Matters Of The Spirit

January 19, 2015
As we continue our journey together, discovering the daily rewards of  living a life with

Passion, Purpose and Productivity,

I am pleased to introduce to you, a remarkable, talented and eloquent woman who has been

inspiring the blogging community since about 2007.

Honora from Ponside , will be sharing her thoughts today, on living with intent and Passion.

So, click on the link above and hop on over with your cup of coffee or tea and visit!

Thank you Honora, so very much for spending time with us today.

Until a few years ago, I did not know that there was a Pondside.

When I did discover Honor'as Pondside, I discovered something much more,

I discovered another world where integrity lives and natural beauty thrives.

As for me, I am remaining committed to living  a life with Passion, Purpose and Productivity.

I am becoming more focused on living a life with more intent, being present and finding more

exuberance/ passion as well!

Maybe it is the awareness of the many precious moments which are woven into the day that ignite


How is this all going for you, do you have any tips to share...

When I found this beautiful saying I thought of all of you and really felt it was worth sharing.

Naturally,  common sense tell us there are other things which do matter, but what a gentle way

to journey through life.

However, I am realizing that by accepting that there are going to be some things, that we just have to

let go of,  in order to live more passionately, joyfully and gently with where we are now.

My heart and soul want to live just as passionately at eighty as I did at forty!!

I know for a fact, that there were some things which were meant for me when I was younger,

that are no longer meant for me now.

So, how does one maintain a zest, a passion for life as they journey through it's Season's?

I truly feel as though Dewena from Dewena's Window, gave us insight into

how we might just be living a life with passion and not even realize it!

(If you have not visited Dewena, please do,)

Dewena, you have inspired me, with a clearer appreciation that Passion-exists often times in

the most unlikely places!

Passion is Not fretting over...

Gardens that did not get weeded,

exercising days that were missed,

wash that didn't get washed ...and why?

Because instead of doing these tasks I was...

on the phone with a loved one, chatting about this and that,

making wreaths out of coat hangers,

sitting on a back porch laughing with an old friend,

writing a note to my beloved Mother,

listening to the Tall Tale of a wide eyed child.

I really was Living a Life With Passion, all along.

I suspect you are too!


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  1. Very pretty post today. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dear Jemma,
    You petunias are still lovely and the colors seem so appropriate to your post today. I just read Honora's post and how it resonated with me, and I'm sure with many others.

    Thank you for including me in your project and for the opportunity to have met Honora and the other guest writers. I just linked to Honora's post on my current post and now will go and link your lovely post today to it.

    "Letting go of some things"--ah, Jemma, there's an important key in this quest of ours! Thank you for it! I'll be thinking today of what I need to let go of that keeps me from feeling joy--and no, I'm afraid paying bills cannot be put on that list! But I know there are things that can and should be.

    Onward, through January and beyond!


    1. Absolutely Dewena,
      Forward we will go with passion, joy and the power to let go in the New Year!
      Thank you so much for contributing your thoughts, passion and optimism with us.

  3. This is a lovely introduction to Honora and her post. I came over from Pondside, via Dewena's Window. Thought-provoking posts, all of them. Thank you.

  4. Exactly Jemma.....some things didn't get done because something more important did! I just read Honora's post and really enjoyed it. So easy to relate to. Thank you for your lovely post!

    1. Thank you Linda for joining in on the project so looking forward to your contribution on Monday.

  5. Yes, ma'am. I think Deweena nailed it. I'm so happy to have found both of you. I've been a fan of Honora's for a long time. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Tanna,
      Dewena did nail it, didn't she, always an inspiration for us.
      So happy you stopped by and that I have found you!

  6. Jemma, thank you so much for starting this focus on passion. And, that quote really struck home with me. I loved a man deeply for 60 years and then lost him to Alzheimers. I feel like I am a gentle soul. People tell me that I am kind and gentle so I take their word for it. And, at this time in my life I am letting go of things that clutter my life, that aren't meant for me now. It's life changing.

    1. Thank you for sharing your feelings straight from your heart. Letting go is one of the biggest
      challenges for me, and I am really working on this aspect of my life every single day.

  7. Honora from Pondside is a wonderful gal! U have to say that lemon cake was passionately delicious!

    1. Sandie,
      I am so glad you enjoyed the Meyer Lemon Cake! It is a keeper of a recipe:)

  8. This is wonderful, Jemma - Yes, you have been living a life of passion all along, just by doing all the little things you do every day and giving so much of yourself to others. Dewena is a special lady, isn't she? I just connected with her after a long time when she was away from her blog. This rose bowl is absolutely gorgeous on here, and the purple flowers set it off so well. I really love the quote and the message that it brings. Such a special post this is, Jemma.


    1. Sheri,
      Our lives are filled with precious snippets of life, having lost a sister, Mom & Dad it is a high priority
      Of mine to live with an awareness and appreciate for others and to embrace this far to brief of
      Life with passion.
      Thank you for noticing my bowl, I just knew you would dear friend.

  9. So many people interpret living with passion as always doing, doing, doing. In reality, it's a state of mind. We tend to be a fast paced society, and those that slow down are often thought of as uninspired, lacking ambition or even lazy. But Buddha nailed it (as did Dewena). It really is just that simple.


    1. Oh yes, Doreen, we have some wise souls who "see," beyond the busy part of life.

  10. Hello dear Jemma. What a lovely post. I'm going to go visit Honora's blog now, too. Thanks! Susan

  11. Jemma, you have certainly hit a soft spot with so many of us on this series of Passion, Purpose and Productivity. Honora and Dewena both did heart felt posts about how passion, purpose and productivity has and is affecting their lives. You really have your hand on the pulse of women's hearts and I appreciate that you have taken the time to help us stop and think about our everyday lives through this series.....Hugs...

    1. Dear Nancy,
      Aging with style & grace by remaining passionate, engaged, purposeful and productive seem to resonate with women of all ages from coast to coast. I am excited about the energy that is being generated from this open forum.
      Thank you for participating and sharing your heartfelt thoughts.

  12. Jemma, I finally figured out how to comment! I love your blog. It makes my heart so happy and warm. It is like spending the afternoon catching up!! I too want to be more intentional about my living & cherish time, which is so precious. I am reinventing my life, as a newly empty nester so this blog gives me plenty to consider. I am enjoying the guest bloggers, too. What fabulous women! We all seem to be kindred spirits in this life together, linked by this magical thing we call the internet!

    1. Laura,
      I am soo happy to hear from you! You are such a dear, dear friend and am I thrilled you feel the warmth from visiting. I really was hopeful that Jemma's would create that "feel," for everyone.
      Your words resonate with all of us, who have visited and left comments, where do we go from here?
      And the beauty is, whether our passions are Opera or gardening, we still have them and can meet here to share ideas.
      Thank you for sharing yours and most of all for your visit!

  13. Jemma, what a wonderful post.. I think you hit it spot on living with passion.. doing things we enjoy and living life in a way that makes us happy.. Thanks for sharing the links and the Buddha quote.. Have a happy day!

    1. Eileen,
      I always enjoy visiting and hearing from you, glad you enjoyed the Buddha quote!


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