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February 24, 2015
On January 1, of this year I hit the publish button on a post which I was compelled to

write.  It was on the subject of  Aging With Style.

A new year had dawned and so had a heightened awareness within my soul.

Aging- a topic so universal and yet when discussed it is done so with adjectives such as-

coping, accepting, transitioning, response is phooey!

I don't want to cope, I want to live with a heart that is on fire!!

I am so passionate about Aging with style and from the comments that many of you left

- so are you!

In my wildest dreams I did not imagine that the Passion, Purpose & Productivity Project would

resonate, inspire and encourage women to care for and uplift one another so thoughtfully.

As we continue this amazing journey together, hand in hand across the mountains and seas,

I would like to introduce you to a lovely, sincere, and passionate woman- Jan.

You will find Jan at Jan's Place  sharing recipes, devotionals and decorating tips,

 as well as glimpses into her life as she shares with us the talents she was blessed with.

Jan will be opening up her home, her life and her journey on how she "ignites," passion in her daily

life and just how much living a life with intent, passion, purpose and productivity means to her.

Thank you Jan, for sharing your time and thoughts with us today.

It seems to me that in today's world there is so much, (too) much pressure put on a female.

The pressure begins earlier and earlier with each generation.

The images we see, the voices we hear, the words which are written, do not define a real female.

There is no such thing as perfect in these imperfect earthly bodies, but there is real living to be done,

real adventures with those we love, and there is the importance of really being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself, being proud of the woman you are and the woman you are yet to be,

are all vital elements to being a woman who ages with style.

It is not the clothes we wear, nor the style of our hair that causes us to or not to age with style.

Aging with style is being imperfect, fragmented, totally honest with ourselves and accepting

who we are, warts and all!

Here are some tips that are beginning to  work for me, tell me what you think-

1- Everyone's journey is unique-there is no generic prescription.

2-Don' judge those who stumble (including yourself) we all make mistakes.

3-Keep your vision and goals aligned.

4-Don't let the word "Age," define you.

5-Laugh, seriously laugh alot!

As our project grows and as we continue to reach out to one another-woman to  woman  I would

like to share with you some of the inspiring responses I have received during the past few months.

Including a quote from Socrates~

Sharing some positive thoughts  from other Ladies who are embracing Aging With Style.

Sheri From Red Rose Alley ~
" Sometimes we get settled in our surroundings, we need to remember to sparkle..."

Willie From Living Life On Main Street
" Hey, I am almost 81 and it really isn't too late  to start anything,  I published a book..."

Michelle From It's a Small Town Life
"I want to age with some grace and purpose,"

Marigene From In The Middle of Nowhere
"Remaining optimistic and positive, laughing frequently, and keeping an open mind are keys to aging with grace and style..."

Satu From My Usual Daily Life
"I'm quite happy with my knowledge of life that I have now."

Jann From Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
"What would life be like without passion or purpose...I really do love life and I figure smile wrinkles are much better than ones formed from frowning."

Carol From Art and Sand
"I am content with myself and my age..."

Linda From Linda's Lens
" I hike and ski with folks in their 60's and 70's and they are my role models...I say you are as old as you feel, if you don't use it, you lose it!"

If this is your first visit please visit these other Bloggers for more inspiration.

Dewena writing from Dewena's WindowHonora writing from Pondside,

Linda writing from My Sew What Blog and Nancy writing from Created for a Journey.

Thanks again to Jan from Jan' Place for sharing her world that is "Ignited With Passion."

How do you remain true to yourself and embrace your purpose?

See you tomorrow with a New Spring Wreath~


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  1. Good Morning Jemma! See what you started with one simple post on the 1st of January? I'm so glad you posted that...and I'm happy to be a part of this entire project. I'm so thankful to have been able to post and link up to you today...Let's all get "Ignited"!! I've known since the beginning of this project, that I wanted to be involved, but had so many other things "pop up" that took my time...but with all the prayers, love and support from you and so many others, things are finally starting to settle down - at least there's no cancer anywhere for hubby.

    Blessings to you, sweet friend,
    Jan ♥

  2. Oh Jemma - this will be good!!!!

  3. How exciting....I will think about this and see if I can join in. Lots to ponder and I certainly am the right age for this my friend. Great idea.

  4. Oh Jemma, thank you for adding me to your quotes on positive thoughts. And YOU sparkle so much with every post I read and every picture you take. You have a heart of gold, and I just want you to know that. The aged pot with the red flowers on here is very symbolic because although it looks so old, it's also very beautiful. I liked all the tips, especially 'everyone's journey is unique.' That one spoke to me because that's what makes us so lovely even as we age, knowing that we are unique and finding a way to embrace it. Then, I think we age with style.

    I'm off to check out Jan's post now. Have a wonderful week, Jemma.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. I think that question is the 64K dollar question - how can you remain true to yourself and embrace your passion - and do the right thing!

  6. Aging has never been a sensitive subject with me. I don't get when women don't want to tell their ages. We're all going to age; we might as well do it with style and pride!

  7. Thank you so much for adding me to your quotes! I appreciate it! I think this project is going to be powerful and I can't wait to see how it grows!

  8. Another heartfelt, meaningful post Jemma. Aging is such a personal journey for every woman, but one thing I've learned is those women who are teachable, who strive to learn new things and challenges no matter their age, are the women who blossom and shine in their later years.

  9. Thank you again, Jemma. Well done. I'm off to visit Jan's Place. blessings ~ tanna

  10. Jemma,
    I am so glad that I stopped by today to thank you for your kind visit and comments!!

    Your post today only resonates what my One Little Word for this year is....LIVE!!!!!

    This year, I am choosing to LIVE! Taking life slower, enjoying it more, making things more simple by organizing and getting rid of time consuming things ( like getting my hair colored!! LOL)

    Great post!!!


  11. I am enjoying this subject & it is very timely for me with my newly emptied nest! Your blog gives me so much to ponder! I have been analyzing & rethinking who I want to be & how I want to spend my time going into this new chapter! The don't judge those who stumble jumped off the screen at me! Lately, I have had to be subjected to watching others judge a large sector of society. The negativity & harshness have really been hard to deal with. I want to scream you're wasting precious time-your own time that you won't get back! Loving, being intentional about loving others & looking for ways to unite people would make life more peaceful. I'm not judging them but feel sorry for all the goodness they're missing out on while their lives are filled with anger/fear/harshness.


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