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How Sweet It Is

March 12, 2015
I woke up thinking of this song "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You."

Do you ever do that? Songs that seem to get stuck in your mind, for hours and days...

Well, this song was written in 1964 and first sung by soul singer Marvin Gaye and the year was 1965.

So, the song, these pictures and the events of the previous day and the day before that all seemed to

go together for me and I wanted to share them with

Have you noticed the many moments,

which are frozen in time throughout the ordinary hours of the day...

The brief second of a perfect Spring blossom...

The small details of brilliant green moss flourishing alongside a murmuring stream.

A quirky, imperfect and yellowish lone tulip blooming ferociously among the

weathered leaves from an unusually harsh Winter.

Fleeting moments of giggles, rosy cheeks, and muddy boots

of those who are the dearest to ones heart.

Frothy clouds, plumes of grass, fresh raspberries, pig tails and skinned up knees...

Dearest to my heart...are all of these...

Leaving this morning to visit one of my girls for a week, she lives in the beautiful state of California,

which many of your live in,  Northern California to be exact.

So if you happen to see Amanda,Wyatt and myself in a café, walking down a tree lined street, or

perhaps riding bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge please, please come say Hi!!

Be safe and be happy this week~


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  1. Jemma, you have brightened my day with all these beautiful spring images... now, I'm ready for the gray days to end. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  2. Dear Jemma,
    thank you for your kind words. Yes, this is my daughter.
    Look like my granddaughter your little granddaughter Molly?
    Beautiful nature pictures. A good time and good trip!
    Lots of love

  3. I knew that song right away! Have fun in California with your daughter. The prettiest pictures here - were your daughters and grandchildren - then the flowers! lol

  4. What lovely photos! I'd love to be by that murmuring brook stroking the soft moss :)

  5. Such a romantic and beautiful post! The song is wonderful! You made my day!

    Carpet cleaners Chelsea

  6. Do I ever remember that it will probably go through my head for a week...hahaha
    Your post is full of love for your family and I am so glad you are going to spend some time with your daughter and her kids...Have fun and take lots of photos...Hugs sweet girl...

  7. I often get songs stuck in my head from watching reruns.

  8. Lovely post, Jemma :)

    I get songs stuck in my head all the time.

    Have a fantastic time on your trip!


  9. That is a great song. Do enjoy your trip!

  10. It's noticing the little things, like the things you've photographed, that add such richness to life. Have a wonderful time with the ones you love.

  11. How sweet it is, indeed, that you should be on your way to those most dearest to your heart, to laugh, to sing, to play, to love. These moments in time, shall stay forever fresh, as they are freeze-framed in your mind.

    Have a safe trip, my friend!


  12. Pigtails and skinned up knees! Yes, so dear to one's heart.

    I believe songs like these that come to us are gifts from God.

  13. Oh how I can't wait for spring and everything (yes even the mud) that comes with it. Tomorrow is our last snowstorm.......for sure this time! Lovely post and some images that I will keep in my mind as I wait on spring! Thanks Jemma!

  14. What a dear post Jemma! It just made me smile as I read through the whole post. Always a treat when I have time to stop by.

  15. Love that song, and yes, it was last week when I woke up thinking of a song as well, albeit a much different one.

    Have a lovely week with your family Jemma, and enjoy the beautiful moments!


  16. Jemma, Yes, I remember that song well. What a lovely post showing the definite signs of nature coming our way. That Purple flower is gorgeous. I hope you had a nice visit with your daughter, and I told my husband that you would be in northern California this weekend. We will have to hook up with each other the next time you're in the area. Those raspberries look so yummy. I had some the other day and was telling my son how pricey they are at the store, and when I was growing up we would pick them in the fields and enjoy as many as we wanted.

    How sweet it is to be loved by you, Jemma.


  17. Jemma, you know I was looking up pictures of the red-headed woodpecker, and they all had full red heads, and my little guy had red only on the back part of his head. He puzzles me, but I thought he was so pretty. And I think you may be right.....he looks like the red-headed woodpecker than any other bird so far.

    I hope you are well, my sweet friend.

    love, ~me


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