouse, I can't wait to share with you and several other new followers/friends.


  29. Your home is fabulous and all of your pictures are lovely.

  30. Your home is fabulous and all of your pictures are lovely.


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