DIY Chicken Wire Hydrangea Wreath

August 24, 2014
Last Fall I became smitten with chicken wire.

I made all sorts of things out of it, wreaths,  pumpkins,

even a few Christmas ornaments.

Maybe, I was more than smitten, perhaps I was,

a tiny bit obsessed...

Sometimes obsession leads to cool creations...

Well, since I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd pass on a few 

little tricks I learned about the process, in the event you 

would like to give it a whirl this year.

Granted, it is a bit challenging to work with and I did 

wear gloves on some occasions, but it was well worth the few 

minor scrapes to make my own wreath forms.

I so enjoyed the creative aspect of sort-of making

something out of nothing

It was one of those warm  hot, Summer days in which I did

not want to go out into the heat.

It was on this 105 degree heat index day 

that I made another chicken wire wreath form  

and then added these colorful hydrangeas.

This wreath is not showcasing the chicken wire, just these

cheery and bright hydrangeas and polka-dot bow.

Working with chicken wire is like molding clay...

just pokier...may not be an actual word...wink...

In so many ways the chicken wire frame is so much easier to 

work with than Grapevine, Styrofoam or store purchased 

Wire wreath frames, and I suppose more economical as well.

Once the chicken wire form is made I find that by weaving

the burlap around the form  I am able to tuck and bend

the stems of the flowers easily into the wire and burlap and

they stay securely in place.

It is just  "creating," the form portion of the wreath that is 

a tad bit challenging. 

But as with all things this too becomes easier each time 

work with it.

I have a few more ideas hatching in my noggin on 

other ways to use chicken wire and if they turn out

pretty good, I'll be sure to share them with you.

So, there you go!

Have a marvelous Monday, my friends!

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  1. How pretty and what a great idea. It would be lightweight too and that's important to me! I would love to try to make one with some of my seashells! Hugs, Diane

  2. Jemma,
    You did a great job making your wreaths out of the chicken wire. I especially like the one with the pink and yellow flowers. I bet you got stuck a few times, as the wire can be a bit pointy. The polka dot bow adds some charm to it. It looks very nice hanging on your wall. You are so creative, and I look forward to seeing some of your projects this Fall.


  3. looooove all your pictures!!!!! angie

  4. A great idea using the chicken wire! It came out just beautiful!

  5. You did a great job with the chicken wire. I can imagine it's a bit tricky to get it formed the way you want and connected together. Pretty wreath- lots of possibilities using that form!

  6. I love any and all of your wreathes - because they are exquisite. Love flowers too and the colors of flowers you used - but I loved that ribbon with the pink dots - where did you get it - I have never seen anything like it.


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