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Heaven Is For Real

May 20, 2014
My Mother In Law went to be with our Heavenly Father one month ago.
I miss her.


I miss her laugh,

I miss her joy, 

I miss her support,

I miss her voice. 

I miss shopping with her.

So, now, two of the most loveliest Ladies I have ever known are 

angels in Heaven- my own Mother and Mama Chris.


And with her passing feelings of loss over my own Mother returned 

and unexpectedly I felt frozen inside.  

My words left me.


Both of these caring, loving devoted Mothers lived full and abundant lives,

but they have left- moved on, if you will, and sort of left the rest of us



So what to do, when physically loving on them is over...

When sending a card, making a call, visiting on the phone, visiting in person

and hugging them tightly is over for us...


Well for me, it is knowing that Heaven Is For Real.

You know, that I really do know this, but my sadness got in the way of 

remembering - that this is really true.


Then, a sweet little miracle happened, because you do know that miracles

come in all shapes and sizes, and often times we just don't see them.

Because we seem to get so busy and take so much for granted on the wonder 

and precious parts of life. 


A sweet friend, who had just lost her sister-sent me this text.

"Look on your front doorstep."

I did...


the book - Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo.


A precious and comforting little story of an extraordinary journey of a little 

boy making his way to heaven and back. 

A book full of encouragement, making our time on earth even more 

meaningful and our future more hopeful.


So, my words have come back to me.

Thank you to my dear blogging friends who have sent me emails with love

and support.  

You and your friendship mean so much to me.


My dear Mother and Mama Chris are no longer elderly, in pain, or weary 

and worn, they are restored to their perfect youth, vital, laughing and

with our families who have gone on before, loving us and looking forward

to when we are all together again.

In God's pure perfect plan, because...

Heaven Is For Real.

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  1. Amen, Jemma! I do so understand how you're feeling as my little mother went to heaven last October. I'll bet she's met up with your little mom and mother in law and they've had a great time talking about us and waiting for us too! Yes, darling, Heaven is for real!
    Shelia ;)

  2. Dear Jemma,
    I have been wanting to see this movie so much. Yes, Heaven definitely is for real. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. It sounds like you loved her dearly. I can relate to this post, as I miss my mom so much, and especially around this time (mother's day). These beautiful pink flowers in your back yard are perfect to show how much this sweet woman means to you.

    I'm thinking of you today, Jemma, and sending you so much love.


  3. Oh Jemma, I am very sorry for your loss. I've missed you these past few weeks and will keep your sweet family in my prayers. We have faith but we mourn the loss of our loved ones. It can't be helped. Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Oh Jemma, I am so sorry about your mil, but yes she is in heaven along with your sweet mom. Know that they loved you very much and will always be in your heart.

  5. So sorry to hear about your MIL. Losing loved ones is always very hard.

  6. Oh, Jemma. So sorry you lost your Mummy-in-law. I know you were very fond of her.

    You know what? I just saw that movie and loved it! So inspiring.

    God bless you, dear Jemma, and all your family, too. Susan

  7. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved mother-in-law. May the love of family and friends and your faith in God help comfort you.

  8. Dear Jemma, heartfelt condolences. I'm sorry for the loss of your beloved mother-in-law. I wish you much strength. Many hugs... Dorothea

  9. Jemma, Thanks for sharing this lovely post. How fortunate you are to have had two special mother figures in your life. Joan - My Cookie Clinic

  10. I'm so sorry, Joyce. This is a beautiful, heartfelt post. I appreciate what you wrote. I am sure both ladies were very proud of you and felt your love strongly in life.

  11. oh, so sorry for your loss.,,,of both of these wonderful ladies in your life. I had heard of that book and that it was wonderful; it sounds as if it was the blessing that you needed at just the right time : )

  12. They are watching over you from Heaven ... and I'm sure very proud of you too <3

  13. So sorry for your loss Jemma. What a perfect little miracle you were given!

  14. So sorry about your mother in law Jemma. Losses are like that...reminding us of others. I'm so glad that a friend jumped in with something that obviously helped you alot. I'm glad you're back. (I would have been here sooner, but I've been on a mini trips.)

    Jan ♥

  15. So sorry for your loss, friend. I rejoice with you in the certainty that one day we WILL gather with our loved ones again, and that yes, heaven is FOR REAL.
    Glad your words have come back to you.

  16. Hello Jemma, I've not been making proper rounds through blogs as of late, the good weather arrived last month and I don't want to waste a minute indoors. However, while updating blogs and trying to get back in touch with everyone, I've come across some posts such as this, and I feel bad for not visiting sooner. I'm so sorry that you've lost your lovely mother in law. I'm sure that even though I'm very late in writing this, the hurt is still there. It's never an easy time, although I know you're surrounded by a loving family to keep your spirits up. When my mother was close to leaving she would cup her hands together and tell me "I'm right here in the palms of His hands", and those words were such a comfort before and after she left us. It's hard to come back into our daily living when someone dies, but eventually things right themselves again and we can live a little easier again. Take care my friend, big hugs, Wendy xox


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