Vintage Easter Vignette

April 18, 2014
It is Easter weekend and I have been creating, decorating and leafing through

cookbooks for a perfect lemon dessert, I think I have found one and if it turns 

out as good as it looks, I will be sharing it next week.

But for now, it is a simple Vintage Easter Vignette.

A few beloved treasures from daughters and my Mother make this vignette

very special to me.

This little brass birdcage is 33 years old, my Mother gave it to me when she 

came to visit me in Hawaii. 

The Grandchildren love it, there is a tiny bird inside sitting on a swing

their little fingers adeptly and nimbly push the swing.

I love watching their angelic faces as they giggle with pure delight.

These two wooden bunny nutcrackers keep checking their time pieces to see

if Easter has arrived yet. 

They are very anxious to deliver Easter baskets...

And of course this Easter Bunny is named Early-years ago we had a storybook

about a bunny who waited for the most treasured egg of Easter, and it was


Since this was a favorite story of my youngest daughter she gave me this

wooden vintage bunny holding the perfect treasured egg of Easter.

I am still trying to find that book...

Happy Easter!

With love~

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  1. How beautiful! I love that sweet wooden bunny! Have a blessed weekend my friend! Hugs, Diane

  2. Jemma,
    Bunny nutcrackers, hahaha, how cute. The girls go to the Nutcracker every year, so I really liked these bunnies. The brass bird cage is such a treasure that your mother gave you many years ago. I love vintage books too. I just saw a scratch and sniff bunny book that I used to read to the kids when they were little. I had to buy it for Jess, as she teaches elementary school now. Your little Easter space looks wonderful, Jemma.


  3. Hi Jemma: Your vignette is lovely. I just love your selection of paying homage to items passed on to you from family. That obviously means a lot to you. It carries a legacy which is wonderful. A blessed Happy Easter to you and family.

  4. Such a pretty vignette. I love the birdcage, it's so small and dainty. Happy Easter to you!

  5. Oh Jemma. What a meaningful vignette. There are so many memories connected with it. That was wonderful! Susan

  6. Love your Easter decorations, so sweet, love the little birdcage from your mom...the bunnies of course are always welcome this time of the vignette...

  7. Happy Easter Jemma! Your vignette is so pretty and very festive. Bunnies are darling:):)

    (new blog address!

  8. I love your Easter vignette, especially the wooden bunny holding its egg! Happy easter to you!

  9. Dear Jemma, it is a very pretty Easter decoration.
    I wish you und your family happy Easter!
    Lots of love... Dorothea

  10. That bunny is gorgeous - how are you feeling - what will you do for tomorrow?

  11. What a pretty vignette! I love the bunny! Happy Easter!!

  12. Hello!!

    What a lovely vignette!! I actually have Bunny Nutcrackers too but did not get much out for Easter this year because of lack of time so they are still packed away up in the attic.

    Happy Easter!!


  13. Such a pretty Easter vignette. Isn't it lovely when grandchildren can enjoy the little bits and pieces of Easters past - and then look for them year after year?

  14. Looks beautiful. Hope you're well and had a great Easter holiday!

  15. Everything is so beautiful! Hope you had a lovely Easter too! Greetings all the way from England!

  16. Just thinking of you today, Jemma, and hoping you're enjoying this month of May.



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