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Aging With Style and Five Life Changing Books

January 01, 2015
Today we are chatting about discovering, nurturing and developing the passion, purpose and  productivity within ourselves to be the best we can be all throughout our lives.
Aging is not a destination. 
We do have choices and the power to choose our destiny. 
Today I am sharing some thoughts, tips and Five life changing and motivational books to help guide each of us through the our own personal journey.

There are not many ways out of this deal, and honestly we are all pretty much in the same

boat, whether we are twenty or a centenarian.

All of us are at different stages of aging, with so much positivity to be found in this

remarkable process of life.

And truly would any one of us want to be sixteen, eighteen or twenty one again?

Not me-no way...

(Well, except for the fact we were so cute and looked sooo good in our jeans!)


So, I really think and really want to Age With Style, I really do.

There are so many opportunities and resources for all of us to age strong, vital and relevant.

Do you?

And I am not talking about the boots, jackets and hairstyle.

I am talking about navigating the journey and,  all of us are navigating together.


I am pretty passionate about aging with style. 

So, I have created a little three step journey into the Process Of Aging With Style.

I am going to outline it here and then I would like to see what you think, what you feel.

How your are navigating the journey? 


Passion, Purpose, Productivity 


  • When we live a life with passion, it is a life that is lived with more intent and less habit. 
  • We experience the moment rather than go through mindless motions.
  • We have the ability to ignite ourselves.
  • Not giving into complacency or apathy.
  • Maintain passion through creative outlets, dreams, goal setting, focus and not giving up.


  • Mindful of  our purpose in life as our lives evolve through the seasons of life.
  • Where one chapter of life is closed another one is beginning.  
  • It is easy to trip on the pitfalls of getting stuck on a purpose that is gone.
  • Letting go is good and moving forward is even better.
  • Mindfulness is essential for growth.
  • Possibilities for new purpose are opened up when we seek mental, spiritual and emotional growth.
  • With goal setting and focusing on a purpose driven life more productivity becomes available.
  • Writing down our goals helps to maintain focus.

Tip-Remember the Little Engine-"I think I can..."


  • Essential to the human spirit, we are wired this way.
  • We make lists, set deadlines set our alarm clocks, our coffee pots.
  • Humans navigate towards routines.
  • Productivity measures our output.
  • As our lifespans extend it is vital to our spiritual and mental well being to be productive.
  • We are never too old to give up on a dream.
  • Dreams do not have expiration dates.

So, this month I am starting with PASSION,  baby steps here...

This is something we all can do, no matter where or what part of the journey we are on.

Lets be fabulous at what we do, passionate, strong, vital, enthusiastic, dedicated, powerful,

profound, intentional, mindful, aware, living in the moment.

If you are a new Mom, a retiree, in the middle of an inspiring career, a writer, a blogger,

a cook, wherever you are in life-live your life with passion, not for anyone else-for You!

Five + Life-Changing Motivational Books

"More Than Enough" -Elaine Welteroth

"Claiming Space For Who You Are."

"Big Magic" -Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative Living Beyond Fear

"Atomic Habits"-James Clear
An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones.

Lets age with style together!


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  1. Oh Jemma, I love this post and yes I will join with you on Passion for this month. We can be accountability partners. I totally agree with all you have said. I really do want to age gracefully as well as not missing any special moments. Your post is about being intentional and I love that thought....Your pictures are perfect partners to your pretty..

    1. Nancy,
      I am thrilled that you are joining me on this journey! We will hold one another accountable to live with passion, intention, and grace for this first month of the new year in 2015.

  2. Jemma, I chuckled when I saw the word "passion" because I think I was born with passion (maybe it's my Greek heritage haha). Your list for the new year is wonderful, and I really liked what you said about being enthusiastic, aware, living in the moment. Sometimes we get settled in our surroundings, and this post is a great reminder to sparkle in every way we can. Thank you, Jemma.


    ps I laughed when you said we were so cute and looked so good in our jeans hehehe.

    1. Sheri,
      We most surely do need to sparkle and stay living in the very moment we are in!
      We were cute, weren't we-back then:)!

  3. Oh Jemma, your post is terrific! I found myself nodding "yes" to everything you wrote! As the New Year looms in the future, I always select a word, a phrase or something to take me into that New Year. This year, 2015, I selected 3...and they are on my Banner...Breathe - Be present in the "Now" - Relax. I join with you in aging gracefully!

    Jan ♥

    1. Jan,
      This is great news and I am happy that you are joining in the quest to live our lives mindful and passionate. There is power in numbers, so together our group will hold one another accountable for January!

  4. Count me in, Jemma. I like your theme! I believe that I live my life with passion, but then when I really think about it, I'm coasting in some areas. I'll check in and join in.

    1. So happy to have you join in, consider this a little forum where we can leave words of encouragement to one another and stay passionate in our daily living.

  5. Loved your post. I recently bookmarked a website that I frequent regularly ( to keep things in mind) about being a more elegant person, a person with class, style etc. It's or maybe that's .com. one or the other. I just completed a task of passion in that I had a novel published in November. A long time dream and passion of mine. I'd say the new passion is being that more elegant person (I always considered myself a bull in a chinashop but that isn't true) But, I am working on more class!! Hey, at almost 81 it really isn't too late to start anything.

    1. You are an example of embracing life, following dreams, living a life of passion and gratitude.
      Thank you for sharing this with us, women supporting other women is my dream and vision for this
      three part series on Aging with Style.
      Congratulations on your publication!

  6. I agree Jemma! I just want to age with grace and some purpose!

    1. Michelle,
      I think you are already on the right track-you're such a highly engaged woman!
      Thanks for visiting-

  7. Jemma I think those things are very important - and I feel I have them - my only problems is that I might do one more than the others - I have to try to divide the others up too - you know what I mean?

    1. Sandie,
      You do have passion, purpose and productivity, and I agree it is challenging to balance all three- I suppose being aware and striving to live our lives with awarness makes a huge difference to ourselves and those around us.

  8. I'm joining in, too and would like to mention a couple other points, as well.

    Nothing ages a person more than negativity. It hardens your mind, soul and heart no matter what your
    age. Remaining optimistic and positive, laughing frequently and keeping an open mind are keys to aging with style and grace. :-)

    Great discussion, Jemma....can't wait to read more!!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

    1. Marilyn,
      Thank you for your input, and wow, I agree with you on how negativity hardens an individual in all areas. The amazing thing about this is, a person can become hardened at twenty as easily as ninety-we have to guard our thoughts and attitudes.
      Looking forward to hearing more from everyone!

  9. Well, you have good points, Jemma. I'd love to look how I looked over twenty years ago, but I'm quite happy with my knowledge of life I'm having now. I wish you a happy weekend!

    Satu from Finland

    1. Satu,
      So nice to hear from you, and yes those were the days weren't they, and we didn't even know it
      at the time- I am in total agreement-being wiser and more comfortable in our own skin feels good.

  10. Jemma,
    I am in too! A perfect post for me to read as I reflect on 2014 and think about the year ahead. Thank you Jemma!

  11. Linda,
    So thrilled to have you joining in with our great group of woman committed to living a life with passion, purpose and productivity! We will be sharing posts how living with a deliberate and positive mindset makes a difference.

  12. You nailed it my friend! What would life be like without passion or a purpose? And how boring without productivity. I really do love life and I figure smile wrinkles are much prettier than ones formed from frowning. Love your gorgeous Canterbury Bells and Daisies! Has me yearning for Spring!

    1. Jann,
      Thank you for sharing your spirit and vitality for living life with passion and purpose!

  13. What a great idea!

    No, I would not want to be 18 or 30 or even 40. I am content with myself and my age (66), but I wish I didn't have all the aches and pains. We were playing tennis today and Steve teased me because I was complaining about an ache in my foot. I told him that I could be like my mom and just sit in a chair and read.

    My passion right now - creativity - making things and making our home our cocoon.

    1. I wish aches and pains were not part of aging either. Thank you for sharing your passion for life and
      how you are making a cozy cocoon for you and Steve.

  14. what a wonderful post ! I like your three P's and am going to keep them in mind! :)

    1. Deb,
      Great to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by and wishing you a passion, purpose and productive filled New Year!

  15. I hike and ski with folks in their 60s and 70s and they always kick my butt! These people are my role models. My goal is to be doing all my same activities well into my 70s (and hopefully beyond!) Having recently entered the "fabulous fifties" I know I need to step it up a notch if I want to get there. I say you are as old as you feel, and if you don't use it, you lose it! :)

    1. Linda,
      You are such an active and vivacious woman! I appreciate your example of the passion of living a life with so much activity. Thanks for visiting and your input.

  16. Goodness this one hits home for me! Aging....sigh! I would never trade it back for youth except the lovely skin I had and the cuteness! We try to stay active and it has been a tough thing to do lately with these freezing temps. No extra money for the gym so we walk at the open spaces near our home. My role models are George and Betsy Adams. They love hiking and have traveled to so many beautiful places to hike and photograph the beauty they find. Betsy needs her knee done due to a tear very soon. She is anxious so she can get back to her fun stuff! I was running in the summer but my knees are really creaking so I walk and keep moving them! Always fun to stop by and say hello.

    1. Anne,
      Isn't it nice to have people in our lives that are examples of passionate and positive living.
      Thank you for sharing your passion of running when you can and walking.
      Good to hear from you!

  17. What a heaven-sent post! One that obviously resonates with so many of us. I feel that we'll have strength in numbers here, Jemma, all of us desiring to age with elegance. And is there anything more elegant than a person who lives with enthusiasm? I want to join in with all of you, purposing to live with passion. Even at 71 I still have so much I want to do and learn.

    Thank you for this post!

  18. Dewena,
    I am in total agreement with you, we do have strength in numbers and it is vital as a community of women to continue to uphold one another in this journey for elegance, enthusiasm and passion, as we age, as we all do! I am ecstatic that you have committed to this journey of passion and I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.
    Thank you again!

  19. Indeed, my friend. I always say we're getting younger because in many ways the higher the age number, the younger I feel in my spirit. I would not want to be a teenager again if you paid me, but 20's were always my favorite. My husband always says, THESE are the good ol' days. ;)
    I am 51 but look younger. When asked how I do it, LAUGHTER always comes to mind. I laugh a lot, even at myself, especially when I bump my elbow or stub my toe. teehee So here's to laughter and passion...and surrounding ourselves with kind souls who "lift" our countenance.
    You're one of them for me. :)

    1. Marcia,
      Thank you for sharing a beautiful tip on one of your secrets to staying vital, young and inspiring to yourself and others-laughter! It doesn't cost a penny, it isn't difficult to find, it lives with in us!
      I love it:)

  20. Dear Jemma,

    If there ever was a spokesperson on passion, purpose, and productivity, it would be you! Case in point: your pretty, new header, I believe, really represents your imaginative, multi-faceted personality, as your passions for decorating, baking, gardening, writing, and photography are so prettily exhibited here, on your wonderful blog. How inspiring and timely is this post, after the festive high of the holidays, when many of us tend to feel a little sad or empty, and in my case, both, once Liberty leaves for Canada. So, thank you for this fabulous idea, and hope to join you on this invigorating journey towards reviving our spirits with what's already brewing beautifully within us.


    1. Poppy,
      Indeed so many of us are kindred spirits and this is the beauty of the journey. Thank you, for your thoughtful and inspiring comments on my blog ( and my new header...smiling) You are a model yourself in living a passionate life with poetry, sense of humor, writing, photography and finding joy in the world around you.

    2. Jemma, I love your new header that Poppy made for you! It Pops! Great job Poppy!

    3. Ohhh, thank you Jan! Just to clarify who did my new header, it was Kate from designer blogs:)

  21. I've come over to comment from Pondside's post today! I truly want to Age with Style and this has been on my mind for some time. I am entering a new season in my life and am resolved to be honest, positive, and joyful in this season. I totally agree with Marilyn about how negativity ages us - this is something I want to keep in check in my life too. This is a great conversation and I will be following along.

  22. Rosella,
    So wonderful to have you join us, many of us are in the crossroads of life and the support, passion and care we receive from one another help to keep passion thriving in our heart and souls!

  23. Jemma, I found you through Pondside and then Deweena... following the bread crumb trail to this original post. Your words hit like a gut punch. Yes, to age with grace and style. I have to confess to going kicking and screaming and digging my heels in sometimes... but, I feel on the precipice of moving on. Letting go, as you said, of purposes that are past... and moving on. Thank you so much for sparking this wonderful discussion and I will look forward to following along. blessings ~ tanna

  24. Oh boy--this is just what I need! Count me in on the plan and the challenge and the fun. I have many changes going on with my husband's illness and a down-size move in the future I NEED to stay positive just to get through it. And I am determined to do it, it will be good to have a place to get inspiration.


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