Spring In My Dining

March 10, 2015
For as long as I can remember I have delighted in decorating.

Even as a young girl I would pick the red roses from my Mother's carefully tended rose garden

to add a spark of color to my lavender toned bedroom.

I will say this, I am not a decorator, I don't think I follow many, most likely any of the rules or

techniques, I just plain enjoy it and delight in using the things in my home that make me happy.

It is a joy for me to sort through my collection of flowers, treasured keepsakes, and this

year is no exception.

I would say that one of the glorious things about being older is I have quite a bit of stuff that I

have saved and I am so glad that I have.

I am not a hoarder-just a selective "saver of treasures."

I am so glad that I have held on to my various acquisitions, not only are they precious to me,

I rarely have to buy anything, unless of course I just have to...you know what I mean...

For awhile there I almost lost my way, with Pinterest and all...thinking I'd become an old

fuddy- duddy with my collections.

It was a close call for awhile but then I snapped myself back together,

and realized, that what I have is the real deal.

I am not very trendy, but I am steady.

There might even be some folks who would classify my decorating style as "outmoded."

But I like what I like and I am what I am, so this is what you will see when you visit me!

Another wreath I made, a treasured tea pot from my friend Laura (remember Laura??)

A great grandmother's sweet cup and a silk floral vine.

Swan from my Mother, and china from her Mother.

And this is how Spring looks in my dining-oh I will be adding a few Easter delights soon!

What is your decorating style?


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  1. HI Jemma,
    This is my first time to visit, so nice to meet you here in blogland.
    Your dining room looks bright and cheery, and that is beautiful china from your grandmother and a cute
    lil swan from your Mom too. I am with you, trendy is just that trendy..........in a few months it will change
    I am like you I tend to stay with my traditional or ecclectic things and maybe add in a few newer things
    here and there once in awhile. I love decorating too, not a decorator, but just love it like you do. So we seems to have some things in common!! lol

    Again nice to meet you,
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Dear Jemma, Thank you for your kind words in my blog. I was very pleased.
    I'll write an email and attached a picture of my granddaughter.
    Have a nice day and best regards... Dorothea :-)

  3. Jemma, I just loved reading your post this morning. I have several friends who are professional decorators and others who had those decorators "do" their homes. A "done" home just doesn't have the personality of one filled with little treasures that mean something to the homeowner. When I look at our wine rack, I see my grandpa in his old bottle capper from his beer making days and when we cook we see my grandmother at her farmhouse table. There are no memories in houses that are trendy.

    Love your style . . . love your treasures . . . love this post!

  4. Jemma I so totally agree with you - I don't think there is a proper way to decorate - because it is the other person's decorations. I have put most of mine up - packed for a move - but I miss them - because they were my decorations and they meant something to me. I was surrounded by things that I loved. That made me feel good. Others might hate my house! lol I love your home - you - and YOUR decorations.

  5. It all looks so beautiful and I like that red/white dishware.

  6. Jemma, I am so glad that there is someone else that doesn't follow trends...they go out of fashion, often too soon. I decorate with what I like, seeing I am the one that has to live with it. Your dining room is beautiful. And I ♥ the swan!
    Have a great week.

  7. What a fresh Spring breeze in your dining room, Jemma! I love the pinks against your gray walls. They are gray, aren't they? I remember how lovely your pink amaryllis was in there in December.

  8. Jemma, your home is quite lovely and you do a fantastic job decorating. You are one of the most special people I have met blogging. Always kind and cheerful. Thank you for your precious kindheart.

  9. I love that gorgeous swan...what a pretty color. And how nice to have a tea cart to decorate. I think our tastes changes and styles do too. I always thought I would always want 'brand new' and now I would rather have something vintage. I like to mix old with new and I love your lovely style my friend! Hugs, Diane

  10. Of what use is 'decorating' if it isn't with items that have meaning to us, that are a reflection of our lives and experiences and who we are? Otherwise, it's just a house with 'stuff'. Fads come and go, and even trends are of no importance if they don't suit us. I like your phrase 'saver of treasures'. Yup, I think I'll steal that one ;).

  11. Jemma, I am in love with your great grandmother's tea cup, it's gorgeous. I really liked what you said about not being trendy. I am the same way, my friend, and I shy away from the trends and fads. I just see something that speaks to me, and then I may buy it. :~) I love the china that belonged to your mom's mother, and the swan is so pretty too. Your spring d├ęcor is just lovely, Jemma, and thanks for giving us a peek into your home.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps About my decorating style....I love vintage things, but I also love the traditional furniture like your dining room table and hutch. I have a hutch from Italy that I'll never give away. There's another side of me that likes bohemian stuff. And I especially love things that have meaning, like the treasures that are passed down from generations.

  12. I don't know that I really have a decorating style, but I love puttering about my home, changing decor, adding this and that from my cupboards or taking things from outdoors. Playing with the things I already have is so satisfying. Once in awhile I'll get something new, but it really has to be something I like. Love your pretty tulips.

  13. Awww... Sweet tea pot! Of course I remember it but don't ask me what year that was! I have no clue! :) I love your blog. I hear your voice "speaking" to me & it makes me feel like we've had a brief visit! I'm so glad we have reached a place in our lives that we can embrace ourselves, regardless of what's happening out there in the world. Internal peace & happiness is much better than keeping up with anyone's else's idea of beautiful. Happy Spring to you my friend!

  14. Jemma... you're a girl after my own heart. I loved this post and I love your style :)


  15. Your home looks lovely and inviting. I think you have followed the most important rule. Effect your surrounding. Incorporate those things which ground you, and those things which lift your spirits. When I read your blog and your comments, the word which always springs to mind is gracious. It is a blessing to have things to pull from past years. Always a pleasure to visit. Angels to you!

  16. Hi Jemma,
    aw, this post is just so great. I can't believe you would ever think that you anything but an amazing decorator. That picture of the teacup, it is so beautiful. And it looks like you have some cranberry glass ornaments, which are my absolute favorite, my mom had a sprinkling and she treasured them. I hope you are enjoying your week away! xx Nancy

  17. Sweet Jemma,

    I am so happy to know,
    (although I figured so),
    that if I should ever
    visit your lovely home,
    I would be among
    the company of family,
    present in the memory
    of your treasured pieces,
    all so pretty, sitting
    in their special places.
    For, no trend can outshine
    the feelings of rooms
    in which we live and dine,
    that have been furnished
    by those beloved faces.

    Thank you for this beautiful post, and a pretty prelude to spring!


  18. Such pretty things you inherited, perfect in your beautiful spring dining room! Love the tea cart especially.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  19. You have a wonderful job decorating your home and making it all yours and isn't that the purpose anyway....to make a place where we are comfortable and feel happy as we sit and work among our collections. My style is classic. I love color, antiques and I like have family pieces that seem to anchor everything else. I like what I like whether it is expensive or came from a junk store. I love mixing all kinds of things together. I think we all strive to reflect ourselves in our homes. You have a real talent for putting things together to make your home beautiful and comfortable as well as welcoming...I'd love to come and have tea with you some day....

  20. Great way to welcome spring.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  21. Jemma, I like you have loved decorating for as long as I can remember. I even decorated my Barbie house. As a teen my bedroom was Lavender and unlike one of my older sisters I kept it very clean. Have always loved being neat and tidy. Like you I just go with what I like and don't worry about being stylish. If I like it that's what matters to me. Your style is lovely! Definitely can feel the love that you put into it. If I had to describe my style it would be eclectic. I especially love mixing the old with the new. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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