Our Home-From Sticks

August 23, 2015
Have I mentioned that we just nearly have a house made out of sticks, it is true.

Did I  also mention that we are growing tired of our third floor apartment and that the heat is so wretched.

Also, I would like to mention that I am enjoying decorating our Apartment for Fall!

Totally amazed, enthused, anxious and maybe overwhelmed that our house went from 
a spot of earth to this.  There were twenty men working on preparing the home site for the foundation to be poured, these men work long hard hours and really know their craft.
Seeing is believing but wow, I am still having difficulty grasping that ten days ago our house was nothing more than cement, plastic, and sticks on the ground.

building process, breaking ground, plumbing

Oh, a little off the subject, but just look at this!
I found a pair of boots that I am totally smitten with, well, I actually am lovin' the entire look-
Oddly enough it appears that I like the same color in my clothing as my paint color,

choosing paint, colors for walls, gray paint

We will be using Sherwin Williams paint, so far I am partial to Basalt Powder, Into the Gloaming, and Gracious Greige.  
But still way too early to be certain, I do know that I want to stay away from green or yellow undertones.
Anyone have any experience with these colors or have a recommendation?

paint, gray, white, cream

I am discovering that the cabinet maker will be able to add some perfectly lovely features to our Built-Ins.

solid wood, decorating ideas, design ideas, knotty alder
I have been doing my homework and reading up on my style of decorating.
I felt that it was important to define my style for me, so that I would stay focused. 
I like knowing... the history especially of certain time periods-I find it all so romantic.
When I say romantic, I mean in the sense of decorating, architect, design, art, gardens-
not the lovey-dovey business. 

I can safely say this-my style is Gustavian French Country, some decorators refer to it as
Farmhouse French. If you are interested in what Gustavian really is-
the link is Gustavian Style .
For my own definition  it is Swedish style influence, combined with
a restrained interpretation of the French Louis XV and Louis XVI style. 
These will be my guidelines, and then you know me, I will toss in all of those irregular, beloved and treasured items which I have packed to and from.  
From that point on I guess I will just have to rename my style...smile....

lighting for our home, french country, shabby chic, design


We have been shopping for lighting and meeting with our interior decorator.
She is guiding us along and sharing great tips on how to choose lighting for each room.
I did a post on choosing lighting over at The Women's Room.
You could hop right over and get some great insight on choosing lighting for a new home, or if you are updating your lighting~3 Steps To Choosing Lighting For A New Home

Building our new home,

My husband did get his over-sized garages-he has plans for crafting great goodies out of wood.
Watch out grand-kids-here comes some toy boxes:)

A little more of the story continues Here-Three Tips For Building A New Home.

Looking forward to seeing what happens this week!


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  1. Dear Jemma,
    I am very happy with you about your new home.
    I believe it will be your dream home.
    I wish you a good new week.
    Much love and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  2. I am tickled with EXCITEMENT as I start to head out the door into an unknown school year. But knowing you, being friends with you, watching your passion develop is going to be FUN and the fun has begun. I too cannot believe how quickly this has gone up, and to see the peaks and roof line begin?? This is truly going to be a French ch√Ęteau my dear. And the chandelier you are looking at is awesome. AND...those boots. We both love our boots and the color is divine.

    OK, I must go, but you are in my heart and thoughts today! LOVE, Anita

  3. This is all so exciting. Congratulations. So much to look forward to.

  4. Oh, how thrilling! I know you're so excited. Your new house looks like it's really large! Good to know what you want and your style - love the pretty colors you've chosen too. Thanks for popping in to see me and lord have mercy about that woodchuck! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Wow - your home looks amazing already! I can't wait to follow all the progress. It is nice you are staying focused. I know when we just did a kitchen remodel, there are so many choices and it is easy to get sidetracked. I love your style.

  6. It's all so exciting......

    And having a woodworking husband, I know how important it is, for such a man, to have a work shop!!! Hooray for him!!!! My husband's is in our garage too, but our car also goes in there at night. He would love an over-sized garage!!!!

  7. Jemma, I am so excited for you! It seems we are both playing the waiting game, just at different stages! I cannot wait to see it when the walls are finished in, as it will take on an entirely different look! And it will now, hopefully, move much quicker! That chandy is gorgeous and so are those colors! When the walls go up, the exciting part begins with all of the decorating!! Have a wonderful day my sweet Texas friend! We are supposed to be back sometime in the fall and would love to have lunch if you can get away! :-)

  8. Wow, it is really happening...looking great, Jemma. It always amazes me how fast a cement slab can become a house with a roof, windows, doors and rooms! It will be fun watching this happen with your new home.

  9. Oh my goodness - it is gorgeous - just the sticks are pretty - it is going to be wonderful and a dream come true - it looks like you have nature around you - are you going to be far from people - like in the country?

  10. You are definitely a Gustavian French Country gal, Jemma! I am so excited for you; your home, presently made of sticks, is already shaping out to look grand, with several sloped roofs and spacious luxury, and I can imagine how gorgeous it will all be once you are done decorating it in your signature style!

    Have a lovely week and remember, 'those boots are made for walkin'!


  11. Jemma
    I am so excited for you! It's amazing how fast new constructions go up! Your colors are exactly what I am thinking of using in my bedroom when I repaint! Love, love the gray! I love the sweater, scarf, boots and bag? Where did you find them? At the very least I need the scarf!!!! Happy fall decorating! I'm so ready for some cooler weather!

  12. Hi Jemma. What an exciting time. It sure doesn't take them long once them begin going from sticks on the ground to the frame and bones of what will be a gorgeous new home. So excited for you and now as the fun begins!! I have that chandy or close to this look in my sitting room/living room. I love it.
    The outfit with the boots is gorgeous. When I studied design, I remember a prof saying that fashion influences home interiors. I do see it even in my own home.
    Love the paint chips you are working with too. So soft and dreamy! Have fun and enjoy the process. I know it is going to magazine worthy!!
    Hugs and Blessings for a special afternoon sweet friend.

  13. Building a house is both exciting and exhausting at the same time but the end result so worth it. I can just hear your excitement as you've started to define your style and pick out things for your new home. I do love the colors you've chosen so far and I know with your fair for decorating that it's going to be beautiful. I look forward to the next installment....

  14. Isn't it amazing! I'm curious what those black plastic covered cubes are? I'm not familiar with this?? Your home's framing is complicated- especially the roof. I like the style you are going for- and that chandelier is perfect! I like the outfit you put together- and that's funny about the colors going with the paint colors you've chosen too! Actually I guess it just shows how much you like that color group!

  15. Oh, Jemma, this is so exciting! I love seeing the process of your house being built. It looks like a wonderful layout and quite large and spread out. We just painted our bedroom in a light gray from SW and it does not have green or yellow undertones. I forgot the name of it, but can find out if you'd like me to pass that along to you. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Jemma, how exciting to see your house finally being built! That is cool they are putting a bit of design on your cabinets. And did you decide on a one-story home? They are still building the homes around here, and are about half way finished. Lots of construction going on and lots of dirt and nails hehehe. I'm always going around it all when I leave my house. :~) I'm so excited for you, Jemma. Keep planning, keep hoping, keep dreaming. It won't be long.

    love, ~Sheri

    oh, and I love those boots!

  17. How fun to see your home all framed! The colors you chose are pretty and my favorite for clothes. I have so much gray in my wardrobe that it is the new black for me! I could never do those shades in my Victorian house but in Farmhouse French, yes! With white or ivory....gorgeous! I want to move so that I can have a fresh new canvas to decorate.....so envious!!

  18. Amazing progress. You must be thrilled to see it come together. So exciting. Everyday, there are changes.
    Wonderful color choices as well. So glad you nailed down your style. Can't wait to see it all come together. Love the boots! xo

  19. Wow jemma! This is so exciting! Love the Gustavian style as well as the SW paint selection. We did our interior in their paint (grays) and really like the end result. We are still tinkering with our house a YEAR later :/ We begin the construction outside this week (driveway, entrance etc). Enjoy the process! It's an amazing experience to go through.

  20. Oh this is going to be FABULOUS!! I dont use Sherwin as much a Farrow & ball and Benjamin Moore but those colors look similar to Revere Pewter and Edgecombe gray which I use all the time! and LOVE!

  21. Oh my dear and lovely new friend, seeing you at my blog is such a gift, such a treat. Thank you for such a fun summer of discovery TOGETHER, and I can't tell you how THRILLED I am for you that your dream home is coming to reality, so quickly! Your prayers and good, positive vibes have been a strength for me in these last several weeks and now as I go back to school. Your voice that day on the phone was such a true match to what you write so lovingly, and your voice and "eyes" that I heard inspired my blog post. Thank you.

    Now off to a good night's rest before another day of learning begins. XOXOXOX

  22. Jemma--you are making the best of a tedious situation. I was thinking that I have been so impatient to get our lakehouse started, we are down to the studs, much like your new home only with exterior walls and a roof. Yet we have our home of 30 years here so I should never complain. The clothes and boots---now that is my type of consolation!! Love everything!!

    My daughter is an interior designer--her creativity and expertise is beyond belief. Given that she 'knows' me has made putting together rooms such a pleasure. Anyway---she has a Sherwin Williams paint deck that we use all the time. Those nasty undertones are horrible. Just a few of my choices---I did our guest room in a gorgeous light gray called Alpaca. No blue or green undertones whatsoever. Have a look at that. As for creamy whites, I used Marshmallow in my den...no undertones that I can see.

    Keep us posted. I am going to try to write tomorrow---Emily and I had a gay old time looking and getting samples at tile stores for my floors (kitchen, laundry room and powder room). And some surprising ideas for my backsplash in the kitchen. :)

    Jane xxx

    I'm picking out a lot of things for the lakehouse now that it looks like it's underway.

  23. WOW! I came back to blogging just at the right moment!! I'm so happy for you to finally see that amazing house of sticks in real life now ... you must be feeling fairly giddy with excitement! Your decorating style sounds like a perfect mix of all things you love. Have a great week!

  24. Your home is going to be so lovely Jemma! I adore the roof line, and your choices so far have been impeccable! What an adventure this is shaping up to be! Having log walls, I'm afraid my experience with paint is limited, but I see Jane has some great insight. (Love that outfit!)

  25. Isn't it amazing how quickly they get houses up. I love that color too, and I am really wanting that handbag. xo Laura

  26. I like your stick house! :) Must be so much fun to watch it grow ! :) I love those soft colors.

  27. I like your stick house! :) Must be so much fun to watch it grow ! :) I love those soft colors.

  28. I'm so very happy for you, Jemma! It's going to be so much taking this journey with you!

  29. I am so happy for you with your new home. I know that you are beyond excited! Cannot wait to see how things go with this new journey in your life. God is good and He has went ahead of you and prepared every step of the way. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  30. I have never heard of Gustavian French Country, Jemma, but I love it already and can't wait to see each step of the way as you bring it together. How exciting to see those sticks!

  31. So did you paint? I have used all of those colors in homes Ive recently painted....LOVE them.


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