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October 16, 2015
Once we purchased our lot in Rockwall Texas and truly committed to building our French Country home, I knew in my heart that I longed for it to be a sanctuary for our family and ourselves. 
I tend to be a joyful dreamer and I was imagining great family gatherings, picnics in the backyard and grandchildren laughing and dancing with lighting bugs and butterflies.
I just knew in my heart that only a house is made of wood, brick and stone. 
But a home is a entirely another story.

Houses, just like people, come in all sizes, shapes, ages, colors and styles.
But homes represent different things to different folks.

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You may live in a mansion, bungalow, apartment, townhouse, houseboat or penthouse.
It really does not matter, because until you put your stamp on it, and claim this space 
as your own, you can fluff it and puff it, but until you really emotionally own it, it is still
just space.

stone, brick, french, country, custom, home
From the moment we met with the architect, I told him I wanted my home to "feel," like an Old Home, a home with a heart. 
I want my home to be synonymous with Tradition.
I want the walls and floors to wrap themselves around all who enter and offer gentle comfort.
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A traditional  home for me is more than style.
It is where I toss a linen tablecloth on the dining room table and put out the good china every single Sunday.
I am returning back to the warm, fuzzy feelings of tradition.
Remember how most of us grew up with those traditions?

homemaker, custom, home, texas, builder, french, country

I want for my home to feel like I have stepped through a secret door into another era.
A place where the garden grows, and bluebirds sings.

homemaker, gardening, decorating, texas, custom, home

Where I am hanging bright white sheets on the clothes line, and they are whipping in the wind, framed by an endless Texas blue sky sort of day.

homaking, homemaker, gardening, decorating, kitchen, decor, french, white, cabinets

A rich, and savory stew is simmering on the burner, while a fresh apple pie is cooling on the window sill.

white, kitchen, granite, marble, custom decorating

I am going for the gusto of tradition, embracing the past, incorporating the Old Fashion way of living life, back into our lives.

cherry, pie, country, french, living, style

I am going to have Cosmos, daisies and roses growing in my garden and vases brimming with those very flowers on my tables and desks.

athomewithejemma, homemaker, gardener, market, gardening,

Yes, I am I going to reignite the glory of the days gone by, when a home was a symbol of all the love, nurturing, and care that one could fill it with.

Texas, French, Country, Style, Home, Decor, Gardening

You know how 50 is the new 40, etc...well I am proclaiming that Tradition is the new Trend!

Building, custom, home, french, country, rockwall, texas

Hopefully this will be our forever home, but one never knows for certain.

The older I get the more I know that life is always changing and if we are to live our best life we must be willing to change too.

This is our home, a home where love grows, and where I can be proud to say 
my home is a symbol of tradition.

If your walls could speak, what would you want them to say about your home?

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  1. So beautifully put, Jemma. No matter what the size of our home is or our decorating style, home is where love grows. I bet there will be a lot of love growing in yours. xo Laura

  2. Lovely...

    Now if only the trend to tradition, could encompass a trend to not having more rooms, than are really, really needed... When building new homes.

    A trend away from McMansions. Homes built large, just because people can afford to build large. And even though not McMansions. Even new regular homes. Simply having-to-have more room and rooms, than are really necessary. Wish this tradition would kick in.

    Not the Tiny Home thing! No! Those are just a silly, silly fad. I mean people-size-homes. Just right size people homes. :-)


  3. Your new home is so beautiful, Jemma. But it will be even more beautiful with all your loving touches and your warmth and grace. I love my home simply because this is where we've lived for 25 years and raised our family. It is a small, modest home that still needs a lot of updating, but I do my best to keep it pretty, cozy, comfortable, clean, welcoming to friends and family, and a safe haven from the stresses of the outside world.

  4. Your forever home is gorgeous and I love, love, love those bricks on the outside - if they are called bricks - stones - I have never seen that before. I know your home is going to be beautiful - because everything you do is beautiful. And I am not just saying that. I mean it.

  5. Oh, Jemma, this was beautifully put! You're so right, no matter what our houses look like, it's 'us' who make them home! Your forever home is so beautiful and I'm so proud for you and can't wait to see you get in and share it all with us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. I LOVED this! I'm glad you've said "out loud" that you enjoy the simple, traditional things in life.The style of this post reminds me of the signs that you see everywhere now, listing the good things in life. Simple pleasures. And your parting remark that "Tradition is the new trend" works for me too ;) Your home is building up nicely Jemma. Now, what was your architect's reaction when you told her all of this?
    Wendy x

  7. I enjoy the simple things and the rituals of home too. Love the stone on your new home. xoxo Su

  8. Hello, Jemma! Wonderful post and words. I am looking forward to seeing your new home finished. And I am sure you will love your new forever home. Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Your new home is coming along nicely. I love the design with all of the stonework and arches. Tradition is very important. I adore how you are embracing this and making this home your forever home. xo

  10. You are living my dream.. building a nice lovely home just for you. The stone and design are so fairy-tale to me. You are very lucky and I look forward to watching you "feather your nest". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Jemma, your new home sounds like the one that I grew up with, with all the traditions that my mom had and passed down to us. It is such a delight to see your new home being built, even if it is not yet completed. I love the to see the craftsmanship that's going into a home, maybe because my husband has been in the business his whole life. It's nice to see something being created from the ground up. I just know you will provide comfort and joy and love to all your family who come into your home. What a wonderful post this is with heartwarming words. If only we could talk someday, I would share with you all the traditions that my mom had and the same ones that I've embraced with my children. Jemma, you are a dear woman, and your dream is coming true for you.

    love, ~Sheri

  12. I love your post, Jemma. Your new home is going to be lovely!!

  13. You said it perfectly! That is what my home is to me.....a place of tradition and love and memories. I want my home to be remembered by my grandchildren the way I remember my Ga's home.

  14. Jemma, your new home is so beautiful and I cannot wait to see all of your lovely touches! Traditions....it seems that everyone wants to pull away from those these days, but most of mine are still firmly planted! What a wonderful post! Love and hugs my sweet friend!!

  15. Jemma,
    Your new home is going to be all of those things! How lovely! I look forward to seeing not only the inside but the outside as well.....You and your growing family will cherish all the memories made in your new home!!!

  16. What a beautiful and thought provoking post. It's what makes us smile in our homes that make the good memories that our children and grandchildren will remember. Your home is looking beautiful.


  17. I can't imagine any house where you live to be anything less than filled with love, grace and tradition.

    Now if MY walls could speak they would emphatically ask me to please stop dancing nekkid. :/

  18. You could make any place home and anyone feel welcome. Every home we have lived in has been filled with warm meals, homemade treats, and endless love to make us grow. You're one in a million.

  19. Sweetly said Jemma! I am so excited for you and this new home you will be nesting in!

  20. Jemma...this is so beautifully written and I can see from your photos and words that you have very definite ideas and an innate sense of how you want to make our new home feel. It's going to be everything you've dreamed of because you've built it on dreams and solid thoughts and ideas. Good for you.

    I think Stacey's question could be fodder for a sort of link up party...everyone has a favorite part of their home and it changes week after week and season after season sometimes. Food for thought!

    Jane x

  21. Darling Jemma, I missed this last night as I was away from the computer, but this is so special. We have been waiting to see how your final project is coming along, and here it is. But it's more than gorgeous stone. It's about the planning and sketching out of ideas. Ideas will always be a part of what we do, make, become. I agree with you 100%. I have my own take on what home is, very similar to yours, and I need to get it written down somewhere, but all I can say right now is that your estate is going to be a memorable and fascinating place to PLAY, LIVE, GIVE and record memories that will be passed on. BRAVO for all your patience to bring this magnificent house to fruition! BIG HUGS my dear friend! Anita

  22. Your home is going to be so beautiful, Jemma! I know it's going to be such a true reflection of you.....beautiful from the inside out! I would hope that my home would welcome, with open arms, all our family and friends, and make them feel they are truly cherished here.

  23. It's beautiful before it's even finished. And any place you live will instantly become a home. What would my apartment say about me: that I cherish a cozy space above all else in a home.

  24. Dear Jemma, this was just the post I needed to read before heading for bed. It was just lovely and real. The things you've written about here are good stuff, stuff that counts and lasts and challenges.

    I feel certain that your house and your home will surround you with the gifts to bring about your heart's desire. And that those who enter this house will feel nurtured and loved.

    The groundwork has been laid.

    Bless you, sweet Jemma,

  25. My dad always said a house has to be a "home" to live in it. Yours will be gorgeous and I'm sure comfortable too. Looks like it's coming along beautifully!

  26. Aww, your so sweet to mention me. You know when I wrote that post it was a talking to for myself. We live in a large home that is truly beyond my dreams. However, I know it's not our forever home. It's just not...I can't wait to have that forever feeling you've described. Can't wait to meet up and see your gorgeous home.

  27. What an amazing home I am so excited for you!

  28. As everyone said before me, this was a beautiful heartfelt post. Your home could be nothing less than wonderful with a woman like you residing in it, my friend.

    What would my home say about me? "Hurry up and finish putting me back the way I was, so that I can comfort you and thank you." or... "Stopping putting holes in my walls to hang all your pictures!" Although, that's more what my mother would say to me LOL

    Also, I'm sorry to hear that you were going through so much lately with your kids. I hope everyone is doing well now.


  29. Tradition has never been a trend with me, it's been the way that I've lived my life from day one. There are the traditions of holidays, of family "treasures" -- some with monetary value, some simply sentimental. When I look at the things on my walls, on the shelves, the cupboards, the bookcases -- everything has a story. My Christmas tree is one giant visual biography. It makes me smile to hear how you are going to fill your new walls not just with things that are pretty but things with meaning and traditions that will be memorable forever. I can't wait to see it happen!

  30. Beautifully put!!! I loved this post and it speaks the language of my heart!!
    Blessings to you,
    another Texan

  31. Beautiful post. Warmed my heart.
    Jemma, You don't look old enough to have grandchildren. I thought you had little children of your own. I'm new to your blog I must have missed something.


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