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October 29, 2015
I just really want to reach out to all of the women today, and say I think that you are great!
You are amazing women, doing amazing things every single day of your lives.
You are the ladies that nurture the children, the husband, friends, parents and grandparents.

You are the volunteers, the worker bees,  the soldiers of society and you make the world go round.

I know that you are striving each, and every day to take care of everyone in your world.
That you are always putting someone's needs and cares above your own. 

Then you evaluate, critique and you put way too much pressure on yourself too.
So, stop and love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself and above all this-



Know that you are a star in the dark sky, and that your light shines brightly for those who love you, even if they don't tell you so.

There are many times our hearts long to hear those words of affirmation from our friends and family, but they never come.

But just because these words are not spoken, does not mean that they are not felt.
Know that you and you alone make a huge difference in many lives, without even knowing. 

However, and I do have to add this-why not make a difference in the lives of the women you love and who love you.
Reach out to them today and tell them that they matter to you and that you love them.
Can you imagine the difference this would make in all of our lives if each one of us did that today...

Then after you have made that call, sent that message, or wrote a note. 
Tell yourself "I love you too and you matter."

Leave me a message and let me know how you are sending love to yourself and some other woman today.

I will be sending a personal message back to each comment you leave here today.
You all are the best ever!


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  1. Beautiful, Jemma. Do you mind if I just forward your blog link to a couple of very special women in my life? I think you said it all, and so nicely.

    love you,

  2. I love ya, Jemma! I am so glad to have met you here online. I tell my women friends all the time that I love them. Some of them were quite uncomfortable with that in the beginning because we are not used to hearing that from another woman...but they do come One of them looked at me like I had grown a third head and then kind of burbled...wellll...then....I love you, too. lol
    Have a wonderful day and this is a wonderful message! xo Diana

  3. Hi Jemma, this is beautiful and the perfect post for the season when we as women begin doing tons of stuff for our family and friends. I am so thankful to have met you this year in blogland. I love you too and I live my life telling those around me that I love them. I never want to look back one day and realize I did not tell someone special how I felt about them. Time is so short and there are no do overs.
    Thank you for sharing and this beautiful and important post. I would like to save it for the future if that is okay?! Love and Blessings xo

  4. Wonderful post sweet lady. With teaching a Ladies Bible Study each week I find I have the opportunity a lot to reach out to many women in many different ways. But there is one thing I always tell them....Jesus loves you no matter what! There is no doubt in my mind that I love women....because God has given me that passion to serve women and to minister to them. Now....there is always one that tests me! LOL! This is a beautiful and sweet post and Jemma....I love you my friend. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. I cherish our long friendship & lovefest!! We have carried each other thru sunny days & dark storms & they all eventually pass.Thanks for being a beacon of light to so many! Love you bunches!! Laura

  6. What a wonderful post! I struggle with doing so much and not getting affirmation but I get over it because that is not why I am doing it. I do try to love myself often with little treats only I know make me happy! Good idea to forward your whole post. It is so well said!

  7. Thank you for a beautiful post of encouragement. It is important for us to encourage other women and take of ourselves in the process. A very important message for the coming very busy season...

  8. This is funny - we talked about that in Bible Study - my sister sent me an article about the same thing - and now your post! I think God is trying to tell me something - beautiful post.

  9. So lovely Jemma...and so you. Thank you very much for this thoughtful post. I will pass it on! Hugs to you.

  10. This is another great post, Jemma. You share your kind thoughtful words on so many topics so eloquently. I appreciate this one...especially when I've been feeling a little low. Probably that dang cold but you made me feel better anyway.

    Hugs to you,

    Jane x

  11. Dear, dear friend,

    I will leave you my note here: YOU have been a consistent source of joy, friendship and light to me since we "met" this summer. If I had not joined Instagram, we would not have crossed paths. This is a very important message for me today because the workplace is a situation where we women have to PROVE ourselves in ways beyond what I believe is meant for some of us. Not all of us (ME) can be star businesswoman, teachers, community leaders....but all of us DO WANT to serve to some capacity. Finding yourself and loving what you find is utmost. I found that out last Saturday when Ruben and I went to a poetry workshop. I wrote a quick poem that spoke directly to my heart. There is no way to survive this life unless you love your own first then love others.


  12. Ohhhh, Jemma. Lovely post and message. Well, yesterday I brought a gift of favorite items to a dear friend who was having a birthday. She collects gold cups, plates, etc. and I found a set of four demitasse cups and tiny saucers so I bought them for her. She loved them! Today, after reading your post, I'll try to think of ways to show others how much they are loved. Thanks, Jemma. And I love you and your sweet posts, too! You are a light in blogland! Susan

  13. This is so lovely and so very well written. You have made such a difference in my life, Jemma, and I love and thank you so much for being a truly kind and caring presence in my life. I feel so blessed to know you. I feel in my heart, that I have had a positive effect on many women's lives, because I've shared this scary journey that I am traveling right now. I will feel gratified even if my story has had a positive effect on only one other person. I am grateful to you for sharing your story with me and feel that it has had a very positive effect on how I have faced my own journey. Thank you, my friend!


  14. Thank you sweet friend for this much needed reminder. Sometimes we feel (at least I do), a bit taken for granted, or that I don't matter. But you're right. Maybe I'm a star in the sky for someone, as you are to so many.


  15. Hi Jemma, I am catching up! This is a lovely post to open the first thing on a Sunday morning and a timely one, too, as in a few hours I will be going to hear a friend who has been at seminary do her first sermon in town as a guest preacher. Attending her sermon is one way we can support her, let her know that we care about her choices and support her. As for loving myself, I always need a little bit of help with that one. But I keep trying to be gentle with myself and quiet the inner critic. And sometimes it works!

  16. Thanks for the inspiration jemma! Your writing is great. How important it is to stop by and let the people we love know of our love every so often- I know many of us forget to do that too much...thanks for the reminder!


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