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Molly Turns Three

February 10, 2016
We celebrated our little Molly's third Birthday this past weekend, I cannot believe how fast 

time goes by, and I think it goes by faster the older we become.

Why is that?

I remember being a child playing in the warm Idaho sunshine wondering at times why the 

days were so long.

Who would I play with , where could we go, and would I ever grow up.

Do you recall those feelings too?


Molly is my three old granddaughter and I spent precious moments with her and my 

daughter this weekend in Edmond Oklahoma.

One word for time spent with my Molly DELIGHTFUL!!!

Sweet and simple felt heart wreath welcomes me into their home, along with a big hug, kisses and the best words in the world whispered in my ear.

"I love you Mimi."

My heart melts like a snowman on a sunny day.

Three year old's are  much like a mixture of vanilla pudding mixed with cayenne pepper 

served in a gloriously multifaceted crystal bowl.

Three year old's try their parents patience, but not a Mimi's.

Mimi's eyes have seen the passage of time, watched the trees blossoms and the leaves 

wither and fade...

With the gift of time on a grandparent's side our wrinkled brows and eyeglass clad eyes see 

only the magic in those persnickety, delightful, energetic youthful and pure spirits.

Molly runs with the breeze, it barely catches her, as her black patent shoes dance just 

above the ground.

Magic... pure magic...

Love...pure love.

Of a Mimi and her grandchild.

Delight swirls around her world like whip cream topped on a piece of cherry pie.

Wonder collides with innocence on a February day.

Love One Another As I Have Loved You.
~John 13:34

Happy Birthday twinkle toes, I love you!

I think February might just be my new favorite month.


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  1. The greatest commandment of all. And children are a great example of the purity of living. Their play, their search for meaning, their imagination, their crystal clear, transparent selves to allow the world to see the human struggle to love, be loved and survive. SHE IS PRECIOUS my friend!

  2. Happy birthday to your precious little Molly! I know exactly that grandma love you're speaking of. What a blessing these little ones are! Love your photos.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. What a sweetie! I feel the same about Chloe, my 4 year old granddaughter! Such a delight for us as grandparents to capture all the magic of them when they are young.

  4. Happy Birthday Molly! You are so beautiful like a doll.
    Dear Jemma, I am happy for you and it can understand.
    Much love and hugs... Dorothea :-) Have a nice day!

  5. Lovely sentiments for this time of year. Your grandaughter is adorable!

  6. Awe Jemma, your precious Molly is Delightful indeed. She is beautiful like her Mimi. Such precious and sweet times being a grandparent isn't it? I would not TAKE anything for aging gracefully to see and spend time with my grandbabies. I love them so much! Love your Valentine decor and the verse is perfect! I am currently teaching on What Love Is and that has been one of my key verses. Have a great day Jemma. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. Dont you wish you could just freeze her right now and let her stay this age? It was my favorite age of my children! I wish my little fellow aquarian a wonderful birthday!

  8. Hello Jemma! Lovely post and Happy Birthday to your sweet Molly. She is adorable. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  9. She's just as cute as can be! I loved this age when my kids were so young. Looks like a fun day was had!

  10. So darling! You have a beautiful granddaughter! Sheila

  11. Such a sweet post! I loved it! ❤️

  12. Wonderful post!! My grands are so delightful and the heart of me now!!

  13. A truly perfect post for someone precious!

  14. Such cute descriptions of your sweetie pie ;) Three years old ... wow! She looks like a real whirlwind. So glad you enjoyed your time together and got all caught up.
    "Twinkle toes" was my mom's name for me ... ha ha! and she called me Twink for many years.

  15. Happy Birthday to little Molly, Jemma. These pictures are precious of her running around having fun on her birthday. The pink and red felt wreath is so cute. Love, indeed, is one of the greatest gifts of all......and children are always so quick to love.


  16. I love this post, Jemma. You are very poetic and have a perfect way with words. I remember feeling the same as you when I was a child---the days and weeks were endless!

    Molly is beautiful! I can tell she is a delight for everyone. I'm glad you were able to spend her special day with her!


  17. Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable! I am so glad that you got to travel to OK to spend her birthday with her. I hope and pray that I am blessed with at least one grandchild "someday". I can see from my friends what an absolute blessing and joy they are.

  18. Jemma loved this post! Molly is adorable and I was taken right back in time to when my Grands were that innocent precious age. Children learn how to lie between 4-5 so you're enjoying a very sweet age. Love from them is pure and simple, nothing expected, nothing asked for.

    Thank you for taking me back on a stroll down memory lane with my Grands.

  19. Jemma,
    What a wonderful post that your beautiful granddaughter may one day read when she is much older and recall the love you two shared.

    As a math teacher, I have an idea about why time seems to fly the older we get. Consider this: When we are 1 year old, a month is 1/12 of our lives, but when we are 10 years old, that same time of one month is now 1/120 of our lives, then when we are 50 years old, one month is 1/600 of our lives. The longer we live, the smaller each unit of time is for our whole lives. One year is 1/10 of a ten year-old life, but one year is 1/50 of a 50 year-old life. What do you think? Does this make any sense to you about why time moved so slowly when we were little, but flies by at jet-speed now that we are older?


  20. Your little Molly is so adorable, and looks so much like her Mimi! She sounds very much like our little Avery who just turned 5. They are so very precious at that age, and you are so right, Ninas and Mimis see it all through eyes wide open to the wonder of those sweet little people. So glad you got to share her birthday, and thank you for sharing with us!

    Warm hugs,

  21. So beautiful, Jemma! What a gift she is you. You captured her essence beautifully in this post. You are so right, time does go by faster each year. I'm wanting to savor each day. Lovely post. :)
    xx, Heather

  22. Ah, Jemma, this is just so beautifully-written. Your little Molly is as cute as a button :) What a wonderful thing to be a "Mimi" :)

  23. She is precious, and she is so blessed to have you as her grandmother.
    This was beautifully written Joyce!

  24. Happy Birthday to little Mollie! She's a cutie! - Beautiful post.

  25. She's absolutely adorable, the perfect little Valentine :)

  26. She's absolutely adorable, the perfect little Valentine :)

  27. This post is filled with such love and joy. And what an adorable little girl! I love the hearts and smiles. Yes, boatloads of love -- what a wonderful celebration!

  28. Your grand daughter looks charming, I'm sure she has you wrapped around her little finger!


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