Passion To Decorate With Flowers

January 04, 2015

I have received many lovely emails, and thoughtful comments from my last post

Aging With Style , where many of  you were kind enough and open enough to share how living a life

with passion makes all the difference for you in your life.

It was a joy for me to hear from you and we are going to keep the momentum going.

Several Ladies during the course of the month will be sharing posts on their passions and

the positive changes it makes in their daily living.

If you would like to share your story, please let me know.

So, today I am sharing with you one of my passions - flowers.

Our home was beginning to feel so bare after all of Christmas was taken down and stowed away.

This is when I began to eye my little  Greenhouse which has many of my

beloved and cherished plants and flowers

carefully placed and tucked inside her little plexiglass walls.

I have come to know myself and, know that January will always be a letdown for me.

All of the months leading up to Christmas are joyful, filled with anticipation  and an abundant 

amount of activities combined with  Holiday

preparations that when January hits, I will become a little blue.

So, it seem as though this is the perfect opportunity to jump right into living a life with


The best thing to cure the Winter time blues for me, are plants and flowers.

And it is not just enough to visit them in my dear little greenhouse.

I need them inside with me!

Normally I have my Winter Windowsill Garden  but for this

season of life I am adding them to my living room decorating.

Along with some treasures from my three daughters.

I am really not certain how these petunias will do indoors.

Have you ever housed petunias inside for several months?

Maybe they will just need to visit and go back in the greenhouse...

I think Geraniums do very well during the Winter in a East or South Facing Window.

But for me, I only have petunias, ferns, palms, succulents and a few vines.

Oh, and then I added a little Art and decorating on the mantle of where I would like to be.

A few seashells too, just to make me happy.

I have several blogging friends who live by the sea...

You fortunate

My Passion to decorate with Flowers, renews my spirits,  inspires me,

makes a dull gray day brighter and brings joy to my soul.

What is your passion today, this week or month??


Please Join Me~

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  1. Hi Jemma! Oh, I love the looks of your pretty flowers this time of year. I've started taking down my Christmas decorations today and am wondering - what next? You're fortunate to have a greenhouse and I wish you a Happy New Year!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. It's obvious that your passion is flowers because you have such a green thumb and seem to be able to grow anything. All the "pretties" you've brought in from your greenhouse just brightens every room of your house. What a great idea to bring all those beautiful flowers in as the Christmas decorations exit. I have not thought of that but you have given me a wonderful idea. What could be better for these long cold January days than flowers...I hope you have a great week...

  3. I hope you will let us know how the petunias do indoors. I love growing them in the warmer months.

  4. Are all those beautiful flowers from your greenhouse? You have a green thumb. What can lift spirits more than beautiful colored flowers?

  5. Oh your flowers are lovely! You have such a wonderful flair with them. Love seeing all that color and the art is wonderful too. ALways my pleasure to come say hello. Have a beautiful week. Hugs, Anne

  6. Hi, Jemma. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment about my winter china cabinet--and a surprise it is that you liked it, given your darling post about your January letdown! I used to experience the same, since I always dread our January and February weather, but although I still dread the weather, I do enjoy the calmness of our home after putting Christmas way. I'm wishing you sunny flower days! ~Zuni

  7. Your flowers really do brighten up the rooms! I have a few indoor plants in my kitchen, and although they take up a lot of precious space, I do like seeing some green indoors when it's all white and grey outside. Wendy x

  8. Oh you lucky soul with a greenhouse!! The flowers that you brought inside the house are doing so well and has brightened up your space. That should pick up your spirits! I moved to a small apartment in April and had two large hanging baskets on my balcony. Come cold weather I didn't know what to do with them but decided I'd try to overwinter those geraniums just inside that east facing balcony door. So far, so good.

  9. I too love to garden and really do need to see color and light during the dark winter months. Now that the Christmas decorations are down and packed away for another year, a huge red poinsettia on our kitchen table continues to thrive and bring a sense of brightness to the whole room. At night, I surround it with lit candles. The bright red flowers combined with the cream colored candles always, always makes me smile. A smile of contentment and happiness!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  10. Flowers were my father's passion too, Jemma, and his vegetable garden. I hope those petunias do well but you can always let them alternate between greenhouse and house if needed.

    I'm going back now to read your last post but most assuredly we learn to plan ahead for our post-Christmas doldrums, an inescapable fact of life for me too.

  11. Hi Jemma! As a floral designer I share your passion for flowers! We lived in the woods for almost 30 years and could not grow any flowers other than impatiens. We moved to this house 2 1/2 years ago so in the spring I PLANT!!! I wish I could have a greenhouse, but not in a 55 plus community. I hope your petunias do well. I still have my Christmas up, but will start tomorrow, dismantling. Thanks SO much for your visit. As for another passion: my nrighbor and I started walking every morning back in the Spring. We are up to 4.2 miles a day. I also have lost 6 punds! We are bound and determined to NOT sit and wile our years away, but GET OUTSIDE and MOVE:):)

  12. Oh girl, are you ever making me long for Spring! Love your pretty flowers. I picked up some white roses at the store today. Hoping to share them in a post tomorrow. Nothing quite like flowers to chase away the blues. Love this passion series!

  13. dear jemma , I find their decoration with petunias and the shells wonderful !!! a happy new year wishes them angie from Germany

  14. Jemma,
    Having flowers around the house, especially in January, is a wonderful idea. I love the sea shells on the mantel and the artwork of the place you would like to be. I have been wanting to take a trip to see the ocean lately, and that surprises me, as my heart is always in the mountains. Maybe it's Jess' coast pictures that did it. Your picture of the cardinal is so pretty, I really like that, and I love seeing bits of your home. It's so lovely.

    It sounds like the new year is treating you well, Jemma.


  15. What a great passion, Jemma. Flowers are great communicators, so have fun chit-chatting. ;)
    I am extremely passionate about almost everything....the sea, photography, giving, creating, loved it's a little difficult to choose, but kindness is really up there for me.

    Love your new header.
    Happy New Year again, dear. Thank you for stopping by.
    It's going to be quite a busy year for our family, but I'm looking forward to staying in touch.


  16. So many of my posts have been about flowers; flowers that talk, sing, gossip, and even plan fashion shows, so, I can completely understand your passion for these beautiful and sweet scented lovelies! Your petunias are very pretty and I hope they do well in the house, but as you say, even a visit is a treat. Your flower arrangements are always so elegant, with a certain softness to them, and they always bring a smile to my face!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, dear Jemma!



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