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December 04, 2013

I am such a fan of Pinterest, I always find just what I am looking for.

Now, how many times can a girl honestly say that?  I have put

together a few of my favorite window shopping treasures and I am

actually going to incorporate some of these ideas into our home.

And since I am going all out this Christmas-I seem to have a 

renewed spirit.  I really can't say why, my life is not perfect, but I 

am thankful for where my journey has taken me.  And when I say 

all out, I mean that I am pulling out all of my Christmas decorations. 

I am sorting through boxes that have been tucked away for years. I 

have added a touch of this and that to bring new life to beloved



My mail box is not black-no problem I will still make a gorgeous red 

bow and add some greenery and berries-just know this will make 

our mailman smile.


So, I have a window pane and I am going to paint it, add some vinyl

letters, I am thinking I may use BELIEVE. Being thankful 

and believing are where I am right now and I like it-alot!

What is not to love here-the symmetry and colors are just amazing 

to me.  I will not be able to incorporate all of this, so I may just have 

to be content with something similar-wreaths maybe...

Isn't this just a darling advent calendar?  I remember buying the 

chocolate ones for my children when they were little and eventually

splurging and purchasing a fabric one that I thought was splendid.

When I pinned this awhile back I became slightly obsessed

with silver.  I do have a few silver pieces of my own, but I have 

been shopping antique shops from Oklahoma to Mississippi.  I have 

found some darling pitchers which I will be filling with sprigs of 



I think it is the glow of the candles combined with the wooden plank

that makes this so appealing.  I do have a wooden dough bowl which

I may use to try to replicate this look.  If not just oodles of white 

candles throughout our home would be symbolic and delightful.

Attention to detail makes everything stand out in this room, as

well as the uniform packaging which keeps it all from being too 

busy.  I am going to coordinate my gift wrapping this year-this will

be a stretch for me.

Isn't this just lovely, I am keeping with gold and red for my 

decorating motif.  I really feel as though staying focused and on 

track has helped me simplify my decorating and enjoy the process 

even more.  Before Pinterest and other online resources I always

turned to Better Homes and Garden, Traditional Home, Southern

Living etc... and even though I still do use magazines I am truly

enjoying Pinterest.  Do you have a favorite resource for your 

Holiday decorating?

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  1. Wow, these are all such beautiful ideas. I appreciate your attitude, life does not need to be perfect to feel happy and enthusiastic about making the most of this time of year. :)

  2. Jemma those photos are gorgeous - what kind of camera do you have may I ask? Are you really going to do all those projects? I think they are all beautiful. Just beautiful. And I know what you mean by a renewed spirit of Christmas!!! Love, sandie.

  3. Jemma, I think you have hit on what is so great about Pinterest. We don't have to have everything that we see there in order to let it be the springboard to something new and exciting in our homes, from something that has been right under our nose all the time, or hidden away in the attic.

    And it's all free! No subscription necessary! Have fun! (I can tell you are!)

  4. There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest! I get most of mine from my favorite yours! And I try to use what I have. Enjoy your decorating my friend!

  5. So many great ideas! I love Pinterest - it is like my own books. I really did remove pages from magazines and had 3-ring binders that I kept everything organized in - well no more with Pinterest. I do however wish I could move my pages around in my Pinterest boards - wonder when they will come up with that ability. Looking forward to seeing your holiday decor in the "Tis The Season Blog Tour!"
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  6. Jemma, those are amazing shots. You are one stunning photographer. Pinterest is my most favorite time waster/no it's not/yes it is site around.


  7. You are so uplifting and encouraging, Jemma. I love how you give your own twist to each inspiring idea. I do the same with Pinterest. I collect a few sparks and then light my own fire. It may not be identical to the photograph because let's face it, life is not a magazine, but boy is it fun living. =D
    Enjoy it all, friend!!

  8. Jemma,
    These are all wonderful ideas. They have so many clever ideas on Pinterest. I especially love the red bow on the black mailbox, I may do that myself. I am admiring the silver and white ornaments too, as that is what I decorated with this year, and RED. I can't help but love the white and the gold beautiful.

    Enjoy the weekend. Come take a peek at our Christmas trees tomorrow if you get a chance.



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