Vintage Yarn Napkin Rings DIY

November 16, 2014
The sweet simplicity of these vintage napkin rings is the key ingredient to their charm.

My oldest daughter made them for me during her childhood days, one year for Thanksgiving.

I have packed them all around the United States, for a minimum of 25 years,

I think they have held up really well.

I have gathered a few acorns from our old oak tree, picked a few last blooms of orange zinnias,

just to add a little earthy zest to my Thanksgiving Table this year.

I think it would be fair to say, that one could use twine, jute or burlap if they wanted

to trade out the yarn for something else.

The form of the napkin ring may be made out of any pliable cardboard.

I would suggest Kleenex boxes, a cover to an old tablet, cover to a catalog etc...

Cut the ring form into the size and shape you would like, securing the ends together with either

craft glue or hot glue, then wrap the napkin ring form in masking tape.

Use the material of your choice and wrap the ring until it is well covered securing with glue.

Add a petite bow, bell, really the embellishment of your choosing and presto... magic!

I love them...

Will you be using any nostalgic keepsakes in your home this Thanksgiving...

Please Join Me~

Ivy and Elephants

Cozy Little House


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  1. How precious that you still use such a wonderful keepsake every year! I have various things around my house that my girls made that I still use. The one that I see everyday is a ceramic glazed soap dish that sits on my kitchen sink. So precious for just about 25 years too!

  2. Jemma,
    These napkin rings are a treasure because they were made by your daughter with love. And the fact that you kept them all these years is so very special. I was going through some of my ornaments, and came across a few that my children made. It brought back memories and a smile. The acorns will be perfect on your Thanksgiving table. I don't see them around here much. Your table is going to look lovely this year with a lot of sweet added touches.


  3. I am sure it makes your daughter feel good when she sees that you still use her gift to you from her childhood. I bet your heart is flooded with memories every year when you bring them out to use….I still have ornaments that my kids made and I treasure each one of them….

  4. I think that you are so much like me - saving things of beauty made by the kids for 25 years. They are beautiful - held up well - and now I know how to make them.

  5. How wonderful that these are still in use :)

  6. Oh, those are very cute, Jemma. Very cute.

    By the way, I tried the brown sugar concoction frosting. Yes, FABULOUS. Filed it under Jemma's brown sugar frosting. OMG. D-E-C-A-D-E-N-T. Dangerous to make if I'm alone in the house. ha haha Susan

  7. How sweet.... and sweet memories for Thanksgiving! Love your additions of the acorns and flowers! I too have things made by my children that I still use. I'm looking at a small bowl and a little vase that my son made in an art pottery class -- I use them on my desk for little whatnots and pens!


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