How Make Natural Spring Wreaths For Home Decorating

February 25, 2015

It's wreath season at my house and I am thrilled to be making wreaths for my dear girls.

The two oldest have chosen neutral naturals and the youngest has chosen green naturals.

I have finished one of them and I have hung it on my secretary for inspiration

to create this Spring Vignette.

I have been hot gluing like crazy at my house these past few days and unfortunately have a

blister on one finger that is very uncomfortable.

I think it was worth it though for this cute Spring Wreath, one thing is certain,

I know it is not going to fall apart!

Not one thing went to waste making this wreath, not even the leaves.

Total cost around $10.00- $15.00, it will depend on your choice of flowers.

At the very least I buy my floral when they are 50 percent off, better yet, always shop the

discount section, as there are always pretty posies left behind.

Materials Needed to Make This 12 inch Spring Wreath

*( 1) 10 inch straw wreath form (finished product measures 12 inches).

* (24) 2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* (30) 1/2 inch flowers and leaves from stems.

* Scissors.

*Floral Cutters.

* Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

* Ribbon ( to hang wreath).

Spring Wreath Tutorial

12 Inch Spring Wreath Directions

Remove plastic from straw wreath, cut 24 floral stems to one inch in length.

Cut leaves off stems and set them aside.

Taking the tip of scissors separate the fibers of the straw wreath.

Place a generous dollop of hot glue into hole made by the tip of scissors.

Push 1 inch floral stems into hole with hot glue and hold for a few seconds.

Glue the 24 floral stems that you have cut to one inch length around the top of the wreath

then work your way around to the sides.

Cut stems and leaves off (30) 1/2 inch flowers.

Set leaves aside and save to add later.

Hot glue 1/2 inch flowers onto the bare spaces of the wreath.

Glue the leaves, around entire center of wreath.

Tuck and glue leaves around wreath to create natural appearance.

There are a couple of great finds that I have been wanting to incorporate into this Vignette.

The wicker/rattan chair which I found at  Angels Attic-$15.00  and the brass water pitcher I picked

up in Oklahoma while visiting my daughter and granddaughter-$5.00.

I cut back the roses that were still looking good from my Valentine flowers and bunched them up

in the cute chubby brass pitcher.

I added some green zest to my antique secretary desk by using green Ikat scrap book paper and

taping it to the back of the desk, along with green ceramic apples which I picked up at the Red

Door in Louisiana.  I like how the green adds harmony to the Spring vignette.

Then, I found these hankies in my sister's cedar chest.

 I lovingly ironed them, placed them on this silver tray and included them in my Spring Vignette

-but I must share this with you.

You see those monogram MJ initials-those were my Mother's-

I suspect she did this stitching as a child.

This Spring Vignette seems to have something for all of my pleased.


Please Join Me~

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Ivy and Elephants

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  1. Hi Jemma, I am always admiring the beautiful but very expensive wreaths at Michael's! Your tutorial has given this craft less girl some hope.
    One thing I have around my house are lots of storage containers filled with flowers! I found some cute Easter egg themed daffodils and calla lilies at the Dollar Tree. I may pick up more if I can and try to make some wreaths. I do have a metal wreath, any ideas to decorate it! I know burlap has gotten so expensive but I have a few rosettes crafts (by someone else) with burlap! I want a new wreath for Springtime and you have given me some ideas. You have a lovely home and I like the way you have showed off theses treasures. I love those vintage hankies too! Oh what a treasure to have something hand crafted by your mom! <3 Precious memories....Have a beautiful day! Anne

  2. The wreath is so pretty! Love the florals you used! I'm ready for spring for sure!

  3. The wreath is just gorgeous! Sorry about your blister but you did a great job on it and I'm sure your girls will love it! I love your secretary too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. The wreath came out fantastic...even though your finger didn't fare too well! Your daughters are going to love the wreaths.
    Your vignette is lovely...I really like the ceramic apples...I have some that are candles.
    Have a great week, Jemma

  5. Very pretty, Jemma! I too have a blister today from hot glueing earlier. I snipped a bit of aloe vera plant and squeezed it on there.

  6. Jemma that is so pretty - your daughter is extremely lucky! Looks fresh and ready for spring! Thanks for the tutorial - looks kind of hard for me. So tell me = how do you make the arrows on your photos - you need to do a tutorial on that! Loved everything.

  7. That is so pretty, and really gets me in the mood for Spring! Your instructions are easy to follow too. One thing I don't have in this house, or our last house where we lived for 26 years, is a good place to put a wreath. I know...doesn't that stink? Our cabin has a screened in porch in the front, so a wreath doesn't really look as nice as it should, and our last house had a weird set up...the side faced the street. Oh well. I may not have a good entrance, but I have cute toes ;).


  8. I love your wreath. It is so pretty. Such nice gifts to share with your family. You did a wonderful job too on your Spring Vignette. Everything goes together so well. Love the special family hankies you added in there too. The paper background. The added roses. Small touches with such good results.

  9. Jemma your wreath is beautiful, I need to get on the band wagon and do some thing spring like. Thanks for sharing on SYC. Jo

  10. Pretty wreath Jemma! I love the paper in the back of your secretary - great idea for a way to dress things up!


  11. Jemma, there's so many things to mention on here that I liked - your Mother's monogrammed hankies, for one. These hankies are so special, and they reminded me of a little doily that my grandmother crocheted that I still have. Things that are passed on to us are so special, don't you think? The brass pitcher that you bought for $5.00, oh my, that's so pretty. The roses go beautifully with it. And that pink lamp vase is very nice. Your daughters are so lucky to have mom making wreaths for them. They are always so creative.

    Have a fun weekend, Jemma.


  12. jemma love her tied wreath is a dream !!!
    and the old flea market also share !!!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, dear greetings from Germany by angie

  13. Very pretty! I love the green! I love green and gray together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. The wreath is so pretty and I love the vignette! The hankies are precious as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. What a beautiful spring wreath Jemma! I love the simple colours you chose. It goes so well with your secretary desk vignette. You have such a creative flare! I have a collection of vintage hankies, but never know what to do with them, so they sit in a pretty wicker basket ... hidden :[ Not what they deserve I'm sure.

  16. I love the natural color of this wreath to no end! I just need to make one and thank you so much for the tutorial! Have a great week~


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