Operation~Mora Clock

July 13, 2015
I have been waiting to begin purchasing some special items for our new home until there were

signs that progress was being made.

The record setting rain fall in May set the building project way back.

You know how when you are waiting for something big to happen, and it takes awhile, you

begin to wonder if it really ever will...happen...even when you are grown up waiting can be difficult.

Well, "things," are finally beginning to to take place, and it is a relief.

These "things," are called soil injections (chemicals) which are injected into the soil to stabilize it.


So now that we have the go ahead, I feel comfortable opening up my iPad with my wish list

and organizing the stacks of magazines, books and photos to get serious about

Operation~ Mora Clock, a dream clock.

The Mora Clock is on the top of my list, but my goodness it comes with such a hefty price tag.


I thought the very best way to get sound advice, opinions, experiences and thoughts was

from each one of you.

I did ask you all about the haint blue or cedar for the porch and I did listen to you and the

decision is nearly made...thank you.

I can't wait to share the news-oh I'll always be torn, even after my decision, as I am coming to

realize that too many choices is a painful process for me...

Lets just sort of gather around the coffee table, sip on some good coffee and chat.


Truthfully, nearly all of these clocks are over the top for me in terms of affordability, but goodness,

they are so charming, can a person fall in love with a clock...

With a budget of $2000.00 should I pursue the dream of this clock or leave it?


I am familiar with some of the shops that offer reproductions.


I have even thought about purchasing a Howard Miller clock that resembles a Mora and

painting it.


So please help me with Operation Mora Clock.

1. Are reproductions a sensible option
2. Is is possible to find a Mora that is in my budget


I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me today.

I little foot note to this post.
As of today, which is May 12, 2016 I do not have a Mora Clock.
I am however still searching for the right one, with the right price tag:)


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  1. I think if you find one at a good enough price you need jump on it. The other thing is if I wanted to possibly pass it down to one of my kids, I would stay away from a reproduction. But if I just loved them and had no desire for it to become more valuable and to pass it along.....then I'd save the money by buying a reproduction. You do whats best for you and your budget!

  2. I think you should do what you want and what you can afford. Good luck! Your inspiration is very pretty....Christine

  3. If a dear friend didnt leave us a grandfather clock when she passed away , I would have one of these beauties, I just love them!!

  4. Oh, these clocks are so beautiful! I don't know what to tell you - just go with your heart and you'll make the right decision! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. "These "things," are called soil injections (chemicals) which are injected into the soil to stabilize it."

    Don't know to what this refers... But I'm sure you have previously blogged about it.

    As to the clock, I can not advise you. I am all for people doing exactly what their "gut instinct" tells them, is right for them. :-)


  6. GOOD MORNING! I am finally here.

    OK, have you checked in with Loi from Tone on Tone? HE IS so talented, kind and has a shop in D.C. of all things Scandinavian and more. He has some Moras and what I'd suggest is asking HIM for some advice. He is a dear and has sold many wonderful pieces. TONE ON TONE!

    Secondly, in my experience, I will just say that reproductions are fine. However, in the last two years, I've gotten rid of all reproductions in my home, and now have only vintage or antique pieces. Why? Well, I get down to the "molecular level" if you will, and I often asked myself, "Why doesn't this room feel right to me?" I had to consider texture, true patina, and color.....I found the missing link and for me, it was authenticity. I learned the hard and expensive way that if I want a certain look, I have to wait and just get what I want and then I'm happy and less likely to get rid of the piece. Just my opinion. I would shop around more, wait, save up and then proceed. You will love the feel that an authentic piece gives off!

    Now go check out the blog, Tone on Tone and get in contact with Loi. Let me know what you think!

  7. Seems you are getting lots of good advice. I always prefer originals, but of course budget is always a concern. Follow your heart. xo Laura

  8. I'd go with a reproduction myself (and I want one too!), unless you have $2,000 to throw away?

  9. I have never heard of a Mora clock but they are beautiful!! I would go with the reproduction if it looks close to what you have your heart set on.

  10. Follow your heart. If it is truly something you want, then go for it. They are gorgeous clocks. xo

  11. Gosh I love these clocks and I also love large wall clocks! I think you will know your prize when you set eyes on it! Go for it!

  12. Jemma, it's so fun to pick these certain special items out while we are waiting to move into our new home. I remember buying a few things and putting them safely in a box, and when I finally moved in, my house was like home to me once again. The clocks are beautiful, and unfortunately, I don't know much about them. Keep dreaming and keep hoping, and keep praying, dear Jemma. That's how our dreams come true.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. If this is something you really want, you should do it! Enjoy life while you are living it!!!

  14. Hi Jemma, I adore these clocks and I think you have received great advise from everyone here. I do believe holding out for the clock you really want is worth the wait for the look it will give. Have fun with the process and enjoy this great journey. Blessings, cm

  15. I've always loved 'the real thing' and I've always loved Mora clocks so you know which way I'm leaning. We bought a beautiful grandfather clock 30 years ago and a new one is triple the amount we paid. They aren't so popular anymore so I don't know where that gets us! lol!

    I have to read a bit more of your blog---are you building close or far away from where you are now? Sounds cool! :)


  16. I've never even heard of them before, so as you can see I'm no help!

  17. If a reproduction will make you happy, then why not? But I suspect your heart wants the real thing, and you deserve to have this dream come true.

  18. What a beautiful clock. Good luck with your search.

  19. I say get what you want but don't overpay for an original and end up living with guilt or regrets. I've seen some that go on a wall and look pretty nice too!

  20. Asking the Lord to give you your hearts desire my friend....Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  21. I hope you will find one in your budget price range!

  22. I saw one at a consignment store and was about to call you - but saw a sold sign! It was reproduction but nice.

  23. I say follow Eilis and do what she did. ;)


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