Fabulous Friday

September 12, 2014
As you know we took two trips to Colorado this year, and honestly it was just

ever so refreshing.

I would love to have a little cabin up there nestled in the pines and aspens.

We hiked daily and there were new discoveries around each mountain bend.  

I took over 200 pictures on this last trip and I am working on presenting them creatively.

So, they will be appearing throughout many posts in hopefully a way that will be interesting 

and inspiring to you, because I was thinking about ya'll on my trip...I really was.  

Today there will just be two, because there are other things I saw this week that made

this Friday positively Fabulous

The little cabin we rented on this last trip had this adorable tick tack toe set.

This is a slice of a tree trunk painted, so so creative and look at these rocks all

painted up- so stinking cute!

I suppose most of us don't have a tree trunk to paint, but I just bet plywood or such 

cut into a creative shape might be pretty nifty too.

I was just thinking wouldn't this be a cute gift to make and give for a Christmas gift? 

Wouldn't this miniature iron deer sitting on an end table be so adorable, festive and fun 

clustered together in a group of three or more combined  with some earthy pieces to create 

a glorious rustic woodsy sort of  Christmas vignette.

I am smitten, oh yes I am with these hounds tooth boxes topped off with black ribbon,

just stunning under the Christmas Tree.

When we returned back home to Texas, we nearly suffered to death with the

heat.  It tormented us night and day and just when we thought we couldn't make it

through one more second...

Our weather took a turn and went from blue and sunny skies to, RAIN!

Yes, rain...just look at these beautiful droplets of rain and oh even better than rain might 

be cool, cool awesome weather that feels like Fall, smiles, smiles, smiles....

And what goes with Fall, why Fairs and carnivals of course.

Close your eyes for just a moment and you can hear the buzz of children' s voices and

musical notes of merry go rounds as they faithfully spin around.

High pitch squeals from unsuspecting ride goers when the Ferris wheel stops their seat at 

the very tippy top, and the seat sways to and fro.

Fresh buttered popcorn, cotton candy, simmering rich barbecue and other predictable tasty 

treats permeate the carnival air.

Now, this was a week indeed, and how could it not be a Fabulous Friday!

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  1. What cute ideas Jemma. It must have been hard to return to the heat. It's still hot here in OR...the weekend is promising 90 degree days. UGH UGH UGH. I am waiting for the weather to cool and decorate for fall.
    Hope all is well.

  2. Oh I just love fairs and carnivals, Jemma, and this picture is so pretty and full of life. I am loving your pictures from Colorado, and especially because my best friend lives there, and haven't been able to visit her yet. The black and white gift idea is stunning, I really like that. And Jess would love that little iron deer - she has one just like it. :~)

    Have a wonderful September week, Jemma.


  3. Those are some unique and precious items. I know you had a great time. Hope it has cooled down at home for you. We are in the low 80's - yeah!


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