Raspberry & Almond Cake

March 13, 2016
Momma always baked for family and friends, it was her way of making them feel special 

and welcomed to our home.

Whenever "company," was coming into town she always assembled her best recipes

together, freshened up her linens and got her best pots and pans altogether

Thankfully she passed this ceremonial gene onto me, because now I do the same.

The best part of it all is that I enjoy preparing it and hopefully my family and friends enjoy 

eating it!


This past week we had my hubby's 83 year old Dad and his sister from Mississippi come 

for a little family visit. 

They drove those long 10 hours and arrived safe and sound.

We enjoyed seeing them so much and I baked a couple of desserts in honor of their arrival.

Back tracking a bit here, I felt as though I needed some new cookbooks.

I do have a gloriously delightful collection of cookbooks that I really do need to show you all 


One dates way back to 1895, it is the Presidential Cookbook.

I need a cookbook or two that focuses more on fresh eating, especially since I planted the 

new garden and all. 

Which I will be giving you an update on it's progress this week, with all of the rain it has 

flourished and I do believe that I could watch it grow.

So, Debbie, over at Mountain Mama recommended some books a bit ago.
I thought one of them looked so good, Summer Food.
Presto, I ordered it and start cooking out of it too!

I am always looking for tips in the kitchen and I have a little tip I would like to share with you.

You know I just love to cook from scratch.

Well, one year I made one of our daughter's a fresh key lime for her Birthday and squeezed every tiny lime by hand to get fresh lime juice.
I think the bag held fifty of them...true story.

Back to the tips- did you know that having a can of prepared frosting on hand is a lifesaver.
It can make a real difference in the presentation of your dessert and if you are short on time, well why not use a smidgen....smiles.

We highly recommend this recipe, that is, my sister-in-law and I do.

She said it even tasted better the next day-enjoy my friends!


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  1. Oh yum, raspberries and almonds! This sounds delicious Jemma! I'll have to give it a try! Looks so pretty too! Sounds like you had a nice visit!!! Have a good week!

  2. Looks yummy dear Jemma. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness, this cake looks delicious, Jemma. I wish I had a piece to go with my tea right now. I love hearing stories about your sweet mom. Mothers do so much for their families, and it's nice to hear about who they were and how they lived. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Sounds yummy and I will have to try it. Thanks so much for the recipe.
    Have a great week.

  5. Jemma I imagine your guests feel embraced with love and nurtured by your attention and care from the moment they arrive to that final hug goodbye. Recipe looks so yummy I love raspberries, thanks for always including your recipes.

  6. I can consume basket fulls of fresh raspberries and your photos are making me want some today! And your gorgeous photos showing the process of this lovely dessert! Jemma dearest, I bet you are the grandest hostess! Having fun dearest? I KNOW YOU ARE!!!!!! Have a super week! Anita

  7. Hello Jemma, your cake looks delicious. Thanks for the tips and or sharing the recipe.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  8. This looks delicious! How great to have family visit in your new home!

  9. This one looks so fresh with all the fresh fruit...Yum!!

  10. The cake looks so good, thanks for sharing the recipe! Raspberries are my favourite berries :) Nice that you had some family in for a visit, and I'll bet you made them feel like royalty!

  11. Oh My Friend this is scrumptious. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Perfect for Easter and springtime. Love anything with fresh fruit. Have a wonderful new week. xo

  12. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious!

  13. Thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious!

  14. This is definitely something I would make! I love baking goodies like this. Thank you!

  15. I give anything with raspberries a thumbs up! This looks great, Jemma!

  16. I'm here for thanking you so much for all the lovely comments you always leave on my blog, sweetest friend of mine, and here I find such a wonderful recipe !
    I do love cakes and pies, I love to make them and to eat them, as well !!!
    I'm taking note while thanking you again and again,
    sending love and dear hugs to you across the Ocean

  17. I just love raspberries ... and strawberries.

    All the best Jan

  18. Oh it sounds so good! And it looks pretty too! Yummy!

  19. Sounds delicious, Jemma! I have a lot of cookbooks, too, but my favorite recipes to try come more and more from my favorite bloggers.....wink, wink!

    Warm hugs,

  20. Such a lovely dessert to prepare for your special guests. They did travel quite a distance to visit you.
    You are quite the hostess making them a special dessert.nnthe new cookbook sounds wonderful. I love cookbooks. I could sit there and browse all day, but I want to see pictures included. Thanks for sharing a sweet cake. Xoxo

  21. That look delicious! My mom also showed love by baking.. mainly pies. To me a chocolate cream pie will always make me think of mom. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Looks delicious. Saving the recipe! Sheila

  23. Jemma, this dessert looks delightful. How precious to have your family come and spend some time with you. My grandmother always loved to bake but was really funny was when my grandfather decided one day that he was going to make sour cream pound cakes from scratch. Well, he did and they was out of this world! When he began baking my grandmother never baked another pound cake. He was a builder by trade so he would tell me at times..."gotta get in the kitchen baby. I gotta pound cake to build! So many sweet memories in the kitchen. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. Thanks for the mention, my sweet friend, and your cake looks just fabulous!! Glad you're enjoying Sweet Paul's book!

  25. Oh Joyce- you are such a gracious hostess.
    And those desserts are beautiful.
    What I think is especially sweet is that u do what your mother did.

    Enjoyed visiting,


  26. Oh Jemma, you had me at Raspberry!! I adore anything with raspberries, and thanks for sharing this yummy coffeecake recipe.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!! ☘

  27. OH WOW! that looks so good. I'm always looking for a good dessert recipe and I love that you can eat this for breakfast. At least I would :D Thank you for sharing!

  28. This dessert looks and sounds so good.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe to make it with us at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the weekend and we hope to see you again.

  29. This looks pretty and sounds tasty!

    I would LOVE for you join and share this at my DIY and Recipes FB Group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

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