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5 Tips To Stay Motivated

August 17, 2015
As part of our  Aging With Style series I have been reading about how motivated people stay motivated. 
Whenever we begin a self-improvement regime, begin a new career, a exercise routine, diet or let's just say anything. We usually begin highly motivated, and with a great attitude. Then as the days, weeks, and months roll on, or something unexpected in life hits us, we can easily become discouraged and thrown off track.


Motivation is amazing, but it is not magical, it does not come in a pretty package,
or a pill.  But it can be harnessed. 
I know, there are many "how to's," in the world-however these five tips are reasonable, and easy to apply to anyone's life.
Consistency in applying these tips makes all of the difference for success in staying motivated.

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Tip 1~Think It-Feel It-See It

  • Think, visualize, feel, breathe and write down what your goal is.
  •  Embed your goal into your heart, mind and soul.  Over time it will become a pattern, a way of life, a habit. 
  • It will be who you are, a quality, an attribute-woven throughout your framework.


Tip 2~ Make A Plan

  • Define why this goal is important to you, what is it that you hope to achieve by embarking on this journey.
  • Make a written list of what you hope to accomplish.
  • Having a physical list helps to hold us accountable and also helps us to remember.  

Lets remember this ; "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."


      Tip 3~Break the goal up-Chunking

  • Break goal up into chunks, it will make it easier to visualize and navigate through the goal.
  • Chunking eliminates being overwhelmed by organizing information into smaller bits.
  • Goal becomes reachable when it is not overwhelming
  • Anyone who trains for a marathon does not start out running 26.2 miles.

Tip 4~Stay Positive

  • The power of thinking positive is huge.
  • Telling yourself that you can reach your goals, will help you stay motivated. 
  • Write yourself affirmations, and post them on a mirror, a refrigerator, in your purse,  your walking shoes, a book, the mirror of your car.
  • Remember if you think you can, chances are you will.

Purposefully infuse your life with a positive attitude.


Tip 5 ~ Manage Mistakes

  • We are 100 percent human, so we are going to make mistakes.
  • Mistakes are a learning opportunity. 
  • Great growth comes from mistakes, the key is to learn from these mistakes and keep on moving. 
  • Conduct regular self-examinations on how these situations were handled and how you would respond, handle and navigate them differently next time. 
  • Write down a strategy, and a solution for when problems arise, it will help with managing mistakes.                                                                         


This 5 step process helps me to stay motivated, energetic and positive, do you
have any tips to share with us today, that work for you?

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  1. Good morning sweet and wonderful new friend. This is a wonderful topic that is important for anyone from teacher to student, to anyone who just wants to get anything accomplished or improve lifestyle.

    Planning is of ultimate importance, and also resilience and flexibility IF THOSE PLANS suddenly change. WOW, that is a biggy.....especially for a teacher. Then the managing the mistakes. OH DO I HAVE TO LEARN THAT ONE!

    My dear, my husband is calling me to go for a walk....I will be back later!

    1. Dearest Anita,
      Love these thoughts.
      In fact I am going to capitalize all of the tips on each comment to help us all.
      Thank you!


  2. I like routine, I find that I can get more accomplished when I know what's coming for the day. I'm more motived. Summer throws me off, the kids are home, their schedules are erratic and I find that my walk, my work and my free time are the things I give up to accommodate their needs...just like every other mother!

    1. Thank you Kim, sacrifice for the children, you are such a good Momma:)


  3. Tip 5 might be the best one! Nothing like falling down on a plan, to blow the whole thing. If we let it.

    Tip 5! Yessssss!!!


    1. Tessa, you are a planner with a back up plan-good deal!


  4. Very good! Don't ever give up - ever.

  5. Hello Jemma, these are wonderful tips for staying on track! Great post! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. Wonderful tips Jemma! I think we definitely need to have a to do list everyday that includes items that pertain to our physical and/or mental well being. We all feel lack of motivation at times and a brief visit to the doldrums isn't a big deal but quick correction is important;) The buddy system .. a friend that inspires is helpful. Great topic!

  7. Thanks for these reminders, Jemma. And I absolutely love all of your photos and the pink! I would add that, for me, taking care of my health and energy level is key to my ability to staying motivated. Eating well and getting enough sleep really make staying motivated easier!

  8. Great tips! Lovely pictures! YOU have motivated me!

  9. Jemma, I tell my husband that if I ever stop setting weekly goals he'll know I'm ready for the nursing home. They used to be daily goals but I've learned with growing older that I can set myself up for disappointment with that so now I give myself more leeway. And if I don't get enough sleep, even the broken up sleep pattern I'm in now, I can almost forget about it for that day when I do good to take care of the basics.

    And I know I have to make time to fill the well, be alone, read, pray, even flip through a magazine. I get energy from that just as much as checking something off my to-do list.

    Thank you, Jemma, for these ideas today.

  10. This is great advice, Jemma. I just can't stop looking at these flowers, they're gorgeous. The second picture looks like the ranunculus. It was the first flower that I planted in my garden this spring, and it didn't survive, but my roses are still doing nicely. Oh my, these are pretty pictures. And of course, you know which one is my favorite hehehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  11. Hi Jemma. so nice to catch up with you tonight after my step away from the computer for awhile, I am back today and so enjoying visits to dear friends. This is a wonderful post filled with great advice for us all no matter what we are challenged to accomplish. Having a goal for everything and keeping that focus really helps the end result. Your posts are always an inspiration. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos too.
    Have a wonderful new week.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

    1. So nice to have you back after your little break:)


  12. If you fail to plan you plan to fail is something I've said more than once to hubby. He's a 'fly by the seat of his pants' kind of guy, while I'm a bit more of a planner.

    It's very true that knowing WHY we want something will help define it and make it more real and meaningful, thus more achievable. Truly, if we think we can or can't, we are right.

  13. Great inspiration! We all manage our lives differently. Some people plan and some people play it by ear. The most important things is to stay focused and always try again if we fail. Being positive is a major element. xoxo

  14. Oh I have missed blogging with you but have so enjoyed my time away with the family. Love all of your tips my friend. The pictures are beautiful too. One of things I have to remind myself and on a daily basis is If at first I don't succeed, then try again! I seem to mess up a lot! Happy Wednesday. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Just what I needed to hear today. My hubby and I just started a new routine to change our eating habits to more healthy. I think I am going to print these ideas off and post them on my refrig. for encouragement.....

  16. Dear Jemma,
    Love your post: wise words with some lovely visuals! Yes, I find breaking up large goals into smaller, more attainable goals works for me. I can become easily overwhelmed by larger, lofty goals but smaller goals provide positive results more quickly and I find that very motivating. Keeps me on track! But then again, my wise blogging friends keep me on track too and I am grateful for that! Have a great day Jemma!

  17. These are great, Jemma, and I have always used a similar list to keep me motivated. Believe me, I am using a lot of those same motivations now!


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