Five Tips To Refresh Your Patio & Porch

August 12, 2015
Today I am sharing our apartment patio, it is an eclectic assortment of finds as 98 % of 
our home goods are in storage.  
When we first moved here in May, my spirits were high, and I was motivated to garden
on the patio. We even brought quite a few plants with us, the dear movers, bless their hearts, packed these plants up three flights of stairs.

I know, it sounds ridiculous now, just please overlook my crazy moments, moving does strange things to a gal.
And then, just as we moved in- the wretched rain began, for one full month.
The house plans slowed way down... and I lost interest in my patio garden.

I sound a little grumpy don't I...I know I do...

I took a good long hard look over this past weekend at our patio. and I was a little shocked 
on how I had neglected my garden patio.
Right then and there, I said to myself, whoa Lady, you need to get with the program.
So come on out with me, I'll turn on the fan and we will have some sparkling water.

Have you ever had sparking water-oh my goodness it is so refreshing,
all of those little bubbles.
It is my new favorite drink, of course I still like diet coke, and probably always will...
especially if you also have some Doritos to munch

 Add Art

  • Lighten and brighten up outdoor corners and niches with Art.
  • So many great places to find Outdoor Wall D├ęcor. 
  • If you have a generous patio overhang you won't need to be concerned with Art that is not specially made for the outdoors.
  • The overhang will protect your art and your furniture.

 Add New Pillows

Pillows fade fast in direct or indirect sunlight, and you might just not have noticed how drab
they have become. 
Sunbrella Fade Resistant Outdoor pillows and cushions don't fade.
Now is the time to find some great prices on Summer outdoor pillows.
24 Patio Perk-Ups

  Add A  Bouquet

We are in between Seasons, here in North Texas.
It isn't Fall, and it seems like it shouldn't be Summer-

Depending on your climate it can be more cost efficient to:
  • Purchase some fresh flowers.
  • Add a few bedding plants to refresh your containers.

  Add Some Succulents

  • Succulents will grow anywhere, nearly in any climate for nearly anyone.  
  • You should seriously jump on board this party boat, because succulents are a great way to add interest, color, and texture to any spot on your porch or patio.

  Add A Lantern or Two

  • Lanterns- in all shapes and sizes provide a great warm glow to any outdoor space.
  • Shop sales
  • I found this one at World Market for 90 percent off, this is the time to buy those outdoor goodies. 
  • Most retailers are gearing up for the upcoming Holidays, and want to get rid of  Summer merchandise.

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  1. Hello Jemma, your patio looks pretty. I love the pillows, flowers and the lantern is my favorite. Great tips and suggestions. I wish there was a World Market closer to me. Enjoy your day!

    1. Eileen,
      Thanks so much, it is amazing how just a few economical tweaks can make such a big difference.
      I wish you had a World Market closer too-they do have some great finds.

  2. Dear Jemma,
    there are very beautiful images from your terrace. I wish you a nice cozy summer.
    Much love and hugs... Dorothea :-)

    1. Dorothea,
      Sprucing up the terrace has made it an enjoyable spot to enjoy our morning coffee.
      Thank you so much!

  3. Good morning Jemma!
    These are all lovely ideas to freshen up your patio. I think I will join you on your pretty patio and drink some sparkling water. This is my drink of choice this summer too!...... with a little lime or other fruits! I throw in frozen fruit with the ice!! Enjoy your patio Jemma!

    1. Linda,
      Do you enjoy sparkling water too?? Isn't it wonderful, and I like the idea of adding lime and fruit-I must give it a try for sure. Come on over soon:)

  4. Oh boy, I have a hard enough time keeping my porches swept and the plants watered! But inspiration does hit once in a while and I will add something new. I recently bought a red and white EXIT sign and just stuck it on the shelf of one of the pillars. A bright spot whenever I go by!

    1. Art adds so much interest, color and texture, I just bet your red and white EXIT sign is also a great conversational piece too:)

  5. Thank you for these wonderful ideas! I'm looking forward to decorating the screened in porch at the new house. I did very little here at the rental since we were only going to live here a year. You make me feel like an underachiever...LOL

    1. Benita,
      I live to create and when I am stifled I become impatient and maybe just a tad grumpy:)
      By adding some color, interest and texture, I have brightened up the Terrace and made it great spot for our morning coffee!

  6. Your patio is very cheerful, Jemma! Those plants look great, too. My plants didn't do as well this year with the crazy dose of global warming that seemed to hit us this summer (massive amounts of rain followed by temps over 100...ugh.) I think I'm almost ready for Fall :)

    1. Julie,
      Comforting to know that it has been a wacky year for all-you know that saying "misery loves company!" LOL! Oh well, Fall is just around the corner and I am excited for it's arrival!

  7. My front porch could use some refreshment! I love the look of your place!

    1. Thanks Michelle, seems a little love goes a long way and I love a sale, especially when it is at World Market and Pier 1 !

  8. Everything looks so pretty!! Your plants look good!
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words on my post about Our 37 years of Marriage!!


    1. Thanks Debbie, even though it is temporary for a few more months, it feels good to have it look" put together."
      Well, 37 years of marriage, through all the ups and downs of life is something to celebrate!

  9. I love your porch - neglected or not - it is very pretty. You are not grumpy! And you are a salty rather than sweet gal I see.

    1. Thank you Sandie, you are always cheering me on! Yes, I do prefer a chip to chocolate, well that is, except after dinner and do like to top off the evening with 4 Dove Chocolates ;)

  10. I know EXACTLY how you felt Jemma! I was going through the exact same thing less than two years ago when we were renting, but I have to say I NEVER cozied up the space like you have. That's pretty impressive considering it is somewhat late in the season, but I suppose the season is longer for you than me.

    I'm one of those 'bad bloggers' who rarely changes things with the seasons. Maybe some pillows and throws, and a few decorations here and there, but nothing major. I dream that someday I'll have a house big enough to have storage for seasonal decor, but I guess at 61 I better step on it! ;).


    1. Yes, Doreen our Summer is endless and we have at least one more month of very warm temperatures. Normally-when we have a yard-I change out a few tired flowers for some Hibiscus, and even coleus. But with gardening on the Terrace, my choices are more limited. "Bad blogger," LOL! I have seen your abode and yard and they are both gorgeous!

  11. These are the greatest ideas, Jemma. Pots of course and you can find so many cute and whimsical pieces at stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby to brighten things up. And temporarily. Then bring them to your forever home.

    Have you really had all that rain??? So great for Texas!!!

    Jane xc

    1. Yes, yes Jane! Find and purchase assorted pots and whatever' s and bring them to my "forever home." I LOVE that phrase:) Jane, May was a crazy month we set all time records for rain. Yes, Texas did need every drop and it was wonderful for us, but in my selfish heart I was sad as it delayed our building by 6 weeks-I'm over it now though!

  12. GOod morning dearest Jemma! I missed this post probably after I did my pleasant morning blog visiting routine! WELL, you have certainly touched on a subject that I am very fond of: DECORATING!

    I love your tips. But before I go on about the tips you shared, SPARKLING WATER is our drink of choice! This is what we do: we take a large tumbler and add just about a 1/4 cup (no more than that) of Welches Grape Juice. Then we add our sparkling water. We get the waters that have a flavored essence - not added flavors with sugar, but with an essence. We buy La Croix PEACH or berry, and one of my favorites out here is POLAR Orange Vanilla. Your eyes will roll back in your head....ahahahhahah Such a refreshing beverage and low in sugar.

    WELL THEN...we have had our enclosed patio now for three years and I've learned more and more how to decorate it. What I love about your tips is the ART that can be added. We do have a wall upon which we can hang something, and we already have something to hang: a lovely mirror that is in our great room. I want to take down that mirror to replace it with a wooden beam acting as a mantle piece, and above it would go an oil painting.

    Then, I believe now in fresh flowers. For the patio area, it looks at its best when I add fresh flowers to that space. And we do have a lantern, but this one is hanging on the tree that is our focal point outside the patio setting.

    Love your suggestions. How is the heat today? LOVE!

    1. Good Morning Dearest Anita!!
      Wonderful to hear from you and thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe for drinking our favorite Summer beverage! La Croix is my favorite sparkling water too, and have you ever tried the Pamplemousse (grapefruit infused)
      Aren't lanterns and Art just fabulous touches for the patio, porch or Terrace? They add so much!
      I love how just a little decorating can go so far.
      Yes, heat again today-ozone action day with temps just hovering at 100. But, I'll take it-100 degrees and below sounds almost cool-hehehe!

  13. Great touches to liven up an outdoor space. I love using lanterns everywhere, plus pretty accents. You can never go wrong with flowers galore. The weather has cooled a little. Fall will be here before we know it. xo

  14. Jemma, you've done a delightful decorating deed on your rented porch, just as you should! I love the wall art, and of course, all the greenery and splash of colour. I am a firm believer that rental or owned, a girl's gotta get her gorgeous going! Libby's new condo is all white walls, dark kitchen cabinets, and grey laminate floors, all very modern and young and chic, so I went with the flow and wouldn't ya looks pretty darn cool! Hope to give you a peek, asap!

    Happy weekend, my friend. Enjoy your relaxing porch!


  15. Your patio looks so pretty, Jemma. You obviously live in a climate that actually permits you to have a lovely summertime outdoor space. We have to wait until October before we can even think about spending time's 111* here today!

    I also wanted to thank you for your kind words and your prayers. I'm so very appreciative.

  16. Jemma, your patio is very nice with all the cheerful colors. Those purple flowers are stunning. You know, I've heard about the new sparkling water and wanted to try it. It sounds so refreshing. You may look into the diet drinks - they usually have artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which is very bad for us. Just thought I'd inform you on an article I read recently. The lantern is pretty also. You have made your patio a relaxing place to be, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  17. Your patio area looks just delightful! I definitely need new pillows due to the fading, like you mentioned. I will probably be heading up to World Market tomorrow to see what they have on clearance. I also like your idea of wall art, but haven't found anything that has really caught my eye yet. Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day!

  18. See, I knew you would feather your nest even if it was temporary, you just couldn't help doing that!

    I love it all. Never thought about art outside, except in our picnic shelter, but I do love mirrors outside.

  19. Pretty, pretty, pretty Jemma! You have made your space so cheerful and welcoming. I love an outdoor space myself. My best tip, just like yours, is about bringing all the creature comforts outside-pillows, throw blankets, candles, bowls of fruit, etc. Great tips and fun post!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx, Heather

  20. Well, it certainly looks like your grumpiness went away Jemma! This fun patio would brighten anyone's day. I love thinking of my outdoor space as an extension of my indoors. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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