Fabulous Friday Finds

February 12, 2015
Welcome to today's post, a miscellaneous mix of joyful moments and delightful finds from this week.

It might just be a Fabulous Friday because it feels a little more fun, a little more lighthearted

and well maybe a bit disjointed.

But as I stay true to my mindset of living with passion, I am just going with it, now how about that!

The week began with this, a sweet little Miss Muffet celebrating her second Birthday.

My daughter ordered most of the Monster Inc. party decorations from a shop on etsy.

Cute, cute decorations, cake and cupcakes.

One very chatty, sweet and happy Birthday girl.

After enjoying a lovely Birthday celebration for our precious granddaughter.

Rebecca, Molly and myself  made a trip to Oklahoma City to a spectacular craft show-

Affair Of The Heart.

It is one of the largest craft shows in the Southwest, so large in fact that the three of us only made

it to two of the buildings at the State Fair Park.

We then called it quits-isn't that ridiculous, but honestly I think you need a shopping cart and a

motorized vehicle.. to take it all in.

When I saw these reclaimed metal pieces cut into different shapes,

and these made to look vintage tags, I just had to snap them up.

Make super cute Valentine gifts too.

Do you remember this saying which came from the movie Friday Night Lights?

Well, with Texas being our home,  I just had to have this detailed reclaimed metal sheet.

I think I am going to stain some bead board, frame it and then attach this

Texas Forever reclaimed Metal to the framed bead board and hang it on the back patio.

Kinda nifty don't you think?

Now, I must share a wonderful Friday find with you-these marvelous tulips straight from the garden

center at Walmart.

These tulips are actually bare bulbs tucked into a clear glass cylinder and placed in water, this

way they will last so much longer than stems from your florist or market!

Fresh blooming, vibrant tulips for $9.95-now thats too sweet of a deal to pass up.

Prettiest pink ever, a sweet addition to my Valentine Vignette.

They make a splendid last minute Valentine gift too.

It was a little random, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and thats a good thing.

Happy Valentine's  Day  With Love,


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  1. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! Beautiful tulips, I'm so ready for spring!

  2. Dear Jemma, thanks for the nice words. Molly looks so beautiful and happy. Once again, all the best.
    I will fly next week to my granddaughter's Elaina birthday. There is a lot of snow and frost.
    Lots of love and hugs ... Dorothea :-)

  3. What a sweet birthday girl! Love the tutu! The tulips are gorgeous, they have to be one of my favorite flowers. Love that Texas sign!!

  4. How absolutely wonderful to celebrate this precious angel's birthday! Her little momma did a great job on the decorations! And, I love Friday Night Lights... and that is going to be PERFECT at your home! blessings ~ tanna

  5. Oh, Molly looks precious, and two years old! I would loved to have gone to that craft show. That's my kind of place. Your tulips are beautiful and perfect for Valentine's Day. Jemma, Nel just took a trip to Texas last weekend, and saw so many interesting sights. She said there is so much history there, and really had a wonderful time.

    I hope that one of my sweetest gals in blog land has a Happy Valentine's Day. It's the day of love, and you are so full of love.


  6. What an adorable little one...love the awesome green tutu! Gorgeous tulips.
    Enjoy the weekend, Jemma.

  7. Happy Birthday to Molly! She looks like she's having so much fun at her fabulous party, with such scrumptious treats and special guests!

    The craft show sounds very interesting, Jemma. So much to discover and learn, which is always fun and exciting. Your pretty tulips are the sweetest pink and look lovely with your existing decor; enjoy them!!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

    P.S.: Thanks so much for your very kind words over at Poppy View, yesterday; you're a doll!:))

  8. You will not believe this but I bought pink tulips from Walmart this week. AND your granddaughter - HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i say that passionately to her and you. She is precious. And I mustache tell you! sandie

  9. Your granddaughter is truly the sweetest little doll I've ever seen. You must adore her to pieces!

    That craft fair sounds something like Brimfield. I've posted about it a few times. It's the largest antique fair in the country, and would take at least two full days to get through everything. It can be overwhelming, but fun.

    You know, I can't believe I never thought about getting tulips like that. Makes sense that they would last longer that way. Fresh tulips don't last long at all...a few days at most. I no longer plant them because they're cat nip for the deer, but there's no reason not to have them in the house.


  10. A sweet party for your granddaughter. Isn't it fun to see the little ones grow up, and to be a part of their lives?
    The tulips are gorgeous and look very modern arranged that way.

  11. Jemma, Miss Muffet did have a beautiful party, and her green tutu is fabulous! I bet you took a bunch of pictures of the darling in that--and you probably wanted to put up dozens of them here! I'm so glad you girls enjoyed your trip to see all the creative crafts. R.H. would have loved the "Texas Forever" tag!

    I've never bought tulips that way but I remember seeing Trader Joe's have hyacinth bulbs sold like that and was so tempted to get them. I didn't think about them lasting longer than cut ones.

    I hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful, Jemma!


  12. Those tulips are gorgeous. Your blog is always so pretty, it's so nice to come to, and see such great pictures, and hear about your family and where you have been. Thanks for sharing. xx Nancy

  13. Happy Birthday to your little cutie! What a darling little girl and I'm sure the birthday party was so sweet. Cute crafties too. Thanks for popping in and sending a little Texas weather! Hasn't gotten here yet, though. :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Jemma, your little grand is a doll! I love that age. The hearts are cute and I just love tulips! One of my favorite Spring flowers. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I love the colors of the decorations you used. A Monsters INC-themed birthday party is probably one of the cutest parties ever! It’s nice to know that you enjoyed the celebration. Anyway, I think hanging that Texas metal sheet on a bead board would be really nice. It's going to serve as a great display for your back patio. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us, Jemma. All the best!

    Rosemary Bailey @ WabiCorp

  17. Molly looks adorable in her cute little dress! It seems like she had a lot of fun on her birthday, especially since you guys had a lovely theme. Anyway, those metal sheet decorations are a bit quirky, but I like them all the same. Thanks for sharing!

    Bernice Parsons @ Badger Anodising


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