Decorating Your Way-Good For The Soul

January 18, 2016
Sharing some thoughts and snippets of our home today.
I am not sharing to influence, tout or set as an example.
I am not a decorator-I am a simple woman who has been blessed with a forgiving and loving God, good family and supportive friends.
I am in one word thankful.
I am sharing thoughts and photos today, because it has taken me a very long time to realize that through the journey of life it is important to create an environment for ourselves that comforts, inspires, and soothes the weary soul.

Defining your own decorating style and discovering your sense of self, is therapeutic.
Just like the animals in the forest, "going home," is a safe and soothing feeling.

These nourishing elements which we have placed in our home will help our delicate souls to thrive.
Thriving souls are happy souls, surround yourself with gentle inspiration.

Living and life are a blessing, and you know,  it is not easy for any of us.
What you often see on the outside, is not what is happening on the inside.
Each one of has our battles, even if no one sees them.

How can we possibly grow without trials and tribulations?

Defining our own personal style will help to ground us in those moments and hours of personal storms.
We will find comfort in those treasures. whether it be a work of art, a book, a keepsake from a friend or family member.

We grow so much when we are forced to look within.
We should never fear this growth, even the hurts, because as we come out on the other side of the anguish, we will have grown so much stronger.
A better version of our former self, with so much clarity and inner strength.

There are many opportunities in life to surround ourselves with moments of comfort.
Some tangible, others not so much.
Please notice them and use them, they are good for our soul.

Allowing our creature comforts; our home, well worn bed, cozy sofa, special chair to surround us and calm the whirlwinds in our minds.
Many of our collections have taken a lifetime to acquire and they should be savoured.
It is not the immediate gratification, which brings us joy and beauty.

True joy, grace and beauty is found in those delicate, fleeting moments of cherishing, refining, thinking, writing, reading and meditating.
It is in these twilight moments that we have the gift of discovering who we really are.

You know,decorating a home is more than simply dashing to a store, and purchasing a picture or buying a pillow.

Decorating and creating a home is an art, an expression of love, it grows from the heart and blooms through our souls.

No matter our style, or our decorating passion, we should always embrace it, own it and live our lives with passion.

Decorate our own way, with gusto and joy!
Trends come, trends go, but what speaks to our soul lasts a lifetime.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

Please Join Me~

Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cozy Little House


Love Of Home


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  1. Lovely words, Jemma and so very wise.

    1. Keeping with a mindset of simple and focusing on what really matters.
      Thank you, Kim.

  2. This is such a sweet post. Your home is beautiful.

    1. Life has so many unexpected turns and upheavals, so blessed to have a cozy nest to call home:) thank you.

  3. It's easy to see that you are putting your touch on your beautiful new home. Isn't it fun to find the perfect spots for old and new treasures?!

    1. Ellis,
      I am taking it slow and yet at the same time the process seems to be flying by.
      I wish it would slow down, I am enjoying the "honeymoon," phase of our new home:)

  4. Every word, so true! Love your simple and yet, beautiful way of decorating! Our home is our little slice of heaven, isn't it?

    1. Nancy,
      Yes, indeed, our homes are a little slice of heaven, our sanctuary here on earth!

  5. You are so right. I hope that your own tribulations are not too great. xx

    1. Amy,
      Not many tribulations since the new year rolled around!

  6. I sure wish I could write like YOU! I was trying to convey this in my post today but you are so much more eloquent! And I know you are enjoying your beautiful new home! Hugs!

    1. I wish I could sew like YOU! We are both on the same wave length, it must me in the air! I like it, seems we are all ready for a great new year!

  7. Jemma,
    I'm sitting here nodding my head with your every word. All I can add is decorating, feathering your nest is also about collecting over time, things that recall memories and are cherished. Personally I often feel so many people believe in their mind "that if only I had this I'd be happy". Amen sister Virgo!

  8. Jemma, I have been looking for a rooster just like this with a touch of RED. I love this one. You have said in such a lovely way what home means to you. It is a safe place to go for all of us, and it is the place that brings most of us peace. The bunches of purple flowers are sweet sitting there on your kitchen table. And the cherub is precious. All the comforts of home..... I'm so very thankful for them. Your home is a lovely expression of you, Jemma, and I'm glad to share the joy of your new home right along with you.

    love, ~Sheri

  9. Oh Jemma, you summed it up beautifully! I just left Chloe's post at Celebrate and Decorate and she was talking about decorating her new home and finding her style. This was the perfect place to visit after that. Thank you so much!

  10. Jemma, your beautiful home is a example of who you are.
    How wonderful for you and for us!


  11. Lovely inspiring post, Jemma - thank you for this bit of peace in my busy day. xoxoxo

  12. Loving your post, Jemma! Truer words were never spoken and I tried throughout my career in Interior Design to impart those feelings to my clients. The only ones they needed to please were heck with the rules!!

    My home has been my refuge the past 9 1/2 months, since my husband left. I have found great comfort here, even though I've been busier and doing things I never thought I would ever be doing. I decorate in a way that pleases my senses and soothes my soul. I'm certain my puppies love it too!

    Jan ♥

  13. Beautiful and inspiring post sweet friend. Your home is lovely and you are creating a special place. Our homes reflect who we are. Our loves, hopes, dreams and the journey we are on all within the spaces we live. Peace and comfort comes from having a place to call home. Thankful for each new day to enjoy the gift of home with our loved ones.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. Blessings to you dear one for a wonderful week. xo

  14. Very beautiful Jemma! Yes, I agree; decorate your own way. We want our homes to be a reflection of the things we love and want to come home to!

  15. Good morning my beloved friend! I seemed to have missed this GORGEOUS piece you share with us, and I agree with you 100% and this is why:

    He is the creator of all creators, therefore, we MUST create. We were designed to make life, to live it in a way that promotes more life and whatever we do, we produce. To produce goodness, happiness, safety, let us do it in His name. BRAVO!

    I can't wait to work with you! And I love all the vignettes you share. That lavender basket....oh how gorgeous! Now, off to work.

  16. Jemma, no truer words have been spoken! Creating our space is not about trying to outdo the neighbor or next is surrounding ourselves with those things that bring us comfort, happiness, peace and contentment. I think contentment with our home is something that is the hardest to achieve! Wonderful post! Love and hugs to you!

  17. Dear Jemma, I'm back, my computer problem hopefully fixed by my son, my tech problem solver. Evidently with google chrome, something called a shockwave flash had to be installed or cleaned up or something that I don't understand. And I wondered why so many of my comments on blogs were moving sluggishly or not at all!

    Such a gentle, sweet, thought provoking post, Jemma. I'm glad you reminded us that most of us go through personal storms--and they're there in others lives even if we don't see them. It does so behoove us to be kind. And that God for the comfort and solace that our homes give us during these times!

    I love nothing better than puttering around the house in these dark cold winter days with snow headed our way. And living authentically in our own home, the place that shelters us, is so rewarding. I'm thankful for the ideas that blogs and magazines spark and yet I must always remind myself to be authentic to my own self.

    I love the lavender colors in quiet corners of your home, Jemma.


  18. Lovely post! Decorating is one of my passions and it does do the soul good when you get a room or vignette just the way you want it. I have become a homebody because I love my surroundings.

  19. What lovely thoughts, Jemma. You are right that life is not easy for any of us - despite what outward appearances may show to people. I am thankful that my home is my refuge and place of comfort. I hope you are enjoying the pleasures of setting up your new home and starting to make beautiful memories there with your family.

  20. Beautiful post. You are so right, we all need a peace where peace and calm reigns. A place that comforts and sustains us when the storms of life are blowing. I appreciate you and the things you value....

  21. You and I share a decorating philosophy, Jemma. This was a lovely post.

  22. This is the exact reason why I don't go to Home Goods for a client and fill their home up with accessories in one fell swoop! I guide them on how to curate for themselves or i ask for loves and hobbies and travels that they would like to be surrounded by, because in the end you have to live and love your own home!

  23. Jemma, I just adore this post and your sweet words. Melted my heart this morning as I read them. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  24. Such a lovely post to contemplate on for the start of a new day, filled with possibilities.

    Decorating with things we love is fulfilling in a way many do not understand. Indeed, many think of a house simply as a house, not a home. Just a place to hang your hat...but we know better ;).

    You seem to have brought beauty and charm into your new home at lightening speed Jemma! Whatever it is you have for breakfast, I want some.


  25. Beautiful post! I agree whole heartily! I guess that is why I like thrifting. I like different, not the same ole same ole, things that speak to me, things with history even if I don't know what the history is. Mostly I like to decorate with things that give me a sense of quiet. I guess that's why I like neutrals so much. I helped my SIL paint her bathroom last summer. We painted it Pepto-bismal Pink. She said she wanted it to sing to her in the mornings.. not my style but I get it. I want my rooms more like a library, interesting but let's all try to be quiet :) You have a wonderful way with words Jemma! I really loved this!

  26. Beautiful post! I agree whole heartily! I guess that is why I like thrifting. I like different, not the same ole same ole, things that speak to me, things with history even if I don't know what the history is. Mostly I like to decorate with things that give me a sense of quiet. I guess that's why I like neutrals so much. I helped my SIL paint her bathroom last summer. We painted it Pepto-bismal Pink. She said she wanted it to sing to her in the mornings.. not my style but I get it. I want my rooms more like a library, interesting but let's all try to be quiet :) You have a wonderful way with words Jemma! I really loved this!

  27. Wisdom of the house, and wisdom of his word.
    Each room is a reflection in how we live, and how each room is pleasing to him.
    Never over doing it, but clean, organized and in agreement with how it reflects who we are and who we serve.
    I loved that you stated its not about dashing to a store to find a pillow or something.... I agree, I never buy to fill space, I buy pieces with a message for my space and home, one of peacefulness and a calming effect of ahead history. It's in Those pieces I most connect to soulfully. Something with gravity that pulls me in and holds me there. I am know to pass on pieces to others who love them and replace with another great find, never over doing one thing in my home, or buying into the mass market of trendy design pieces.

    I find much interest in homes that hold onto pieces that add value to their lives in a simple manner, and nudge one to hold on to a good memorie to has what it added to their lives when the piece was purchased or passed down from a family member of a dear friend.
    I personally don't surround myself with store bought pieces on a whole, I love to find a piece at a tag sale, thrift shop, yard sale and give it a new image. No guilt these days when I find another piece to takes it place.
    I would design a model home and spend developers money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the pieces of beauty never held much value other then to sell homes, sad to say, these wonderful piece with then be sold off and the price and value went down due to a model home sale.
    I now enjoy saving a bit of our land fills with salvaging what is found before it's totally junked out. Then adding new memories to a piece reimaged, re-loved, and known to be useful, and beautiful.

    Your home is simply beautiful, and full of love.
    I know you love your home, and it loves you right back.

    Inspiring words here.

  28. Your words ring so true, Jemma. And indeed, spot on when you say decorating is more than going to the store and buying a pillow. Surrounding ourselves with things with love, that mean something, that make us happy -- whether they are completely unique or even trite -- is what counts to make a house a home. You do it so well and say it just as perfectly.

  29. Hello Jemma, great post! You do have a lovely way with words. Your home is beautifully decorated. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  30. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post on SYC. Jo

  31. What a beautifully written post, Jemma, and very insightful and reflective. Loved it!

  32. This is such a beautiful post, Jemma. I enjoyed reading it!

  33. Jemma, I agree! I believe that we are to be creators of beauty, that is unique to each of us. Not that we can't be inspired, I am inspired by my Creator every day, but to make our homes a reflection of us/our families.

    Thanks for you post!


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