Mini Moments Of Joy

February 17, 2015
As I was out and about today, everything that caught my eye was miniature.

I have come to realize that when life reaches out to me in this fashion, it is important for me

to take notice.

It all began when I was at the market and discovered this mini orchid, I did not even know there

was such a thing as a mini orchid.

My first thought was what a precious treasure and then I thought of our

Passion, Purpose and Productivity Project and I had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you.

You know as women we have or still do spend so much time of our lives "waiting."

I remember my own beloved Mother planning, wanting and waiting for my children and I to come

home to Idaho every Summer to be with her.

We wait for dates, dances, dinner, dudes and duds.

We wait for college, classes, cool styles and children.

We wait for marriage, motherhood, magical and marvelous moments.

And in the midst of all of this waiting we might just blink, sigh, wonder,

or wish the very moment away.

I have, I did.

Just not so much anymore-because it is time to practice restraint, it is important to bide ones time,

it is important to embrace the mini moments.

Remember when we were so young that the days felt they would never end, or that Christmas

would never, ever come, that we would never ever grow up and then all at once those things did

happen, in fact they rushed by as fast as the wind and we were all grown up.

So today, I took the mini moments, the mini orchid, the mini tangerines, the mini single serving slice

of  King Cake and even the mini vintage copper mold and really took time to appreciate the

importance of not forcing the moment to pass.

Not pushing through the hours of the day, not bursting each minute as if it was an expendable

balloon, but rather letting those precious seconds of the day glide gently to me.

Learning to do this is not easy for me,  I am really not good at sitting, or pondering.

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, notions, and ideas and I have put the cart before the

horse way too many times.

But not today... I paid attention to the perfect moment and it became a moment of joy.

How are you finding joy as you age?

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  1. I agree with your thoughts. You wrote them down so well.

  2. Kudos to you, Jemma! I think we just have to train ourselves to appreciate those moments... each and every one. It is in the appreciation that life develops a rich, deep sweetness. blessings ~ tanna

  3. Beautiful thoughts! I find that taking each day as it comes and realizing how many blessings we have are what keeps me going. It's all of the little things that happen daily that we should be grateful for.


  4. My dearest Jemma,

    You, a woman of macro magic and energy and grace, are so exquisitely tuned in to life's mini moments, that the results of this equation: macro + mini = pure and peaceful joy.

    LOVED this!! Off to savour it again...

    MACRO hugs,

  5. Powerful post, Jemma, full of many golden nuggets. It doesn't come naturally to me either and I love reminders to recognize and appreciate mini-moments like yours. We rush, rush, rush towards the next thing when it's right there in front of us.

    So many gifts in each day!

  6. These posts are really helping me to think a little more deeply about things that matter to me. I try to learn new things and try new things and it keeps me excited about each day. We don't rush around as much now that we are retired and we enjoy our day trips, hikes and outings more. Thanks for these posts my friend. Hugs, Diane

  7. I have to agree with Diane. It does seem infinitely easier to enjoy the little things, metaphorically speaking, when we aren't rushing, rushing, rushing to work, to dance class, to soccer practice or any number of things that eat away at our everyday lives when we are working and raising a family. Nevertheless, it does take a certain mindset, even when time is abundant, to learn this skill, but worth it.

  8. Those orchids are so pretty! This post was very insightful! I find joy in finding happiness in each day and being positive. I make sure that I keep my body and mind active. Your saying says it all about the Aging Process...Love that! I am now following you.

  9. This is so beautiful, Jemma, and it couldn't have been said any better. I guess the way I find joy at my age is exactly what you've said......paying attention to moments and trying to appreciate them all (not an easy thing to do cause of our whirlwind of thoughts - great phrase, by the way). Did you have that king cake too? The girls make it every year for Mardi Gras, and I still haven't tried it.

    What a gentle reminder to not just push through the day, but to appreciate the precious time that's in front of us.

    love, ~Sheri

  10. I haven't ever seen a mini orchid either and it is so pretty! I try, like you to find the joy in smaller, simple things. It wasn't easy when my children were small and I am guilty of wishing certain moments away only to realize later on that you can't get those moments back. So I am trying very hard to pay attention to the moment (as we have all discussed in the various Passion,Purpose and Productivity posts) and stay grounded in the moment. I will confess that I am a bit anxious for spring to arrive but trying so hard not to wish the time away. It's always a push--pull process for me! I am still learning! Thanks Jemma for another wonderful post!

  11. What a sweet post Jemma! I remember that so many things seemed to last forever as a child. Now the days just fly by and I wish they would last a little longer. As much as I loved being young, there is no better time than now! Have to enjoy every single mini minute!

  12. I've always noticed the little things, but I get more appreciative of the everyday things as I get older.

    I've never heard of a mini orchid either! I'd probably kill it though, just like the big ones lol

  13. Love the mini orchard. And about enjoying life as you age - I am trying. lol


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