A Few Of My Favorite Things

December 05, 2014
I found myself singing- A few of my favorite things- from the Sound of Music.

I love that movie so much.

So, then I started thinking of some of my favorite things and I wanted to share them with you.

Mercury glass and red carnations.

Pine cones dusted in silver glitter in a white ceramic bread basket.

Vintage wooden soda pop crates with Christmas ornaments and bottle brush Christmas Trees.

Boxwood, greens, mercury, birds and ornaments in a Georgia Christmas

Homemade Sugar Cookies

And Holiday Bundt Cake, yummy!

What are some of your favorite things....

Stay warm and cozy this weekend!


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  1. Beautiful things!! That cake looks yummy!!

  2. We've been singing the same song, my friend. ;)
    Guess what? I love red carnations too. They remind me of my dad who used to buy them for my mom all the time.
    Love all your pretties. Your photograph of the pink trees with the soda pop crate is GORGEOUS. I'd make it into a card.
    I love visiting your page, Jemma. Just like your blog title, I feel so at home. The heart behind the blog makes all the difference.

  3. Such pretty decorations! And the cookies and cake look yummy (I'm hungry now!)

  4. So pretty! Now I need one of those cookies.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. All of these lovelies and cake deserve to be on a favorite things pretty and yummy looking!

  6. My favorite things: fuzzy pajama pants, a good book and a warm wood stove :)

  7. "Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens..." And all of Jemma's treasures as warm as new mittens! Lovely, Jemma. You are a classy woman! Susan

  8. Oh my! I would love to find one of the soda crates for the vintage Christmas balls. I've already pinned yours...I LOVE it! Your mercury glass is gorgeous, too. I wanted to try to collect some but I never see it here. Holiday hugs, Diane

  9. Oh Jemma, I love this post very much. It was simple, and showed us some of the things that are precious to you. I literally got a tear in my eye when I saw the red carnations. When me and my husband were dating he used to buy me carnations, and they were my favorite flower back then. They last for so long and have the best scent. Yours are beautiful. And sugar too! Those pink bottle brush ornaments are sweet with the colorful ornaments. They look like the old vintage ones, so pretty.

    I really loved seeing some of your favorite things, and thank you, my friend, for sharing your heart with us.


  10. I can see why those are some of your favorite things! The red carnations look so striking in the mercury glass and the antique ornaments look precious in the crate. I wish I could reach through themselves and grab some of the cookies!

  11. Jemma you are so classy - and I just love those red carnations! So dramatic looking - I love all of your favorite things too!

  12. Your pretty portraits of a few of your favourite things makes me want to give up mine! That gorgeous Holiday Bundt Cake looks dreamily delicious! Sparkle and sweetness have settled in your home for Christmas!


  13. Jemma, What a joy to find your comment on my blog today. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me an opportunity now to visit you in return. Already I see we share some kindred joys in life. I look forward to getting to know you more as we share this blogging journey together.

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.....


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