Raspberry Scones

May 05, 2015
If you are searching for a lovely scone recipe that is perfect for most any special occasion or Holiday.
I truly think that this homemade Raspberry Scone Recipe is one you would enjoy.

This is a recipe which you might just consider making this coming Sunday for Mother's Day.

Bake it for your own Mom, or if you are a Mom with young ones, have your hubby help them

make it for you, or if you are like me and you have a craving for a fresh raspberry scone-

Ta da...make some for yourself!


Did I mention that they are No Fail- I know this to be true because I made them with a

plastic spoon in a Pyrex casserole dish, with not one measuring cup nor, a measuring spoon.

But I did have a very random cooking tool that did not get packed during the move

-a pastry blender...hmmm

 (or the almost move-yes we are sitting in a house full of boxes since Friday,

double trouble on the buyers end, shame on them -details to follow. (  Am I fit to be tied? Yes.)


Fresh butter, juicy ripe raspberries, homemade vanilla extract (thanks to my SIL-Vicki)

you can already see why this is an amazing recipe-


A dough that is incredible, in fact one that I was thinking could double as a pie crust, and it

is wonderful to handle too.

You can see from this photo the consistency is amazing, tender, but does not fall apart.

These Delicious Raspberry scones will be perfect with your favorite cup of Tea.


These scones do not look like the traditional scone, but flavor and texture certainly are.

These scones get rolled up like a jelly roll and then sliced.


They make about 9-10 depending on how thick you slice them.


This great recipe is adapted from Erren's Kitchen

Now my friends this is a scrumptious scone, grab yourself your favorite brew and enjoy!

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  1. Jemma,
    Oh my, these raspberry scones look scrumptious. They kind of look like biscuits. I love anything raspberry. The raspberry loaf is out for this season at Starbucks, and I got my first slice last week. You should try them sometime. Thanks for the recipe, these look amazing.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Oh my, your scones look delicious.. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Jemma! Enjoy your day!

  3. Jemma, I love scones, and I adore raspberries, but we don't get fresh raspberries here on the island. However, as you know I will be flying home to Canada tomorrow, and we have the juiciest berries there, so I will bake these up for my family. I know they will love them! Your pics are very tempting, and your directions easy to follow. Thanks for sharing, my friend. Can't wait to hear what's going on there re: your move!

    In the meantime, stay positive, chill, and indulge in these raspberry treats!

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. They look amazing!! And I've just noticed some buds on the raspberries in the garden, so we should have some berries soon!!!

    I am going to give this a try with some jam instead of fresh for now...but it looks wonderful.


  5. Looks yummy! I may have to just try this. Pinning it now! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. These look delicious. I mean it. I have a question tho - looking at the ingredients - what makes them scones? Do you know? When cooked it is a thicker material to bite into then a cookie - I don't know much about scones other than I love them.

  7. I will be trying these for sure! Love this kind of baking! Comfort food, sweet and eye-appealing! Great recipe. Thanks!

  8. Ohh, Jemma, these look super yummy! I've got to give these a try. Thanks so much for the recipe.
    Have a Happy Mother's Day!
    Big hugs,

  9. I have never seen a scone like these before where they're rolled up. These look so yummy!

  10. I've never met a scone I didn't like. In fact, I have a bonafide, certified, glorified scone pan.(*said in my most southern accent).

    These look luscious!!!

  11. These look and sound wonderful! I absolutely love scones. Thanks so much for stopping by ~ it allowed me the chance to discover your beautiful blog. Good luck with the move.

  12. Sounds yummy. Will give them a try!


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hope you had a nice Mother's Day! These look fantastic and my mouth is watering.

  15. Those look great! I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day and I hope whatever is going on with the buyers isn't too bad.


  16. Jemma - are you out there? Missing your posts and hope everything is OK.

  17. Oh my goodness! These look and sound amazing! Plus they just look yummier than your typical scone! I recently made orange cranberry scones (from a box) but these look well worth the extra effort of making it homemade! Just happen to have all the ingredients on hand and some extra time! Now that's a dangerous combination for sure! Hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend Jemma!xo


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