Thanksgiving Burlap Wreath

November 09, 2014
It seems I am always the last one to jump on the bandwagon of trends, just when they are fading out,

I discover wonderful uses for whatever that trend may be.

Burlap is one of those trends, I have gently creeped into using it, although I always loved the way

everyone else has incorporated burlap into their homes.


You know me and wreaths...

I actually had an Etsy shop for awhile, and I certainly enjoyed working in my little shop.

I was ever so fortunate to sell several wreaths, but sadly enough the shipping costs were too high.

So, I am back to happily making them for myself and anyone in my family who requests one!

Since this is a Thanksgiving wreath,

I began to think what was on top of my list of being thankful for this year.


  • Spirit
  • Words
  • Thoughts
  • Actions

So, this burlap wreath represents gentleness with it's flowing lines,

fringed fabric,

muted oranges and browns,

buds of burlap,

frosted acorns.


I will hang this Gentle Burlap Wreath on my front door.


Welcoming family and friends with a gentle mind and spirit.


And here is the  Tutorial on how to make a Thanksgiving Burlap Wreath.

Once it is all finished it measures 24 inches.


Any questions or clarifications I am here!

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  1. I knew it was about time for you to get in action and you have not disappointed….I think this is one of the prettiest wreaths I have seen this fall…Your originality always shines through and makes whatever you put your hand to so special…..I love it...

  2. The pretty roses softens the natural color burlap. It's very nice and thanks for sharing the instructions with us. I've never made anything with burlap so you are WAY ahead of me! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Jemma, I love it! I have a fetish for burlap and just bought a burlap ottoman. I love how you've mixed both the bleached and natural burlap together! The flowers and acorns are the icing on the cake. I bought of bunch of glitzy acorns very similar to these on clearance at a local shop for $1 and that was for a bundle of 3 or 4 of them. Not this year, but I would love to tackle one for next year. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! Pinned.

  4. That turned out just beautiful!

  5. jemma I absolutely love what you have done with this gorgeous burlap wreath. Sorry that your etsy shop did not survive as this would have been a beautiful gift to order. You have really done a stellar job with this and Love your use of burlap!

  6. This is one of the most gorgeous wreathes I have seen! So delicate and unassuming - yet so rich. Man or man you are so talented. Lovely.

  7. I positively LOVE this wreath. If I attempted to make it it would never look like yours!

  8. this is a really lovely wreath. So beautifully handcrafted with love. What a lovely warm welcome to your home. I really need to make a new Christmas wreath for my door this year, perhaps you have given me ideas with this one. Have a lovely week. I am joining you over at Ivy and Elephants.

  9. This is about the prettiest burlap wreath I've ever seen! I love it. Thanks for sharing how you made it. I'd love it if you would share this at "What We Accomplished Wednesday," at Green Willow Pond, if you care to. It goes live every other Tuesday night. Have a great weekend!


  10. I love making my own wreaths and every few years I need a new one for my front door. This one is just so precious and rustic and romantic all in one. I love it! Pinned to my I Love Wreaths board!

  11. You are the Queen of Wreath Making...this is just gorgeous. It far surpasses anything burlap that I've ever seen! :)

  12. soooooo süß sind ihre kränze, wow!!! ich glaube, ich habe noch keinen schöneren kranz gesehen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  13. Jemma, your burlap wreath is my favourite burlap wreath to date! You have inspired me to try my hand at making one. Blessings!


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