Christmas Kitchen Window

December 08, 2014
This is the first year that I have decorated my Kitchen window for the Christmas season.

I was hesitant at first, but when I found these twine, and pine cone swags at Michael's I felt

I had the inspiration I needed to get started.

I knew I wanted white and simple as my focus.

So lucky for me I have this gorgeous white coffee filter, which my youngest daughter made for me.

Just a simple window with some sweet and simple Christmas decorations.

I added this precious Angel from my Mother's Christmas collection.

An aged, cracked and interesting terracotta pot.

With a pine cone tucked among the moss.

I am using candles all about my home this year, and enjoying all types, shapes and sizes.

I even found these two flame less battery operated luminaries in a box from ages ago,

put some batteries in them and presto they still work!

I enjoy the warm afternoon sunlight that filters through these billowy white curtains on sunny days.

I am so glad I took the plunge and decorated my Kitchen window for Christmas this year.

Do you have any new spots in your home that you are decorating for Christmas?


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  1. Very good idea...decorating that window - it looks absolutely GREAT! So pretty. Love the wreath, too.

  2. Simple and sweet and so you. Just lovely Jemma.

  3. Hi Jemma! Oh, I love how your Christmas window looks. Very simple but very elegant at the same time. The wreath is just gorgeous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Just my style Jemma! Love the personal items like the coffee filter wreath. I think it's all very pretty and would enjoy viewing it while doing the kitchen duties!

  5. Jemma, it is gorgeous! I love the subtleness and the garland is just perfect!

  6. Your Christmas window is beautiful. The white curtains and pine cone swag frames the wreath beautifully.
    I know you are so glad you can enjoy this view as you tend to duties in the kitchen....Hugs

  7. Your window is beautifully decorated for Christmas. I love it!...Christine

  8. Your Christmas Window is beautifully decorated!

  9. Jemma,
    Your kitchen window is delightful, and I just love the view that you have outside. Unfortunately, my kitchen view is simply the backyard, but I love it just the same. The white wreath your daughter made is darling, and it's special how you kept it these years. And your mother's angel, what a treasure. I have been thinking of my mom lately. She had a few traditions for us at Christmas time, and how I miss her.

    Have a splendid week, Jemma. We are supposed to get a big storm coming in today - gusty winds, heavy rain. Say a prayer or two, would you?


  10. Very nicely done. I love the garland and the wreath. so pretty.

  11. Hi Jemma, told you I'd stop by for a visit :) Your window looks so pretty--love it! Blessings, Cecilia

  12. So pretty to look out that window there in Texas. I love the white angel.

  13. That is breathtaking! I'm always walking up to windows and looking out. I love the wreath and the pinecones and topiary brings nature inside! Lovely!

  14. That looks so lovely, Jemma! I've made 2 of those coffee filter wreaths and like to keep them up all year.

  15. How beautifully framed your Christmas window is with the twine and pine cone swags. The frosty greenery, homemade gems and candles make your window sparkle with Christmas light.



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