Think Spring Think Wreaths

April 06, 2015
As you know by now wreaths are my thing, along with gardening and of course my family!

Wreaths are so versatile, they can be hung on armories, hutches, desks,

 mantles, doors and even on the backs of chairs-(someday I am going to do that)

I have not made quite as many wreaths as I did in the previous years, I think I wore my fingers out

or had too many hot glue burns...and I have also changed up my style some...

I have made three wreaths these past few weeks for my three daughters.

This is the last one, which I will be taking with me when I leave for Chickasha Oklahoma

this afternoon to celebrate Good Friday with Rebecca and Molly and then off to an Easter Egg hunt!

All three of my girls were looking for natural wreaths-

They did not want deco-mesh, sunshine yellow, rosy red flowers or large bows.

So I began to look through numerous magazines, various websites

and had them send me links to wreaths they were really smitten with.

To make this wreath I used a natural 14 inch grapevine wreath,

freshly picked green lace fern, purple premium washed eucalyptus,

and forest green silver dollar eucalyptus, I love the smell of fresh eucalyptus.

All three of the wreaths were part of my Easter gifts to my girls.

This is the first wreath I made and this is for my Samantha.

She hung it on her hutch in her dining room, if you'd like to take a peek, you can see it in her home.

Samantha has her own blog Crafty Texas Girls.

I tucked this wreath in my suitcase when I went to visit Amanda and she hung it on her front door.

Oh, and in between making these wreaths I read a short story, a heartwarming parable which I have

been meaning to share with you.

Gently written by author W. Phillip Keller who expresses his love for nature and God.

March was a good Month, many changes and many blessings.

What is on your reading list?


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  1. Jemma, those wreaths are gorgeous! I am very partial to the eucalyptus wreath as I too love the scent. Lucky girls to receive such lovely wreaths!

    I am not familiar with that book but of course the dog on the cover makes me very curious! I may look for it to read over the holiday. Have a great day Jemma!

  2. Very pretty, Jemma. I love wreaths too. I love the one hanging on your armoire.

  3. All 3 wreaths are elegant, Jemma. What a thoughtful work of love for your daughters. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. You really have a knack for making gorgeous wreaths. I am currently reading 'The Forgotten Seamstress'. and finding it a very delightful read.

  5. You really have a knack for making gorgeous wreaths. I am currently reading 'The Forgotten Seamstress'. and finding it a very delightful read.

  6. Oh, Jemma, all three are very pretty, and each one has its own flair. They are such sweet seasonal accents for Easter, and spring. I'm sure your girls are used to their mother's creative talents, but it's always special to receive something new, and these lovely wreaths will be perfect in their homes.

    Fresh eucalyptus has such a distinct scent, doesn't it? Here in Greece, we throw the leaves into a pot of water, boil for a few minutes, and with a towel over our head, face peering into the pot, we steam our pores and breathe in its medicinal magic, to open the sinuses. Instant spa treatment!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend.

    Happy Easter!


  7. I am sure they will all be so happy with the beautiful wreaths you have created for them.

  8. Lucky girls...these are exquisite. You are so talented. Have a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  9. Will you adopt me? They are lucky - I went to your daughters blog and it was gorgeous - no surprise - but she looked like you - I could see it - beautiful!

  10. I think we all want to be adopted into your family now. How sweet of you to make everyone Spring wreaths. I like the natural look with lots of greenery. I'm not reading anything right now....I'll look for this book! Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Your wreaths are all lovely. I'm partial to the scent of eucalyptus, too. I'm sure your daughters are/will be thrilled with their wreaths.

  12. Your wreaths are 'boutique ready' Jemma, and your girls are lucky to have them. I can almost smell that first one from here ;).

    I didn't know your daughter had a blog. What fun it must be for you two to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other!

    Happy Easter!

  13. Jemma, I love all your three wreaths that you made for your daughters, but I have to say that the soft pink rose one got to me. It's so natural looking with the pale sweet roses, I love it! Isn't it funny how our styles do change throughout the years? I am more into simple, not a lot of fuss d├ęcor. Have a fun time at the Easter egg hunt, and I'm off to check out your daughter's blog right now.

    Happy Easter, my cherished friend.

    love, ~Sheri

  14. Dear Jemma, I wish you and your family Happy Easter.
    Hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  15. Jemma, I LOVE wreaths and yours are always so pretty. Love each, but my favorite is the first. I like the smell of eucalyptus too.
    I hope you had a lovely Easter, and enjoy the rest of spring.


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