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March 13, 2014
Hello Gardening World, my seeds are sprouting!

And this has not been any easy task with recent temperature fluctuations.  

One day 80 degrees the next 15 degrees.

So, what I discovered was this-

What this little Green house lacked in shelving

and anchors it has made up for in maintaining an interior temperature of a

balmy 65 degrees, when the outside temps were in the low teens.

With these wickedly cold temperatures, 

it was imperative to keep the greenhouse warm so the seedlings and fragile 

plants would not freeze.

Our solution to keep the temperature moderate in the Greenhouse was an

electrical portable heater. 

We ran an extension cord from the garage to the greenhouse, and through the

tiny space above the door the extension cord fit through.

We placed the electrical heater on the floor of the greenhouse and set it on 80

degrees and it ran and ran for two days and two nights.

Other gardening friends had suggested putting Christmas lights in the 

greenhouse to add warmth-I just don't know how they would put out enough

heat to serve that purpose.

I think they would have been very decorative, just

not functional with the severe cold.

So many ornamental Trees were just beginning to blossom into colorful

Spring glory when the wind, cold and frost arrived.

So sad to say all of these gorgeous pink blossoms are now a dreadful brown.

As are these puffs of white.

But things were going well in the greenhouse with constant heat for

two days and constant watering, as the direct heat dried these little pots 

out very quickly.

Just counting down the days until these baby seedlings can be planted into 

pots and into my garden.

Please Join Me~

Elizabeth & Co.


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

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  1. Your greenhouse is cute! My son built one when he was in high school - he's always had a green thumb. It's nice to see flowers blooming and trees budding again.

  2. Jemma, I am so sorry to hear that your pretty blossoms are now brown. Ours have not come out to play yet. lol! Love your greenhouse and your plants are doing so well.

  3. I admire you for having a greenhouse and starting your own plants. I've never tried it except indoors but it never was very successful. In March of 2012 we had a very unusual warm up and hit the 70's to mid 80's and then it was unseasonalby warm for a while longer. Then 4 frosts came and my magnolia was ruined. I know how disappointing it is especially when you look forward to seeing the spring blooms. I have a garden blog (flowers and plants- no veges) Stroll through some of my summer posts from last year if you have time!

  4. So you have a little hearer for winter - what about summer? I think that green house is just awesome!

  5. How nice! You'll love checking on things every day and watching them grow! I hope you have nice weather his weekend! Sweet hugs!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the return of the cold. It must be very disappointing to see your flowers die. Your greenhouse is so cute! I don't have any suggestions for heating it but I am sure you'll love working outside even more with the greenhouse in the yard. It's really nice.

  7. Sorry about the cold, but it looks like your greenhouse is doing quite well!

  8. Your greenhouse is so charming, Jemma. We are getting the cold and warm temps here too. One day it is raining, and the next it is in the 70's. Those white blossom trees that you show are coming alive all around my town. That's too bad that the pink blossom trees are going brown. They are such a lovely tree. I look forward to seeing your flowers this spring and summer.


  9. I think I lost an entire pot of hen and chicks to the freeze in January. They don't look like they are coming back.

  10. Jemma, what a nice greenhouse. It is so nice to see your seedlings doing well and growing. I am hoping this cold weather comes to an end soon.. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. How fun to have your own greenhouse Jemma. It must be a bit of a learning curve though to figure out how to make it all work. Can't wait to see the progress as you begin the growing season!

  12. I know I've said this before but I'll say it again: I love your greenhouse and I'm so so envious you have one. Glad to hear your seedlings are sprouting! Hope the weather warms up for you soon and turn those beautiful blooms pink and white again.

  13. I love that you have a greenhouse in your yard. It must be so fun to see your tiny seedlings grow into beautiful flowers!


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