Valentine Wreath-DIY

February 11, 2014
I spent last week in Oklahoma sharing in the joy of Molly's first 

Birthday, but before I left, I whipped together this Valentine Wreath.

The neat thing about this wreath is that you can hot glue or use 

thumb tacks when adding the ribbon and hearts, this way you can 

easily remove the Valentine theme and keep the wreath up longer

to brighten some Winter Days.

She is not fancy,

She is not schmancy,

But she is cute

She is fun

She can be made in under an hour!

Materials Needed for Be Mine Valentine Wreath~

1- One 20 inch straw form
2- 1/4 yard of red burlap or one roll red burlap ribbon
3- Black chiffon wire ribbon
4- Red Chiffon wire ribbon
5- White grosgrain ribbon
6- Red felt
7- Paper flowers
8- Silver bead embellishments
9- Measuring Tape
10- Glue gun

Decide which will be the front of your wreath, that way most of 

your gluing won't be visible.  

I used red burlap fabric for this wreath then measured and cut the 

burlap into 3 inch strips about 12 inches long-38 ish-strips total. 

(I did count-honestly...)

If you want to avoid measuring and cutting one roll of red burlap 

ribbon will also work. Secure each strip with hot glue as you begin 

wrapping and when you end.  Pulling fabric tightly as you wrap.

Now it is time to add the red chiffon ribbon, I like adding layers to

my wreaths.  It creates dimension and interest and just makes them

well, more appealing and fun.  So, wrap the red chiffon around the 

burlap, spacing about 3 inches and hot glue.  

Time to add these cute paper flowers, I attached them with hot 

glue in clusters of four groups of three.  This really is just a little 

pattern for you to follow, just let your imagination go-I am sure you

are already picturing all sorts of darling little doo-dads to add! 

Place a 2 inch heart shaped cookie cutter on red felt.

Trace around heart shaped cookie cutter-I made 4 hearts.  Cut 

grosgrain ribbon into a 18 inch length strip hot glue or thumb tack 

ribbon onto wreath, then glue hearts on-add sparkles to hearts if 

you have a notion to do so...

And there you have it,

Easy, peasy and fun to make! 


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  1. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter...I can only image all the fun you had with her...

    Love the wreath and I appreciate you giving us the directions....

  2. How sweet! The red burlap is so great for so many projects! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday Molly. I'll also drive soon to my granddaughter on birthday. The wreath is beautiful. Lots of love ... Dorothea

  4. Happy Birthday to Molly! I'm sure she loved having her grandmother there for her special day. I remember my daughter's 1st birthday, and we drove to Tennessee and had the party at my parents' house. We had a blast; her aunts, uncles, and both sets of grandparents were there. Anyhoo... This wreath is very cute! I really like black, white, and red together, and the flowers are cute.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  5. Happy Birthday to little Molly:):) This is an adorable wreath and proof that things don't need to be overly complicated or fancy to be pretty! xxleslie

  6. Jemma,
    Your Valentine wreath is delightful. I love the black, white, and red combination. It's different than all the usual pink and red Valentines, and I think that's why I like it so much.

    I hope you had a fun time in Oklahoma, and happy birthday to your granddaughter.

    Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend. I hope your day is filled with so much happiness and love.


  7. Oh how very exciting...a first birthday! You must have had so much fun. I am babysitting tomorrow. Your wreath is lovely, as alwaysl.
    Happy Valentines!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet little Molly!

    Your valentine wreath is definitely cute and quite the right amount of drama for such an occasion, with the black doing its bold bit on the ravishing red! TOO cute! Thanks so much for sharing your fancy for fun!

    Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!


  9. Happy 1st Birthday to Molly! How nice that you got to be there to join in the fun. I was wondering when you were going to kick into Valentine mode ... and your wreath didn't disappoint! Very stylish with the black & white flowers over the red burlap & chiffon. Have a great week Jemma and Happy Valnetine's Day! Wendy x

  10. That is so cute! I think wreaths are such a great way to decorate - without going overboard. It is lovely. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  11. Oh it is good to see you back - and with the Valentine theme - I love February and the red Valentines. Just a happy time. Glad you had a nice trip and glad you got to see your daughter and granddaughter. I want a granddaughter. Your wreathe is so beautiful! sandie

  12. Very cute, I really like how you used the black with it, you don't see that with Valentines things so it's really unique. Happy Valentines Day - Dawn @ We Call It
    History & Home party, Tue-Fri weekly


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