banana cake

Valentine Banana Cake

February 02, 2014
Do you all ever watch Chopped on Food Network? 

I do and have ever since it's premiere in 2009.   I Love it!

Chopped is a cooking competition between four chef's.  Using a

basket filled with certain ingredients they must use those ingredients 

plus ingenuity, speed, and skill to create an appetizer, entree and 

dessert in a specific amount of time.  Upon completion a panel of 

judges will taste their creations and make a decision on who will 

win each round.  One Chef from each category will be Chopped!

I created a little Chopped for myself and it was the dessert round.

These were the Ingredients in my basket-since this is the recipe I 

created I have provided the measurements.  On the show there is not

a recipe except the one in your own mind!

I sit on the edge of my chair through a good bit of 

the competition and find myself yelling out loud-

"work faster, not that ingredient..."

Of course I always pick the Chef who I think will win, sometimes

I am spot on sometimes not.  The show is actually quite action 


All sorts of things can and do go wrong.  Anywhere from cuts, 

undercooked meat, overcooked desserts, time running out.  Oh it

is a fierce competition and I savour each moment of it!

So you see, not only does the appetizer, entree or dessert need to

be well prepared, taste delicious, cooked properly, and all of the 

ingredients from inside the basket be used.

There is one more thing...

Have beautiful presentation.  Plating is extremely important.

If you enjoy baking and do much of it-you know Banana Cake 

is such an easy dessert and while this frosting is unique and tasty-

there is no denying that it tastes like peanut butter, so if you are 

not a fan of peanut butter you might like Caramel Frosting better!

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  1. Yum! Thanks for the recipe. I think those are my favorite GS cookies, after Thin Mints. :)

  2. This looks very good, and I AM a fan of peanut butter and bananas. Thanks for adding the recipe.

  3. Oh my, your banana bread and peanut butter frosting looks so yummy! I love peanut butter and I think I eat it every other day haha. I like the pretty heart that you put on there, and your tulips are so vibrant with color. Sometimes I make banana bread with chocolate chips and the family loves it.

    Isn't that silver heart pretty? I can see you love Valentine's Day as much as I do, Jemma.


  4. This sounds so good. I love PB.

  5. My mouth is watering this morning, reading your post and having my coffee before I get going.
    YUMMY and just lovely pictures. What kind of camera do you use?
    Much love,

  6. I pinned that recipe. I love bananas - chocolate - and peanut butter - they are my very favorite things to eat ever. You made my day and my 'heart' to go on my blog for Feb. Send it to me if you want!!!!!!!!

  7. Well the chefs on "Chopped" should hire you as their food stylist! The cake looks delicious, and the photos make it look wonderful! I love peanut butter and my mom had a recipe for peanut butter cake & frosting (still haven't found that in her stuff). Wendy x

  8. It looks and sounds lovely!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  9. Not only does it sound and look delicious but your photographs reinforce the point....Thank you for helping me to expand my receipts. I am really bad at repeating the same old thing....

  10. Oh my...I think that I agree with the commenter above me though I could manage to eat it under duress, lol! :)

  11. That show sounds like something I'd love to watch! The cake looks so pretty and delicious!

  12. Jemma, what a delicious and delightful duo of sweetness and beauty! Love how the colour of the frosted heart exactly matches the darker pink of some of the tulips! A TOO cute combination for the senses!


  13. My favorite combination, so I would adore this. So pretty too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  14. Your cake sounds yummy and I love your beautiful flowers!

  15. I love it all, Jemma, the colors are gorgeous. I often watch Chopped too. Great show.
    I wanted to stop by today and thank you again for your email, and continue visiting with dear blogging friends as I mentioned. I have actually left my page open in order not to call so much attention to this pause and to make it simpler for friends to contact me.
    Enjoy this beautiful weekend, love. Life is but a series of moments.


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