Grandma's Vanilla Cake With Cocoa Frosting

March 24, 2014
If I close my eyes tight enough I can almost taste and smell Grandma's 

homemade vanilla cake.

Sometimes it had caramel frosting and other times chocolate.

You remember those days, when the kitchen was infused with homemade 

goodies and all of them from scratch, because that is just how it was.

Some say simple, well my oh my, I say heavenly.

I made this cake just a week or so ago and it was oh so yummy!

With just a few basic ingredients, and a little stirring them all together  

you can be serving this by dinner time,

if it lasts until then, which it probably won't.

But I don't really think that is a bad thing, do you?

Smiling ....

Did I ever tell you about my Momma having a slice of cake or a warm

cinnamon roll waiting for me when I got off the school bus?

Well, she did, and a glass of milk, then it was time to run outside and play.

We all ate well, loved ferociously and played outside until completely 


Winter time included, Mom always insisted on plenty of fresh air and lots

and lots of layers of clothing which became heavy and sodden from the wet


She would pull them off a me like I was a banana being peeled, as I 

squealed and complained.  

Then it was time to sit down at the dinner table set for three, 

Mom, Dad and me  

and top off the most delicious meal with yes you know...

another slice of cake...

Well, you get the picture, loving her family was all done with food prepared

with her sweet hands, in her tiny kitchen with yellow curtains that framed

each window over the worn porcelain sink.

And here is the recipe for you to make-it is a moist and comforting cake.

Please bake in a 350 degree oven and check the last few minutes of baking,

an over baked cake is not a good cake-to me.

I made the little truffle balls out of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips with

about a teaspoon of vanilla and then rolled them in powdered sugar and 

tossed them in sprinkles, just to spruce up the cake a bit.

This is one of those recipes that you can memorize and no matter where you 

are you can whip up a dessert and show your family just how much you love 


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  1. You bake too! Oh yum! I love frosting made with cocoa...I have a couple recipes I need to pull out and make again...and add yours to the list! :)

  2. What a lovely post. This cake sounds totally delicious. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories and this fabulous recipe.

  3. Jemma,
    Your grandma's vanilla cake with chocolate frosting looks so yummy, and I loved the story of you growing up even more. What sweet memories you have from childhood. Isn't it funny how we remember the simple things our moms did for us? I bet that warm cinnamon roll with milk tasted delightful as a child. I love hearing stories such as these, and I thank you for sharing it. I'm off to check out a few more blogs, but I am going to come back over again and read your wonderful story again. It's nice getting to know you better. I didn't know you were an only child. I am the youngest of five.

    Have a great week.


  4. I'm going to make this- I printed it off and look forward to trying it! Love your story- the thoughts about the yellow curtains, the worn sink and your mothers love through feeding her family- those are the basics of how I was raised too. Thank you for sharing XO Liz

  5. I pinned that one girl! And what great memories that went with the cake. You made it look so beautiful. Did you photo shop around the edges of the cake?

  6. Thank you for sharing this Jemma! Simple is perfect and this looks delicious. Bring on an ice cold glass of milk!

  7. Jemma, I loved reading this post about your warm childhood memories. No doubt your grammy would be so happy you're carrying on her tradition of baking this cake. I'll be pinning this and thanks for sharing. Joan-My Cookie Clinic

  8. That looks delicious and you are making me hungry!

  9. Looks good but what oven tempature? And is there powder sugar in the icing?

  10. The cake looks delicious Jemma! Thanks for sharing what must be a very special cake in your family :) I always feel like a didn't do quite enough for my kids in the baking line compared to the generation before. But we never had after school snacks, we had to wait till supper, and by then I was so hungry! I do remember getting off the school bus though and we had a very, very long driveway. When Mom had baked bread, the smell wafted all the way down the driveway to meet us, and we'd run fast up the hill and hope to get a slice of fresh-baked bread. the best! Wendy x

  11. Hi Jemma! Oh, what a lovely cake and I'm going to copy your recipe too. Love some chocolate cake.
    Thank you so much for popping in to see me and good luck with your search for Pyrex for your daughter!
    Be a sweetie,

  12. Looks so yummy! Actually, I have such a sweet tooth that I can't resist your whole blog's pictures! Congratulations on your talent Jemma.

    I've followed you via Bloglovin'!
    I'd be very happy to see you in my blog sometime too.

    Style Nirvana

  13. Jemma, the cake looks delicious! I love chocolate cake. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  14. Looks delicious!

    Want to follow eachother on blogger and blogovin?


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